Hunter x Hunter (2011) s02e13 Episode Script

Bargain x And x Deal

We will now resume the match.
Razor's Nen beasts Are vanishing.
He drew the aura he'd dispersed back into himself.
So his next throw will use his true strength.
Bargain x And x Deal The match begins once again.
What is Gon's plan to retake the ball from Razor? I didn't expect I'd need to use this It's been a long time since I've felt this good! He threw the ball straight up? Does that mean He's going for a spike? Hey, over there.
They're literally going to Combine! I see what you're attempting.
Then it's a contest to determine the winner! Their plan is for Gon to catch the ball.
For Hisoka to smother it And for Killua to provide support! They did it! They stopped it! Way to go! I have to applaud them for that.
They overcame my power using their wits.
And the key to their success was that boy Killua.
Gon focused aura on his hands to catch the ball.
The incredible concentration and focus it took to pull that off deserve my praise.
The moment Gon caught it, Hisoka used his power to smother the ball's momentum so Gon wouldn't drop it.
Had his technique been less than perfect, the ball would have flown off.
And Killua He was stuck between them, acting as both a cushion and a brace, balancing his aura between offensive and defensive.
If the aura around his body had been too weak, he would have failed to work as a cushion, and all three of them would have taken major damage from the ball's impact.
But if he hadn't used enough aura on his legs, he would have failed to act as a brace, and the ball would have knocked all three of them outside the court.
He needed to analyze how to balance his aura between body and legs within one-percent accuracy.
A feat that demanded both experience and talent.
But Killua managed to compensate for his inexperience with his prodigious talent, allowing him to overcome such a difficult task.
His talent is scary.
I didn't reach that point until I was in my late twenties I have to beat them before they can combine.
Right after their attack, my chance will come.
If I can get them at that moment, they won't have time to combine.
Certainly, Gon's throw is powerful, but now I have the power to catch it without being pushed back.
Then I can pick them off one at a time.
I need more power More More! He didn't use his full strength earlier? Unbelievable He's a monster.
Ging, you should be happy.
This kid is definitely your son.
Killua, I'm going all-out.
You'd better! If you don't, I'll smack you! First comes rock! Rock, paper Rock! More powerful than anticipated.
But I can catch it! However, the momentum will force me out of bounds! So catching isn't an option, but I can't dodge, either! Come Trying to receive it again? Fool, that'll let Hisoka grab it! I wouldn't be so sure That depends on the direction in which I direct it! He bounced it back! Gon, dodge! You'll still win! No, he won't dodge.
That isn't how he wants to win.
During this match, I've learned that much about him.
He's unconscious? Oh, right.
It was the aura he expended He truly used every ounce of strength.
You can take pride in this.
You've won, Gon.
Not quite yet.
Why would you do that?! He desired total victory.
Right, Gon? He bounced it back again! Interesting.
Are we just rallying now? It'll come down to stamina! The ball is stuck Bungee Gum possesses the properties of both rubber and gum.
Razor, catching the ball while touching the area out of bounds is against the rules.
You're out! Which makes Team Gon the winner of this match! All right! That was amazing, guys! Huh? What happened at the end? They beat me good Oh, so Hisoka finished the job.
In the end, he stole all the glory.
It was only possible with all of your help.
Call this a victory for the team.
That doesn't sound like you at all.
You beat me.
As promised, we'll leave the city.
Oh, yeah That was this game's purpose.
But first, I will answer your question about Ging.
Ow! Honestly, you were so reckless! Your hands are a total mess.
Hey, are you listening? The answer is that Ging isn't here.
Nor do I know where he is.
Oh Well, I was expecting that.
But I can tell you some stories that I know.
Yes, please! I, too, was a death row convict.
I was a murderer.
I'd been arrested, jailed, and sentenced to die, when Ging hired me to come here.
Ging taught me it took only one person, one person in the entire world who will trust you, to save you.
My son will come here one day.
When that happens, give him a good beating.
Does that mean I'm allowed to kill him? Don't get too cocky.
He is my son.
Then, I'm counting on you, Razor.
I always thought your old man was insane.
He'd spend hours with a death row convict going on and on about a game he made, like a kid would.
And then he hired that convict to fight his own son.
Scum! Who do you think is letting you live? Hey You! Over there! Oh, that Then, I'm counting on you, Razor.
It felt like no one had ever called me by name before.
Ging believed in your strength, so he left you to me.
And I believed in your strength, which is why I didn't hold back.
Yeah, but I couldn't have won without everyone else.
That was some good teamwork.
Gon, go find Ging.
Yep! This is the place.
A window? We can see the shore from here.
How do we reach the Sea God's Grotto from here? Directly below the point on the surface the light points to.
There's a grotto down there.
But there isn't any treasure there.
I'm sorry I deceived you.
Really? It's a sacred cavern, so only a few fishermen know the location.
All other stories you heard were rumors made up by others.
Including the stories of treasure.
But Razor and his gang wouldn't believe us.
Those who make their living on the sea can never defile it.
So they said before they were all killed, taking the secret with them.
Hey You get that this is a story in a game, right? I can finally see the ocean again from here.
The sunrise The boats returning with their hauls The water sparkling in many colors.
In my mind, this view is the true treasure.
Patch of Shore The entrance to an underwater cavern known as the Sea God's Grotto.
The cavern changes every time you enter.
Yes! We got Patch of Shore! Let's use Clone to make two copies.
We're fine with taking the copies.
Yes, you've earned the right to the original.
Hisoka, you really don't want anything? No, it was quite fun.
Why don't you join us? I'm curious about the Troupe's actions.
I'm not interested in collecting cards.
Should anything else come up, use Contact to reach me.
I'll use Accompany or Magnetic Force to come at once.
Huh? That liar! Huh? We haven't used Magnetic Force at all since Hisoka joined, right? That means he already knew about spell cards before he ran into us! Killua, there are liars who only lie when there's a reason to, and there are liars who also lie without reason.
You and I are the former.
He is the latter.
You won't get anywhere by fretting over it.
Another player has used Contact to reach you.
It's been a while.
Do you know who this is? Genthru? What do you want? First, I'd like to congratulate you.
What are you talking about? Don't bother playing dumb.
I promise to spare your lives.
In return, hand over Patch of Shore.
Don't be ridiculous.
Well, I am somewhat interested to see if you can beat us.
If you're willing to deal, come alone to Masadora's entrance in one hour.
If you don't, we'll take the card by force.
You cannot escape us.
We have many copies of Accompany.
How? I knew he'd find out, but not this soon! Asta, Amana, Manheim, Nick Cue, Souheil, Kazsule They were all members of your party of fifteen.
Isn't that right? Check your Binder.
They're no longer with us.
Book! This means they're either dead or no longer in the game Genthru! Who are you? Gon Freecss! I'll take you on! Gon? So you're one of those three kids.
It appears you have Lucky Alexandrite.
Once I'm done with Tsezgerra, I'll come for you.
Or do you want to give up the card now? You come here this instant! I'll fight you! I also have— Tsezgerra, can you move somewhere else? Another player has used Contact to reach you.
This is Phinks.
We found him.
I'm heading your way.
Wouldn't it be faster to target the kids? They probably have a copy of Patch of Shore.
But it would be a card created by Clone.
That's true.
Once those kids see Tsezgerra surrender, they'll give up.
If we go after the kids first, Tsezgerra will have time to recover, and that will just give us more trouble.
He is a Single Star Hunter.
And we don't know what his power is.
Genthru doesn't know your strength.
So he believes that we are carrying the original Patch of Shore.
They want the original card they want "our" card.
We'll try to buy as much time as possible.
Use the time to regain your strength.
If you want to beat this game, you'll have no choice but to fight them.
And you are the only ones with a chance to win.
But, Gon Just now, your actions were both selfish and foolish.
If they'd accepted your challenge and come, what would have happened to Killua, given his injuries? You endangered not only yourself, but your friends too, by losing control of your emotions! I'm sorry.
Very well.
It will all come down to Accompany.
If we evade their use of Accompany, we should be able to buy plenty of time.
But if too much time passes, they may decide to switch and target you.
I estimate we have a one-week limit.
Past that, we can't make guarantees.
One week That isn't long.
And that's probably optimistic.
They may well switch to us after three days.
I'll go with Tsezgerra.
What about you guys? If we're buying you time, that implies we have an alliance.
No, wait.
There is little benefit from an alliance with them.
The enemy already knows the eight of us have teamed up.
So we won't be able to act as decoys while you take out Genthru.
That means leaving the original versions of the last two cards they seek, #2 and #75, with any one party would be dangerous.
So my offer to buy time isn't an alliance.
I'm offering a deal.
A deal? Three weeks That's the amount of time we can buy.
If we succeed, will you give us #75, Lucky Alexandrite? That doesn't make sense.
You just said one week was the limit.
That's assuming we stay on the run.
If necessary, I can force a stalemate of sorts.
I see.
But for #75, we could just tell you how to obtain it.
No, we already know how.
But Goreinu and the rest of us have few empty slots left.
It's no longer reasonable to turn all our cards over to the villagers.
Three weeks.
That isn't enough time for Killua's hands to heal.
And it certainly isn't enough to close the gap between Genthru's abilities and ours.
Which means we should use the time to come up with a plan.
Devise a scenario in which you can defeat Genthru.
Identify the required circumstances, and prepare to carry out that plan.
Got it.
Good We'll leave to delay Team Genthru now.
Keep this in mind, Gon They've already killed over fifty players in this game.
If you want to beat the game, you'll have to fight them.
Accompany on! To Masadora! Three weeks That isn't much time.
Killua, you focus on healing and thinking of a plan to defeat Genthru.
Gon, you train with me.
The first necessity is that you be able to avoid his Little Flower.
Osu! Gon has won his match against Razor.
But the bombers remain stronger fighters than Gon's group.
Will they be able to devise a viable plan? G.
Tutorial Coming up, it's the Greed Island Tutorial! Today, we introduce the card Clone.
Clone Transform into a random card selected from the restricted slots of one target player.
(If target has empty restricted slots or max of selected card has been reached, Clone is used up without transforming.
[LR][NORM] It transforms into one random card from the player's restricted slots.
Gold Dust Girl A girl who releases golden dust.
One bath a day will net 500G.
Very shy and quiet.
Wow, Gold Dust Girl! Gain! Continue! Next time: Chase x And x Chance.
Battera! Sabazushi! Battera.
Zushi, Zushi, osu!