Hunter x Hunter (2011) s02e15 Episode Script

Insanity x And x Sanity

Tsezgerra Rodriot Barry Kess Today is the tenth day.
If they don't return, their data will be erased.
Well, I guess we have to wait for Goreinu to contact us.
Yes! I got it! Look, I've got this down pat.
Can I concentrate on Emitter training now? No! You might have it down, but you're still off by a tenth of a second.
Your goal is to be within a hundredth of a second.
Now start! Man Another player has used Contact to reach you.
Insanity x And x Sanity It's Goreinu.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
What's going on? Do you realize it'll soon have been 240 hours since Tsezgerra's team exited the game? Yeah.
I can tell you now they won't be returning.
Why not? Genthru's team is camping the starting point.
We decided beforehand that they wouldn't return to the game until I sent an all clear signal.
I understand.
But their card data will disappear.
I'm holding on to all the valuable cards.
Doesn't that betray that they have other allies? They'll notice if none of the four have any important cards! They left the game at 3:05, ten days ago, right? Yeah, in five more minutes, their card data will be wiped.
Essentially, they'll be out of it.
To be safe, we'll wait until 3:10.
But do you really think they've given up? Absolutely.
Given that they took Battera and ran.
It was a desperate attempt to keep us from the reward.
But they spent years collecting those ninety-six cards.
Also, I'm wondering why Battera would send his guards packing.
No idea Guess something happened.
No point in speculating about it now.
Oh, it's 3:10.
Time's up.
Yay! Bye-bye, Tsezgerra! Fake? Yeah, we switched about thirty of their ninety-six cards with fakes.
I'm the one actually holding the ninety-six cards.
For such a cautious man, this is the biggest gamble of Tsezgerra's life.
So I want to make sure it pays off.
I'm sorry, but I won't be able to help you face Genthru's crew.
When do you want us to give you the card? I'll wait until you've defeated Genthru.
Good luck.
Accompany Warp all players within (must have been visited) or player of your choice (must have been met inside the game).
Now it's time to go after those kids.
It wasn't in the plan, but we can get Patch of Shore from them.
First, we need more copies of Accompany.
They're on the move.
Where are you right now? Near Soufrabi.
They're heading toward Masadora.
Once they're prepared, they'll come for you.
Are you ready? Absolutely.
We have you guys to thank.
We need more time.
But we have no choice.
It'll depend on Gon.
Gon! Did you let our conversation distract you and lose track? Please explain what this is about.
I realize that I was being intrusive, but I took a look.
Your daughter? Or perhaps your granddaughter? My lover.
She'd been hospitalized for a long time.
She was in a coma.
A few days ago, she passed away in her sleep.
I suppose she didn't want people thinking she wanted my money, because she returned every gift I gave her.
But she loved this shoddy picture frame that I made myself.
All we ever needed was one other.
We swore that we would never be apart Until the accident that put her into a sleep from which she'd never wake Indeed She appeared to only be sleeping That was when I heard about Greed Island.
Breath of Archangel An angel that cures any mortal injury or terminal illness with one breath.
But angel only appears once.
If I beat that game, I could obtain the one thing that I need most, like a dream come true.
I was prepared to spend my fortune on copies of that game.
But it doesn't matter any longer It doesn't matter The kids have four copies of Accompany among them.
We have six.
Shall we go, then? Yeah.
Whenever you're ready.
I'll take the kid with spiky black hair.
Assuming we need to resort to force.
Sub, take the slant-eyed kid.
Bara, you take the girl.
Accompany on! Gon! What do you want? Don't be so hostile.
We're here to propose a deal.
A deal? We aren't interested! Right, don't let them notice that we've been waiting for them, completely prepared.
It's not a bad deal.
We have a good idea that Tsezgerra approved.
What is it? Interested now? Stop! Talk from where you are! Yes, that's good.
We must act like we're at a significant disadvantage.
We have to convince them that we're being forced into this position.
It's quite simple.
We'll beat the game on everyone's behalf, then everyone returns to the real world.
And we'll split Battera's reward.
I find that hard to believe.
We've had a change of heart.
And Tsezgerra has already left the game.
But that doesn't prove that he agreed to your offer.
You have a valid point.
Then, what now? Do you want to die? Stop whining, and hand over your cards! Otherwise, we'll slaughter you! You've revealed your true colors.
Book! Accompany on! To Soufrabi! Three more times.
Two more times.
One more time Return Warp to a city of your choice.
(Must be a city you have visited.
) [LR.]
Return on! To Masadora! Masadora? Are they trying to obtain more spell cards? They might try to escape to the real world through the port.
Accompany on.
Gon! They're not here.
Are they hiding and concealing their presences? Check at the store.
We don't want to let them buy any spell cards.
They haven't been here.
Did they head for the port? Tsk, guess we have no choice.
Accompany on! Gon! Don't lose sight of them! We're out of Accompany cards! Now why don't you give up, and hand over your cards? No way! We'll never let you have them! Everything's gone to plan.
They mean to fight us one-on-one.
If we have to hand over our cards, we'd rather fight! Wait, Gon! Damn Good.
Now we only need to separate them.
Bisky, you run for it! B-But Just run! Wait! Hey, you aren't getting away.
I'm counting on you guys.
You're up against me! You know that I'm the Bomber? I heard it from Tsezgerra.
And who told you how my power works? Incredible.
That moment was enough for him to know what I'm watching out for and why This is the difference in experience between us! There aren't too many people who know about my power and are still alive.
Book! I can't let him control things.
I don't like people just taking cards from other players! So let's make a deal.
Whoever surrenders first has to give up all his cards.
You seem to have the wrong idea.
You're in no position to make demands.
This is your last chance to make a deal.
Otherwise, you're nothing more than a thief.
I'd rather die than hand over my cards to a thief! You can kill me, but I still won't take out my binder! You're insane.
And I don't mean my kind of insane.
Very well.
You have a deal.
I'm holding one hundred thirty-one cards.
I have ninety-seven of the restricted slot cards.
I have one hundred and two cards.
And seventy-one of the restricted slot cards.
You have #2 and #75, correct? Yeah.
That's all I need.
An excellent show of Ren But clearly, he has much room for improvement.
Offense is the strongest defense.
You're strong enough that a single explosion won't be enough to finish you off.
So stay on the attack! This kid has skill.
But his use of aura is sloppy at best.
Not sure why he was so confident.
At this point, you're nowhere near his level.
You won't be able to deal significant damage.
But continue to attack! Because he will still defeat you.
You still haven't answered my question.
Who told you about my power? Well, it isn't important now.
My point is that I don't need my ability to deal with you.
All according to plan.
Once he's seen how much stronger he is, we'll begin to lure him into our trap! Osu! That's how I'd like to respond But I don't like the idea of being totally manhandled.
I'll make him use his power I'll carry out the plan afterwards! Looks like you need a little more pain! Use your power.
I have a surprise for you! I see what you're thinking.
I won't use it! Damned kid! She's faster than I expected.
Book! She should be out of teleportation spells.
What's she doing? She used Transform to hide it as a different card? Accompany on! To Soufrabi! Accompany? Why? I don't get it Why would you go to all this trouble to be alone with me? One reason Because I didn't want to let you cry for help.
Huh? I have no idea what you're talking about.
You're such a fool I'm telling you that I'm stronger.
Damned brat! Your attacks are too weak You can't defeat me! I won't hold back So don't blame me.
That's what I was going to say.
I was being nice, so I let you hit me once.
Because I can't restrain myself when I revert.
And I end up killing my opponents! Oh, you're alive? I'm impressed.
Why would you hide your power? Two reasons The ace up your sleeve should remain hidden And more than anything, I hate the way I look.
Too macho! Don't you agree? He can't hear me anymore? I have a slight advantage in martial skill and physical strength.
But he has me beat in aura capacity.
I probably won't be able to hurt him with any normal attack.
Which makes him perfect to experiment on.
Damn I felt that hit inside my head.
I can't afford to fool around.
Experiment #1 Lightning Palm! Lightning Palm Doesn't seem to be enough to knock him out.
But I can immobilize him for a few seconds.
Experiment #2 A yo-yo? Let's do this.
What's he up to? What's that thing made of? This is a superalloy yo-yo my brother ordered.
It weighs around fifty kilograms, so it packs quite a punch! Whoa! Damn Between the weight and centrifugal force, that really hurts.
He always leaves his right side exposed when I attack a certain way! If I take his yo-yo, leaving him empty-handed, he'll make the same mistake! My chance! There! Yes! Time to crush you! Oh? Did I forget to mention that I have two yo-yos? Wow, you're still conscious? Did you know that when you kick me, you raise your guarding arm on the other side? You're creating your own blind spot.
He used my blind spot to pull out a yo-yo and attack? Then your defensive habit Was a fake to make you kick me with your left leg.
And when you released your first yo-yo I knew you picked up something to throw at me.
Why did you use Accompany to draw me away from the others? To make you focus on a one-on-one chance, so you'd lose track of your surroundings.
I don't believe it.
You set three traps during that brief exchange? Three? You must be joking Every move I made was a trap.
Experiment complete! Both work.
Why won't you accept your fate? You can't beat me.
No way.
I I haven't lost yet! I was mistaken.
I take back what I said.
You are strong I will show you my power.
This battle is mental, not physical.
I must crush his will.
His will to fight, his will to stand, his will to resist.
Otherwise, he'll never admit defeat To win, I must swallow my pride and play it smart.
Let me demonstrate that all your hard work and confidence mean nothing! Here he comes.
The devilish man has unleashed his true power.
Can Gon emerge victorious? G.
Tutorial Coming up, it's the Greed Island Tutorial! Today, we introduce the card Breath of Archangel.
Breath of Archangel An angel that cures any mortal injury or terminal illness with one breath.
But angel only appears once.
A card that can cure injury and disease.
Mito-san used this all the time.
Huh? Boo-boos, begone! Continue! Next time: Victor x And x Loser.
Ow! That hurts What's wrong, Killua? My tooth hurts Good kids always brush their teeth.