Hunter x Hunter (2011) s02e10 Episode Script

Pirates x And x Guesses

Who are you guys? We booked this place for the night.
Get lost! We're here to talk.
Would you please leave the city? Been a long time since I heard those words.
Pirates x And x Guesses Then no need for talk.
Use force to make us leave.
I don't care how many of you attack at once.
If you can move me from this ring, I'll take you to see our boss.
We just have to move you out of the ring? If it's brawn you want, I'm your man.
This guy's terrible.
He's taking too long just to produce that degree of Ren.
You're pretty strong Stop it! I lose Let me go! He admitted defeat.
Why didn't you let him go? I explained the rules.
You lose if you step outside the ring.
Anything else, including admitting defeat, is totally meaningless.
You kicked me, then stepped outside the ring of fire.
You've lost.
Oh! Crap! Hold on! Give me another try! Don't bother, Gon You're probably looking to use your new technique.
But you shouldn't reveal it in front of all these people.
Just let me handle this.
What's this? You gonna pair up now? I'll be using this.
You wouldn't There, I win.
D-Damn little brat! You made up the rules Don't get upset.
Yeah, my bad Come with me.
I'll take you to the boss.
Eh, so your boss is in here? Boss, we have visitors.
Who are these guys? They want to chase us out of town.
Chase us out? Ah Let's have a contest.
If you win, we'll leave the island.
However, we choose the contest.
How does that sound? What happens if we lose? Nothing.
You'll just have to leave.
Okay, let's do this! The theme of this battle is sports.
Each of these members will challenge you to a match in their best sport.
One win per person! The first side to eight wins will be the victor.
I'm up first I'll go with boxing.
Well? Who's up? I've got this.
There's one special rule.
You may use any item created by Nen.
What? You can't call that boxing! Don't worry, I'll only use my fists.
That rule's for your benefit.
Wanna tag out? No, I'll do it.
Fight! I know what's going on here There's a reason you chose boxing! You're also an Emitter, right? We're fighting at close range, within a finite space.
This is the ideal situation for an Emitter.
However, you made one mistake! Not anticipating that my power could be stronger than yours! Wow! He can't dodge that flurry! Yes, he's down! Too easy! No, it was a simultaneous hit.
What just happened? Why? These guys didn't see what happened? He used teleportation.
Teleportation? Of only his fist, with a short uppercut.
His goal was to land a knockout counterstrike.
It was obvious.
Seems he's out cold That's one win for us.
Reaching eight wins with these members will be impossible.
Meaning Okay, I'm up next I'll go with juggling soccer balls.
Then I'm up Wait, Gon.
Indeed, that would be wise.
Okay, I'm up next! A little girl? Now I'll have to take care not to injure you.
Injure me with juggling? We're allowed to attack using Nen.
Provided you don't touch the ball with your hands.
I understand.
Moving anywhere inside the building is allowed.
Whoever drops their ball first loses.
Right! Got it! Okay, let's get started.
Ready Go! What? That was harder than I expected I lose.
I'm up next, then.
You wanna go, big guy? You bet! Prepare yourself, brat! Ready, begin! I'll crush you! Oh, sorry about that I stepped outside the ring.
Now I see That's what they're doing.
That's eight wins.
We're the victors.
Get out.
And we can do as we please in this city.
Damn it, you brat! Come back here! We need to fight again! When you saw we couldn't win with this lineup, you decided to lose deliberately, and gather information, huh? But once a party has lost, they can't make another attempt.
But it's okay if we simply switch out one member.
It was a worthwhile risk.
You can count us out.
Huh? We've accomplished our original objective, keeping the Bombers from completing the game.
It will be impossible for them to assemble a team of fifteen.
You should probably give up on this contest.
If you end up obtaining the card, you'll just become a target.
They don't get it It makes sense to obtain this card quickly.
To avoid potential internal conflict.
Huh? You need at least fifteen people to participate.
Even if you use Clone, Clone Transform into a random card selected from the restricted slots of one target player.
(If target has empty restricted slots or max of selected card has been reached, Clone is used up without transforming.
[LR][NORM] you can only obtain three copies of Patch of Shore.
This event was designed to incite infighting.
That's what you meant.
Brutal I had to think about that, since I didn't understand right away.
Assuming that we four are capable of winning, we still need four more up to the task.
And ideally, they'd already be in a party of eleven.
Do you have any leads? Book.
Looking at the names on my list, Chrollo's probably the strongest.
But Kurapika said he's definitely a fake.
Who is it, then? Well, it's probably a member of the Troupe.
Why would a member of the Troupe be here? Maybe to beat the game? But wouldn't they have used their own name? That's true.
We can use Sight Vision.
Huh? If this person isn't here to beat the game, they won't bother to collect cards.
Oh, that's right.
This guy's not even trying.
His only cards are for food and water.
That makes it easier to invite them.
But if it really is a member of the Troupe, we won't invite them.
We'll just ask a few questions.
Then there's no point in bothering.
Since it's definitely one of them.
Finding out who they are is important, but I'd rather learn why they're here! Are you an idiot?! You're gonna ask them why they're here? They aren't gonna tell you! Yeah, I'm an idiot! I'm an idiot, so I'm still gonna ask! Then go right ahead! I sure will! Will they be okay? This is perfectly normal for them.
I'm off, then! Knock yourself out.
Accompany on! Chrollo Lucilfer.
No way Hisoka! Well, well I have unexpected visitors.
It's been a while.
As I thought.
You've matured quite a lot.
It appears that you found an excellent teacher.
As I anticipated, you grow more appetizing with every day.
Wh-Who is this pervy freak? Are you their teacher? No, it doesn't seem to be him.
Stop it! She's the one? So what do you want with me No, with Chrollo? I have a question.
Why are you here? Well, what to do? If I talk, I know how they'll react.
They'll do all they can to keep the spiders from the Nen exorcist.
That would certainly be entertaining.
But I have delayed my fight with Chrollo long enough.
I'm looking for Chrollo.
There's actually a way to remove Kurapika's Nen from him.
You can purge it.
So you knew? Then that makes this easier.
I'm looking for Chrollo, to give him that information, but I have no leads.
That's when I remembered that some of the spiders were interested in this game.
I thought that maybe they would know Chrollo's whereabouts.
And by choosing this name, I ensure that they will come to me.
I get it.
He was just pretending to be a member of the Troupe.
Now, it is my turn for a question.
You didn't come here just to ask that, did you? No, I did.
Um Actually, we're looking for people who are really strong.
Won't you please join us? Hmm? Sure.
Why are you looking for strong people? Wait, h-hold on I'm against this.
It's too dangerous! Yeah, you don't know who this guy is, Bisky! Oh? That's not true.
I can sense that he's a kindred spirit.
He's lying.
We should head to the City of Love just ahead, Aiai.
It's a great place for new meetings.
Perhaps you can find strong people there.
What did you mean about him lying? Technically, I should say he wasn't speaking the truth.
How could you tell? I had a gut feeling.
A gut feeling?! After lying for fifty years, I can recognize a fellow liar.
That's a convincing argument.
Since he's hiding something, we'll keep him around to see what's up.
Plus, he really is strong, right? Uh-huh Hey, Hisoka! You walk in front! We need ten more members, correct? Yeah We hope to find others like you who aren't interested in cards.
Isn't everyone else here to beat the game? I can't imagine there are too many eccentrics like myself.
He's definitely hiding something.
By the way, did you use someone's power to warp to me? That was one of the spells in this game.
Oh, so that's what it was.
You need to buy spells from stores, right? Something does seem fishy.
He isn't being honest.
In other words, there's something inconsistent in his story.
He came here to find spiders who might know Chrollo's location.
There's something off about that explanation.
City of Love, Aiai Where are my glasses? Why not give them to her? You might become friends.
Hey Watch where you're going! Be more careful.
S-Sorry I'm gonna be late! You weren't supposed to apologize You should have told her to watch where she was going and started a fight.
Stop it! Release me! I'll scream Go ahead and scream.
No one's coming to save you.
Hold it! Let go of her! That hurt How could you fall for such a cliché?! You want me to model for your hairstyling? Please allow me to cut your long, lovely hair.
Of course.
There's no point in hanging around this city.
Hisoka, let's head somewhere else.
Oh? But we won't be bored here.
Bored That's it! That's what was wrong.
This place This place is the problem! If I entered this game to find someone, what would I do? I would see how important the spell cards are.
Gon and Bisky ran into Hisoka while I was outside, taking the Hunter Exam.
That means they encountered him while they were training near Masadora.
Hisoka's been to Masadora! Right, normally it makes no sense for him to leave Masadora.
Because most players pass through the city, in search of spell cards.
If he were truly looking for the Troupe, he wouldn't have left Masadora.
But we won't be bored here.
He's bored because he has nothing to do.
So he isn't looking for anyone.
No He's already found them! That must be it! That's in line with what Bisky said.
Hisoka already met up with the Troupe, and he's waiting for something.
What is he waiting for? That's obvious The Nen purger.
The Nen purger is here, on Greed Island! Hisoka and the Troupe know this.
I can't tell Gon yet He can't keep a secret.
If Hisoka realizes we know, he'll disappear.
If he leaves, we'll be down a member.
And we won't know what the Troupe is doing.
We can't let that happen.
Hey, Killua I've been thinking.
We should probably try to recruit Tsezgerra.
Even if he doesn't join, we should meet with him, so he'll be on our binder list.
It would be good to know what they're doing.
Binder? I can find out! Hisoka, let me see your binder.
I want to see if Tsezgerra is on the list of players you've met.
List? That's perfect! If I asked questions, Hisoka would be suspicious.
But Gon knows nothing, so Hisoka won't suspect a thing.
If Hisoka refuses to show us the screen, that'll support my theory.
There's Tsezgerra.
Really? Yes, right here.
Huh? He showed us? No way! There aren't any Troupe members Was I being paranoid? Is Hisoka actually still looking for them? Then, Hisoka, recite this spell We'll do the talking.
Contact on.
My Texture Surprise really is so very useful.
Shizuku Phinks Franklin Shalnark Hisoka's ability fools Killua and his friends.
Is Hisoka a friend or foe? G.
Tutorial Coming up, it's the Greed Island Tutorial! Today, we introduce the card Paladin's Necklace.
Paladin's Necklace When a player wears this, all spells targeting player will be reflected.
Can also dispel curses placed on any card touched by player.
This card can reflect enemy spells, and tell you if other cards are real.
Are you real? Huh? Continue! Next time: A x Heated x Showdown.
I win! One more time! Gon, where are you going?