Hunter x Hunter (2011) s02e12 Episode Script

Guts x And x Courage

Here I come, Gon! Bring it! Ko! Gon! Are you okay?! I'm just fine! The hell you are I used Ko to harden my arms and head, but my legs couldn't take the impact.
However, next time, I'll catch it! Guts x And x Courage An intense dodgeball match has begun.
Gon was injured by Razor's throw, but his eyes burn with fire.
Estimating the ball's likely drop point Play will resume with Team Gon's inside players controlling the ball.
But as the ceiling is considered an extension of the floor, Gon is out.
I'm going to use Back.
But you're I'm doing it! He won't listen to us Fine However! Don't use Back until we're down to two inside players! Got it? Now let's start.
Gon, get patched up.
It isn't against the rules to keep passing the ball like this, is it? That is okay.
All right, I'm good now.
Hey! I'm the type that tends to hold grudges.
Time for payback, Razor! Take this Black Goreinu! So he can swap the black one with other people? You got me good That's what you get.
You're out of there! He's out, but he's still able to return inside.
At least we can force him to use up his Back.
And the ball is in our outside territory.
Huh? What? Goreinu! You have an interesting ability.
You should use it wisely.
Hold on! What was that?! There's no rule against passing the ball to an opponent.
And you're allowed to hit people in the face here.
So his attack was also legal.
Had the ball touched the floor, I'd be out.
Once the user's unconscious, the Nen beast disappears.
As I suspected, his ability works with his direct control, not automatically.
If he regains consciousness, the black ape may begin inside the court.
I don't anticipate that happening, though.
If the interior players are reduced to zero before Goreinu wakes up, the match will be decided.
It's impossible Even if he comes to, he won't be in any condition to remake his Nen beast right away.
Inside the court, it's three versus three.
But we're obviously outmatched.
Half our players are gone, and we only have one injured kid on the outside.
Our opponents have a solid outside team, so they can attack from anywhere.
Razor is still inside, without needing to use Back.
And the ball rebounded to our opponents.
We're at a clear disadvantage! Well, then Who is up next? Me? What do I do? It's impossible! I can't catch that! I have to dodge! It made a sharp turn? Hisoka! Bungee Gum! That bastard He got us good.
He faked going for me, when his real goal was taking out Bisky and Hisoka in a straight line.
Actually, he could have gambled that I'd dodge left.
Had I done that Bisky is out! Move to the outside court.
What? Didn't she dodge? My own fault.
Huh? This means your clothes count as part of your body, right? Yes.
I was certain she'd dodged it We're down to two! You can't let them get the ball! Back! Gon has used Back.
He may move back inside.
Can we really trust a kid with this? He's no ordinary kid He's the only one who's even tried to catch Razor's throw.
Are you all right? Yeah.
Listen to me.
Do not overdo it! Yeah.
What's one plus one? Yeah.
This is hopeless.
Okay! Beat him, even if it kills you! Osu.
You okay? Yep.
I've discovered something.
If the ball travels outside the court, it becomes much less powerful.
Without using Ko, I only injured a couple fingers.
Then if we avoid Razor's throws, we will avoid any significant damage.
Exactly so.
That won't be a victory.
Huh? Don't be stupid If we can't win no matter what we do, all this is pointless! You'd better cool down, stupid.
Aren't you mad? Huh?! If you'd dodged left, you could've died.
Right? I'm really pissed off I won't settle for some cheap win.
We have to utterly destroy him! You must have a plan in mind Yeah.
I've got this.
Killua, stand over there.
Plant yourself firmly, and hold the ball.
I get it! First comes rock! His aura just spiked! Rock, paper Rock! First comes rock! His aura just spiked! Rock, paper Rock! Number 13 is out.
Catching the ball while touching the area outside is illegal and does not count.
Play will resume with Team Gon's outside players controlling the ball.
Wow! He sent the biggest one flying.
Damn it That wasn't good enough! He looks unhappy He's actually upset.
That kid's really got guts.
Not enough yet Not enough to defeat the real Razor! I need more power! Okay, let's do it again.
Give it to Razor good! Yeah.
To beat Razor, I'll need a lot more power.
What? His aura is immense.
You may have chosen the wrong sport.
He has all the time in the world to build up his power.
You might want to dodge this one.
You must be joking.
Focus all the refined aura into my fist.
First comes rock! Take this, Razor! Rock! Paper Rock! Perfect! No way he'll catch that! He's receiving it? He used his own body to reduce its power.
Nice move.
That required perfect timing.
But he was able to pull it off.
This man truly is strong.
Amazing You can do more than just dodge or catch the ball.
But I doubt that tip will help you.
That ball was as strong as Razor's, but it didn't even reach the ceiling.
He managed to burn off enough momentum with that receive.
Now the ball's directly over him! Bungee gum.
Too bad for you.
You have to catch the ball, after all.
As dictated by the cushion effect, Razor is out.
Step to the outside.
Razor has used Back! He remains inside.
Both teams have used Back, and it's three-on-two! The tables have turned! Really? Our team is the one on the ropes.
Hisoka probably isn't in any shape to throw.
No, he probably can't even hold the ball with his right hand.
Gon's attacks used immense amounts of aura.
He should be starting to feel tired about now.
For him to be able to make another, equally strong throw is unlikely.
So Killua is the only uninjured player left on the inside? No, you have it backwards.
He's probably sustained the most damage of all.
What do you mean? You okay, Gon? Yeah, but we need one more I think.
I'll put everything into this one.
All right! This time, end it.
One more throw I can take it.
Just hold out! When Gon launched his ball, Killua barely used any protective Nen on his hands.
That's insane.
You saw the power of that launch Like a cannon opening fire! Correct.
Essentially, he used his bare hands to form the cannon's barrel.
Had Killua used a significant amount of Nen to protect his hands, his aura would have become a barrier against Gon's punch, reducing the power to the ball.
In order to avoid weakening the ball, Killua used hardly any aura on his hands.
Killua's hands must be in far worse shape than Hisoka's right hand.
Damn I'm a fool! How could I not be over there? I know the technique.
And I can do it faster than Killua.
In the instant before Gon touches the ball, you can apply a lightning-fast coat of aura to your hands for protection! Wait! Time out! Ref, I have a question.
What is it? Can inside players choose to move to the outside? That doesn't violate any rules, but you can't return inside.
Right Come here! Gon, if you come outside, I can hold the ball for you.
Killua's hands must be ravaged by now.
I doubt he's in any condition to hold the ball for you.
I know how to apply a lightning-fast coat of aura in order to protect my hands.
I'll hold the ball, and you can take Razor out from here.
It's our only way to win.
We can't do that.
Wh-Why not? Where's the problem? It would be a cop-out.
Huh? This isn't the time to worry about that! Don't overdo it, pops.
You took a pretty big hit.
I'm doing fine.
I'm not hurting as much as you think.
Then show me your hands.
I'm all right.
Look! He can't feel anything but pain.
I can do this! I can take one more ball.
Gon, I can do this! It's impossible! Gon, help me convince him.
I already knew I knew Killua's hands were messed up.
Tsezgerra-san, I'm sorry, but I won't move outside.
I need Killua to hold the ball.
He's the only one who can do it! If Bisky or Hisoka held it, I probably couldn't use my full strength.
The only reason I can focus wholly on hitting the ball is because Killua's holding it for me.
So, got it now, pops? Go get some rest.
I understand.
I'm counting on you! Hisoka, give me the ball.
We will now resume the match.
Honestly, I'm not too good at throwing! Now we're even.
Brilliant! She hit him at just the right angle so the ball would rebound to us.
Number 2 is out! That leaves only Razor alone! Gon, we need to regain the ball from Razor first.
Of course.
One sec.
I understand.
That sounds interesting.
I'm not sure it'll work, though Oh, but I would so love to try it.
Let's give it a shot, Killua.
Then it's settled.
Man, you always come up with the craziest ideas.
Counting on you, Killua.
We will resume the match now.
Gon and Killua share a strong bond of trust.
What sort of team play will emerge when their friendship is backed by the addition of Hisoka? G.
Tutorial Coming up, it's the Greed Island Tutorial! Today, we introduce the card Contact.
Contact Communicate with one target player (encountered within the game) via your Book.
(Connection maintained for a maximum of 3 minutes.
May only be broken by player who uses card.
) [LR][NORM] It uses your Binder to let you contact any player you've met.
What are you doing? Contacting aliens.
Wow, it worked! Continue! Next time: Bargain x And x Deal.
Let's do this, Killua! Are you ready, Hisoka? Yes.