Hunter x Hunter (2011) s02e16 Episode Script

Victor x And x Loser

I must crush his will.
His will to fight, his will to stand, his will to resist Let me demonstrate that all your hard work and confidence mean nothing! Victor x And x Loser He's fast I had no time to dodge! But I can still block his attacks! Oh? He used Gyo? The moment I grasped his arm, he focused his aura there to block my attack.
Idiot! You think you've outwitted me now?! What's the matter? That was just a body blow.
If you focus your aura where I grab you, you leave yourself open everywhere else.
It's futile In fact, you're only making it harder on yourself.
Bisky was right! You won't be smiling much longer! One more hit to send you to hell! Impossible! That was the hardest hit so far! He shouldn't have been able to counter.
But since he did, that means he kept the damage to a minimum.
In other words, he blocked me without relying on aura.
He guessed I didn't intend to set off a bomb? No, that wasn't a guess.
Hey, Bisky How does Genthru avoid being burned by his own bombs? That's quite simple.
He shrouds his hand in aura that's stronger than the explosion.
Oh I get it.
It's a technique that requires a large aura reserve.
This is a good opportunity.
By now, you should be able to tell.
Excellent reaction! You've almost perfected Gyo.
One more time, then.
Huh? Could you tell the difference? Yeah, you used less aura the second time.
Okay, you pass.
You'll have an easier time with him if you can tell the difference.
When Genthru prepares Little Flower, he will shroud his hand with Gyo.
If he's just faking and planning to attack you somewhere else, he probably won't use Gyo.
If you can tell if his hand is covered with Gyo when he grabs you, it'll be simpler for you to know which attack you should block.
So that's it.
You knew from my Gyo.
Let me repeat myself.
The shallow strategy you're using will backfire.
If you're caught by Little Flower when you aren't using enough aura to defend, a hit to the face will blow off your eyes, nose, and mouth with no hope of repair.
A hit to the arms or legs will incinerate skin, severely damaging any nerves or muscle.
You'll have no fingers or toes left.
It's not possible for you to use Gyo to guard against every attack that uses Gyo.
Now what? I'm not interested in continuing this.
Fighting you has made me see something You have talent and a promising future.
And many other chances.
Don't you think it's meaningless to throw all that away just for your pride? Just give up, stupid kid! If he makes like he's going to use both hands to blow you up, that's a red light.
Then it'll be time to stick to the plan.
Sorry, Bisky and Killua.
I'm gonna be selfish here.
I have to give it a try Because I just had a great idea! If you seriously mean that, you should surrender, Genthru! A shame Let me show you that there are some things worse than death.
I'll blow up both your arms.
Use Gyo to protect the one you want to keep.
After that, I'll blow up your remaining arm and left leg.
Use Gyo to protect the one you want to keep.
And so on Until you're out of limbs.
Go ahead and try! Very well.
Take this! Wh-What happened? Blood? Damage? He landed a hit? First comes rock! Crap Move Dodge! Rock Paper Rock! Did he hit me? No, I tripped.
What was that? What just happened? Now I understand Th-This kid He sacrificed both hands! But the damage wasn't distributed evenly! He probably gave up completely on his left hand, protected his right hand with 30% of his aura, and focused the remaining 70% on his legs to attack me! I use aura both to explode targets and to shield my hand from the blast.
If I use it on both hands, I won't have much left for the rest of myself.
He took advantage of that! Still, no one sane would actually try that! I gave him a pretty good scare! Damn This hurts like hell.
But I'm going for it! I'm done He's done? Is he giving up? Of course That makes sense.
He's lost his left hand, and his right is badly injured.
And he managed to land a hit on me.
He must be satisfied now.
I'm done being selfish Time to get serious! Let's do this, Genthru! Th-This kid's totally insane! Book! A card? He shouldn't have anything to concern me.
The card transformed? Paladin's Necklace?! What is he planning? This is your last chance to surrender.
Once I use this, you could end up dead.
You're clearly bluffing! Now wait This is my chance.
I give up.
Obviously, you're never going to surrender.
Take them.
I'll silence him.
Crushing his windpipe and knocking him out would be best.
Then I can take the cards from his binder.
I have one request.
What is it? Could you leave me this card? Bah He blocked my second attack with Gyo! But I did manage to crush his windpipe! He won't be able to use Book or Gain anymore.
Genthru You have made the worst mistake you could make.
Gasoline A glass container filled with fuel.
Highly flammable.
One minute! What's that smell? He can't use Little Flower any longer.
I'm going to take him down! Book.
Oh, so this is gasoline Very clever.
True, I cannot use Little Flower now However, I have another ability, Countdown.
The ability that lets me set a bomb when I touch someone and say "Bomber.
" The bomb can only be disarmed by touching me and saying, "I caught the Bomber.
" This one is ten times stronger than Little Flower.
You won't be able to block it with Nen.
All the activation requirements have been met.
If I touch you and say, "Bomber," the countdown will begin.
Try to run away If you still have the strength.
The requirements have been met for me! First comes rock This is his earlier attack If get too close, I'm done for.
Is he trying to keep me back? Rock Paper Rock! A pitfall? But he's falling with me! It's deep I can't climb back up.
But he should be in the same boat.
He's ended up cornering himself.
He's gone.
Genthru If a card is removed from the binder for a minute, it reverts to an item.
Large Rock A rock?! First comes rock Rock Paper W-W-Wait! I surrender! I surrender! Rock! Osu! Are you awake? Summon your binder.
We want you to return the cards you stole from the people you backstabbed.
On one condition Use Archangel to heal Bara.
We have a Clone card.
Don't worry.
That was always part of the plan.
We brought six copies of Clone.
Book Gain! What is your wish? We need you to heal his hands and throat.
Actually, can you just heal all his injuries? Easily done.
Then I shall heal his body.
I'm healed! Then, farewell.
All right! Okay, here's the extra Archangel.
Gain! Next up is Killua.
Genthru, we're going to use your binder.
Go ahead.
Clone on! Breath of Archangel has reached its maximum card limit.
Clone will be destroyed.
W-W-Wait! What's going on?! Did I do something wrong? No, it's Goreinu.
Huh? He used Clone or Transform to increase the number of Breath of Archangel vouchers.
So two of his vouchers became Breath of Archangel cards.
Another player has used Contact to reach you.
Yo, it's Goreinu.
Looks like you won.
But I don't approve of this.
If you plan to use Breath of Archangel to heal these murderers, the trade is off! You okay with using it on me? Of course.
I am an assassin.
Eh? I've killed more people than these guys.
Each player in this game risks their life in one way or another.
That doesn't make it okay to kill others.
But all the people I've killed were not nearly as prepared to die.
I'm worse than these guys.
No, you aren't like them.
I like you, but I hate their guts! That isn't a valid reason! I don't need a reason What counts is how I feel.
Aren't you guys the same way? But we don't think it's right to let them die because we hate them.
In battle, both sides risk their lives, and are prepared to kill.
But that doesn't apply once the fight is over.
I haven't forgiven Genthru for killing all those players But the three of us agreed before the fight that we'd bring six Clone cards.
I don't really remember why we decided that, but it wasn't based on logic or reason.
It was just the decision that came naturally to us.
Once the fight was over and we'd obtained Breath of Archangel, we planned to heal everyone.
All three of us made the decision, so we wanted to stick to it.
But I understand how you feel, and we can't change your mind.
Sorry, Killua Could you wait a little longer? No problem.
I'll recover on my own in a while.
The situation's changed, so we can't use Clone anymore.
There's only one Breath of Archangel left.
Only one? Isn't that the original? Use it on Genthru.
I'm fine Okay, let's use Accompany to go to Masadora.
Hey, wait up Fine, you can have Breath of Archangel.
Huh? Really? Are you sure? Yeah, actually Before you told me all this, I planned to give it to you.
Not just Archangel, but all of our cards.
What?! Tsezgerra, his team, and I all agreed.
We've decided to give up on the game.
Wow, I'm completely healed! Oh, so Mr.
Battera Yeah, he paid Tsezgerra and his team for breaking his promise.
I got four billion out of it.
Four billion?! Hey Share some of the wealth! Wh-What are you talking about? Each of the four of us gets one billion! Eh?! It's only fair I couldn't have done this on my own.
It was only possible because I teamed up with you guys.
I can't believe it You're such a nice guy! Anyway, you can take all the cards.
On one condition! You must be the first players to beat the game.
Yep! Not a problem.
That gives you ninety-nine restricted slot cards.
Leaving only #0.
One card to go Yeah.
Ninety-seven, ninety-eight And this is Maid Panda A species on the verge of extinction.
Tidy, loves to cook, and some individuals enjoy Western clothing and gardening.
Excellent at taking care of human children.
ninety-nine! This announcement is for all players.
A player has collected ninety-nine restricted slot cards.
Ten minutes from now, in honor of this event, there will be a quiz contest for all Greed Island players.
There will be one hundred total questions dealing with restricted slot cards.
The player who has the most correct answers will receive #0 Ruler's Blessing as a prize.
Please wait with your binders open.
Questions about restricted slot cards, huh? I get it.
The questions are probably designed so that players who mainly stole cards can't answer them.
Someone's coming! Wait, more over here! The long battle has finally reached its final stage.
Tutorial Coming up, it's the Greed Island Tutorial! Today, we introduce the card Transform.
Transform Change one card in your possession into any other card in your possession.
(Card will now count against the limit of new card type.
If limit has already been reached, nothing will happen, and the Transform card will be destroyed.
) [SR][NORM] You can change one card into any other card.
Gon, quick! Transform on! Gold Dust Girl.
Gold Dust Girl A girl who releases golden dust.
One bath a day will net 500G.
Very shy and quiet.
Tutorial Continue! Next time: Ging's Friends x And x True Friends.
Think I can make a hundred friends? You'll be fine.
If your eyes meet, you're friends.