Hunter x Hunter (2011) s02e11 Episode Script

A x Heated x Showdown

Together, there are five of you? Yeah, this is all of us.
There are two others in my group.
This only gives us a total of nine.
Where do you plan to find the rest? We'll need fifteen members, right? We can use stand-ins for the remaining six.
Invite players who want to return to the real world but can't.
They won't be able to help, but they won't care about receiving cards, either.
Meaning that the nine of us will have to win the contest.
I don't know how strong our opponents are, but can we? We can.
Even if we can't manage eight wins, we're allowed to switch members and try again.
So whether we can win depends on you guys.
Show us your Ren.
We'll decide if we want you afterwards.
A x Heated x Showdown I see our roles have been reversed.
Very well.
Here I go! Awesome! If I use my full strength, I can fly higher.
My record is sixteen meters, eighty centimeters.
Ready, and They shattered my record with ease.
Ha ha, I win.
How much have they improved in such a short period of time? Darn! I am impressed.
Although you still fall a bit short of my full height.
Okay! Let's go again! No way.
You won't stop until you win.
One more time Just once more! Oh, you passed.
Nice jump.
Sorry Once more! They're only kids, so let it slide.
We believe that you guys are strong.
But it comes down to figuring out who to assign to which sport.
Killua, once more! See, I knew it No more.
I win! Do we know all the sports they'll use? We've managed to confirm these eight.
Beach Volleyball Wrestling Boxing Juggling Free Throws Sumo Bowling Ping Pong Depending on our success, they may add additional sports.
I understand Hey, this is bad! What is it? Team Genthru is up to ninety-seven cards.
Then they're only missing Patch of Shore and Lucky Alexandrite! Over the past week, we've run various simulations and have prepared accordingly.
Given Team Genthru's current situation, we can't afford to lose.
We have to win! Yes, we'll win.
This isn't too bad Okay, let's go.
We'll begin with boxing.
I'll send you packing.
His special ability is teleportation.
He can teleport his uppercut.
Fight! H-He's fast! An infighter? If I'm close enough, his Emitter advantages are worthless.
He'll be so busy guarding, he won't have a chance to use teleportation! Nice! The pattern depicted on the ring is a sacred symbol that boosts Nen.
Suggesting that he can only teleport while standing within the ring.
Essentially, he's revealing that he isn't all that strong.
An opponent unworthy of us.
The winner is Barry! Yes! The winner is Rodriot! The winner is Kess! Yes! That's three wins! In terms of combat strength, those six are very strong.
This is getting interesting You guys can toss your matches.
I'll take it from here.
Roger that.
Wait! I'm done following your orders.
I'll be doing things my own way now.
Hey, brat! Let's step outside! Outside? Do you think this is a sumo ring? I'm done playing around.
Want me to kill you here? Hey, Bobobo! That's a violation of our agreement.
Want to go back to the slammer, Bobobo? I don't give a damn! I'm done playing this stupid game! Anyone else with me? If we team up, we can crush that bastard.
And then we can use a ship to get off this island! You'll be punished for breaking the taboo.
Didn't I warn you? Y-Yes, you did Did that idiot think I wouldn't kill him? Okay, I'll go next.
Hey, this looks bad.
We can't fight those guys No, hold on.
We'll be doing the fighting.
We explained how this works.
If the nine of us cannot secure eight victories, you can just forfeit without fighting.
Really? You guarantee we won't have to fight? Yeah, don't worry.
That guy has a much stronger aura than the rest.
And judging by the previous conversation, he must be a Game Master.
Can I ask something? That guy's dead.
What about the sumo match? Hmm? Oh, you get the win.
But we never decided who we were sending.
You're the one who said you were going to do the sumo.
I don't care who you give the win to.
Just give it to one of the guys standing in the back.
Okay, you get the sumo win.
Eh? Wait, me? That gives us four wins.
Now, then I'll go with an eight-on-eight game of dodgeball.
Pick the eight members you'll field.
I already have mine.
Hold on How is this scored? It's one win per person, right? Yes, one win per person.
So the victorious team receives eight wins.
Simple enough, yes? So that was the plan? No matter how many of his weaker members we defeat, he can still win the entire game alone.
Razor and the fourteen devils The devils are his Nen ability! I'm against this If we have to field eight, you need two more! I'm not fighting that guy! I'm leaving now Once the match begins, you can deliberately let yourself be hit— Screw that! Didn't you see that? If he hits us with that ball, we're dead! Oh, just so everything is clear, we'll be using a normal ball.
But with Nen, it's just as strong as the Nen projectile I launched earlier.
This is crazy I'm outta here! Sorry, but I don't want to die yet H-Hold on! We'll think of something real quick.
This is very bad.
We only have six players of any use.
So we're forced to pick two of these spineless wimps.
We'll do this by ourselves.
If our lives are on the line, we should only field willing players.
Do you have a problem if we only field six? Yes, actually, I can't let you do that You will have to field eight members.
Otherwise, why ask you to recruit fifteen? Saying this to an in-game character is probably pointless, but wasn't Bobobo one of your allies? What did he do to deserve death? Burglary-murder and rape-murder.
Eleven confirmed counts alone.
This is the real world.
This place, Greed Island, is located somewhere in the real world.
This game takes place in the real world.
Revealing that information to a player who believes they're inside a game is a taboo.
Bobobo was executed for breaking that taboo.
This guy, Razor, is a Game Master, a real human.
Game Master? One of the people who made this game.
Huh? Wait, then Bobobo and the other pirates are real death row criminals.
Not only did he disobey orders; he attempted to instigate an escape.
Execution was a fair consequence.
This is the real world? That is correct.
I never noticed.
I hadn't even considered that.
Well, it doesn't really matter.
Since this island is still isolated from the rest of the world.
Wait a second.
If this is the real world, does that mean that Ging is here, on Greed Island? Ging? Ah So you must be Gon.
I was instructed not to go easy on you by your old man.
I've had enough I don't wanna die! Count me out! I'm gone! H-Hey! It's okay, let them leave.
But then we can't have a match! I'll count as three.
You're doing the same thing, so it shouldn't be a problem.
Yeah, that's fine.
Now it's eight-on-eight.
I'll explain the rules.
The game starts with one outside player and seven inside.
The first team to run out of inside players loses.
Any player inside the court who's hit by a ball thrown by an opponent is out, and must move outside.
However, you may bring one player inside the court again by saying "Back.
" And if the ball hits an area outside the court, without any players, the opposing team gets the ball.
Now, the important stuff The rules regarding hits employ a cushion effect.
For example, if I throw the ball and it hits opposing player A, ricochets, and hits opposing player B before hitting the floor, both A and B are out.
But if player B in that scenario is able to catch the ball, player A is safe.
But if I throw the ball and it hits opposing player A, ricochets, and hits my teammate, player C, before hitting the floor, only player C is out.
Then if player C catches the ball, does that mean player A is out? Indeed.
Uh Do you have a question? If an outside player hits someone with the ball, is the hit player out? Naturally, they're out.
But only one player can return to the court using Back.
I am Number 0, the ref.
Let's have a clean game.
We will now begin the game.
Ready Go! You can make the first move.
You sound quite confident.
Here's a little greeting, then! You got him! Yes! That's one down! Good! Let's keep this up.
There! Okay, that's two down! Oh, this is easy.
Okay, all ready to go Huh? What did you say? I'm prepared to defeat you now.
Heh, that's funny.
Show us what you've got! H-He stopped it with one hand? Right, then Time to launch the counterattack.
He's standing so far back Is he going to pass it? Fast! Can I dodge it? No way! Can I catch it and live? No! I'll die! Death White Goreinu! Nice rebound.
Goreinu's outside the court! I see You have the ability to change places with your Nen beasts.
The Nen creature was shattered This reflects what Goreinu imagined would happen when he saw Razor's attack.
He immediately grasped the gap between our opponent's strength and his own.
He won't easily rid himself of that image.
It'll be impossible for him to recover during this match.
He's done.
Goreinu's Nen beast is the one that's out, right? Yes, the exchange was performed with Nen, so it broke no rules.
However, Back must be used to bring Goreinu inside the court.
Damn Is this how it ends? All right, let's move on! That pass is so fast! I-It's too fast I can't follow the ball! Tsezgerra! Behind you! It's heavy As heavy as a bowling ball.
This is gonna have insane power.
He focused his aura in his back, and avoided a lethal blow.
Hey, patch him up.
I-I'm fine Don't touch me.
If a player is unable to continue playing, they're disqualified.
They won't be allowed to play in or outside the court, so keep that in mind.
Are you okay? Yeah, I've really lost it Damn, in overall combat ability, I should still be stronger than they are.
But when it comes to the basics like agility and reflexes, they have me beat.
It's been a while since I've had to work really hard.
Maybe it's time to start training from scratch.
I don't think I've done any basic training in the past few years.
Ideally, we could knock out everyone on the other team without giving up the ball.
Hisoka Okay, give me the ball.
Oh, that's right.
If he uses his Bungee Gum, he can retrieve the ball after it hits! Now, do try to entertain me.
Surely this isn't everything you have.
Very well Okay, that's three down! With Back, the other team still has five players! With Bungee Gum, we can stay on the offensive.
All that's left is the order we target them.
Question for the ref.
Can the last player inside the court use Back at the second he's hit? That's not allowed.
For a moment, there would be zero players in the court, so that team would lose.
But someone outside the court may use Back at the instant that the last player is hit.
Hisoka Yes, I understand.
We leave him for last.
He throws a strong ball.
Numbers 2, 6, and 7 can't catch it.
Nice and strong! If we're lucky, we can take out Th-They combined? You're strong.
Is that allowed?! It is.
If you're allowed to combine, are you allowed to split? Yes, but you cannot surpass the maximum number of players on the court.
Now! It's my turn to attack again.
Now we have to retake the ball again.
If we're going to stop his ball Ken! Their Nen is smooth and quite beautiful.
They must have trained hard.
But if Razor throws the ball at full strength, Ken won't be enough.
They must be prepared for casualties when they recover the ball and try to defeat him.
Is it even possible? So you know how to use Ken.
That means you won't die.
However That assumes you aren't hit in the wrong spot.
Here I come, Gon! Bring it! It won't work! Run away! You'll die! Ko! Gon! Where's the ball? Crazy It's drilled in there.
Gon! Are you okay?! I'm just fine! The hell you are I used Ko to harden my arms and head, but my legs couldn't take the impact.
However, next time, I'll catch it! Gon is now fired up.
Tutorial Coming up, it's the Greed Island Tutorial! Today, we introduce the card Accompany.
Accompany Warp all players within 20 meters of caster to city (must have been visited) or player of your choice (must have been met inside the game).
[SR][NORM] It lets you warp everyone within 20 meters.
What if a player is 21 meters large? Continue! Next time: Guts x And x Courage.
Receive! Toss! Attack! But we're using aura Because we're Hunters!