Hunter x Hunter (2011) s02e14 Episode Script

Chase x And x Chance

Where is our friend? Machi and Nobunaga are tailing him.
He's just up ahead.
We'll let you negotiate with the exorcist.
We're willing to pay any price he asks.
Anyway, just make sure he agrees to do it.
I understand.
After all, I won't get to fight Chrollo otherwise Chase x And x Chance That's him.
How did you find him? Hell if I'll tell you, fool.
You in the shadows, was it through your power? You didn't even use En.
Are you some kind of freak? I recently completed a very entertaining battle.
I'm quite sensitive at the moment To calm myself down, I rather feel like messing up a complete stranger.
Come on out.
Was my Zetsu not good enough? No, it was perfect.
This guy is just insanely perceptive.
Here is Troupe member #4.
In other words, your replacement.
My name is Kalluto.
I cannot tell you how my power works, but we found him by using it.
Ah You look very appetizing as well.
Be careful.
He certainly isn't picky.
Hisoka, you'd better succeed.
You people are so tedious.
I certainly shall, for my own benefit.
Are you serious about fighting the boss? Of course I am.
Would you prefer that I survive, or that Chrollo survives? A stupid question.
Once you finish your job here, you can die, for all I care.
And if I kill Chrollo, then what? That would be impossible.
But I'll answer your question.
I would pursue you to the ends of the Earth to kill you.
I like the sound of that Our objective is to obtain Breath of Archangel, currently monopolized by Team Genthru.
We must force them to transform a card, or we won't have a chance to use our Voucher.
And that's where Team Gon comes in.
While they may not have the strength to win outright, they are highly likely to deal serious damage to a member of Team Genthru.
If they're forced to use a Breath of Archangel, Voucher A voucher that can be exchanged for Breath of Archangel.
Can only be obtained when Breath of Archangel has attained its card transformation limit.
our Voucher will become a Breath of Archangel.
Breath of Archangel An angel that cures any mortal injury or terminal illness with one breath.
But angel only appears once.
After that We only need Lucky Alexandrite! And if we can buy three weeks for those kids, they'll trade the card to us! Yes.
Right, it's time.
Let's get going.
Cards Needed Patch of Shore Lucky Alexandrite I believe I told you to come alone.
We weren't able to make a decision, Cards Needed Breath of Archangel Lucky Alexandrite Blue Planet so we kept discussing it on our way here.
And we've finally reached a consensus.
We choose to fight! Levy on! Accompany on! To Antokiba! Book.
Check your cards.
Book! It's okay.
They only stole some useless cards from my free slots.
Same here.
I didn't lose anything important.
Guess that settles it.
We take their cards and kill them.
They'll put up a fight.
Huh? I don't know what's happened to them But their resolve was written all over their faces.
Six copies of Accompany, twenty-four of Return, nine copies of Castle Gate, and two of Magnetic Force.
I spent all our money on them.
Okay, then we'll meet up in three days.
Use that time to earn money and buy the cards we need.
Got it.
Do you think they'll come after us? Not immediately.
We now have nearly twice the number of Accompany cards as Genthru.
If they use Clairvoyant Serpent, they'll see that.
Just you watch, Genthru This is how a Single Star Hunter fights.
A Few Days Later Gyo! Too slow! Don't stop to think after I grab your arm.
Act the second you feel my touch! Osu! Too slow.
Osu! You're still too slow! Osu! Okay, let's take a ten-minute break.
Next, we'll start Emitter training.
He's building his stamina But in the mere two weeks we have left, I can only help him bolster his defense.
We need another weapon before we can fight.
Emitter training, level two.
Elevation! You must maintain this stance, while staying perfectly still, and only by releasing aura.
If you can elevate around at least that high, you pass.
Okay! That training is a lot harder, given that it's only a level higher.
Naturally Because this is really level-five training.
Five? Are you sure you should skip levels like that? Well, it's a gamble.
If it doesn't work, we'll have wasted the three weeks we were given.
If we followed the proper sequence, he could reach level three easily.
But that wouldn't do him any good in actual combat.
He needs an Emitter attack that can push an opponent back several meters with a direct hit.
It must be that strong for him to use it as a weapon.
So you jumped to level five But even if he clears the training, the ability to send enemies flying isn't a desicively lethal weapon.
Exactly right.
It's only meant to give him more options.
So have you made any progress on a plan? First, can you tell me what your power is? My job will be easier with that information.
I'll introduce you to my power.
Magical Esthetician Cookie-chan.
She specializes in providing massages of pure pleasure.
She'll burn off excess fat and guide both your body and your soul to paradise.
When her aura, transformed into special lotion, is applied to the skin, it makes your skin look younger.
She can also use acupressure massage to cleanse your body internally.
Constipation, stiff shoulders, chills any anomaly you have will vanish! That's it? Of course not! She can also do chiropractic massages, meditative massages, rolling massages And there's still much more! Are you an idiot?! That's totally worthless! What are you talking about?! That's the most useful power in the world! This is why you're just a stupid old hag! I dare you to say that again! Return on! To Soufrabi! Wait up! Was it them again? Damn, they're getting pretty blatant They're definitely targeting us! That isn't the issue.
How do they know where to find us? If they were using Accompany or Magnetic Force to move straight to us, we'd know, but that isn't the case.
They're using hit and run tactics, then making clean escapes.
We immediately move to a different location, but before long, they find us.
They're using Nen.
If they aren't using a spell, like homing or tracking, one of their members must have a Nen power similar to radar.
We can't defend against that! What do we do? We'll just have to use some force.
That's one copy of Accompany Take all his C-rank cards.
Okay, we'll set Steal on his binder He hasn't met them before.
Then he's clean.
Hey, have you heard of the bombers? Yes, I've heard the rumors We are the bombers.
I just set a bomb on you.
I can kill you from anywhere, anytime I wish.
If you don't want to die, bring me the cards I request.
Hey, here's another Accompany! I'll set Steal in here.
Kess Tsezgerra Rodriot Uh-oh! Too bad! You're out! Crap What are those bastards thinking?! They're camping outside the spell card store.
And they're attacking every player who walks out with newly bought cards.
Contact Communicate with one target player (encountered within the game) via your Book.
(Connection maintained for a maximum of 3 minutes.
May only be broken by player who uses card.
) [LR][NORM] This is pure speculation.
But they must be aware of me.
They've realized that someone new is providing cards to Team Tsezgerra.
So to flush me out, they check the binders of anyone who exits the store, disposing of everyone who's met one of you.
They also steal their cards.
They're primarily focused on obtaining Accompany and Magnetic Force.
And any players that they free once cleared of suspicion are forced to collect cards for them.
By eliminating suspects and taking their cards, they also cut off our supply.
They're killing three birds with one stone.
Got it.
We'll try to track their movements.
Get away from there and wait for us to contact you.
Silent Worker: Fly on the Job They don't appear to be leaving Masadora.
Okay, next we check their cards.
Together, those three have sixteen copies of Accompany and two of Magnetic Force.
That's a significant increase At this pace, they'll catch up to us in four to five days.
But we expected that.
They're saying they won't move until they have enough cards.
Everything is going well.
Twelve days left.
It's not working Listen to me.
While training, see yourself firing a water pistol.
You build up aura within your body, then shoot it from your palm! The greater your power, the stronger the aura you fire.
You want to release all the aura you've kept closed up inside.
The total amount of refined aura you apply to the attack, and the speed, power, and timing you apply to the release You need all of those elements to land the attack you'll require.
It's too hard! I just don't get how you push the aura in your body out of your hand He hasn't made any progress for ten days.
Maybe you should have let him start from level two.
We still have ten more days Only if Tsezgerra can deliver.
In hindsight, it wasn't a very good deal.
If we give Team Tsezgerra Lucky Alexandrite, they'll only be missing two cards.
We still need over thirty We can just take them from Genthru by force.
Gon would never accept that And we still have to figure out how to defeat Genthru first.
That's true.
So is this big enough? Yeah.
A Few Days Later We now have forty-eight copies of Accompany.
If you total their Accompany, Return, and Magnetic Force cards, they only have forty-five cards.
Now they can't evade us.
Let us start a game of tag we cannot lose.
Accompany on! Tsezgerra! They're on the move! They're coming our way at an incredible speed! We move according to the plan! Accompany on! To Masadora! Accompany on! Tsezgerra! Accompany on! To Soufrabi! Accompany on! Tsezgerra! Accompany on! To Masadora! Accompany on! Tsezgerra! I'm out now.
Barry! Roger that.
Accompany on! To Soufrabi! Damn, we only have five days left Don't you have any advice that could help him break through? The sensation of aura flowing through the body is different for everyone.
If I give him advice from my own perception and he makes incorrect assumptions, it could end up hurting more than helping.
How many do we have left? Seven copies of Accompany.
They aren't coming Did they give up? No way.
They're taking their time to throw us off.
If we run out of Accompany, we'll have to use Return.
We'll alternate between Aiai and Soufrabi.
How's it going over there? Let's find out.
Contact on.
This is Tsezgerra.
How's it going there? You were right.
Sub and Bara have appeared.
Most likely the real ones.
They're speculating that I'll try to buy cards while they're playing tag.
Which means it's Genthru and a couple of fakes that are chasing you.
Then Tsezgerra's predictions were accurate! The same trick won't work again.
Right now, Genthru is alone, while there are four of us.
This is our chance! No, I would prefer better odds for a fight.
We'll stick to the original plan.
Here they come.
We're back on the run! Gon Time's up.
Your training's over.
We still have five days! Change in plans.
I came up with a plan for defeating them.
But But Uh, well I think I've almost got it.
Maybe No, it isn't happening.
And I can't use an unreliable technique in my plan Give up.
So the plan is To use this.
Huh? You'll have to learn this the hard way.
Until you get it down to perfection.
We're out of Accompany cards Use Return! Return on! To Aiai! They're out of Accompany cards? We're finally getting close.
Sub, Bara How's it going? Catch anyone? Only one, and it was someone new to the game.
Word's out that the bombers are hunting players around here, so everyone's staying away.
Could he have been someone we already disposed of? Perhaps Okay, come back.
I'm in Soufrabi now.
They're out of bullets.
Leave Send one target player off the island.
[SR][NORM] We're finally down to our last card.
If they follow us outside the game, we can fend them off at the mansion.
If they don't follow us, we just have to wait until the time limit is up.
It's perfect All that's left is choosing the three to keep for winning.
We just have to ask Mr.
Battera what he wants.
Okay, let's go! Leave! No one's here.
What's going on? Weren't armed guards standing by? Sabazushi, where are you? Answer if you're there! Sabazushi! Keep it down I was taking a nap.
A nap? What happened to everyone else? They left.
Battera canceled the whole thing.
We received an intermediary fee and a cancellation fee.
But I stayed behind because I thought I should inform you.
Canceled? Mr.
Battera! What is the meaning of this?! We're so close! We're close to beating the game! It doesn't matter Doesn't matter anymore.
Doesn't matter?! That's crap! What about all the time and effort we've spent? My lawyers have been instructed to pay you.
You can do whatever you want with the cards.
So now, just leave me alone Damn! What's going on? I don't know.
Why did this happen? We're free to kill them out here.
Since their ring data won't disappear.
Team Tsezgerra has given Gon and his friends the time that they promised.
But awaiting them was a situation they didn't expect.
Tutorial Coming up, it's the Greed Island Tutorial! Today, we introduce the card Fake.
Fake Change Fake into any card type from 001 to 099.
The new card can be placed in a restricted pocket.
But it will not count toward Book completion, and cannot be transformed into an item.
It also will not count toward card limit.
[SR][NORM] It can transform into any card from 001 to 099.
But it doesn't count toward binder completion.
And it can't be transformed into an item.
Funny face! Continue? Next time: Insanity x And x Sanity.
Hey, Gon, want to see my special attack? I sure do! You'll have to wait till next week! Are you insane?