Hunter x Hunter (2011) s02e17 Episode Script

Ging's Friends x And x True Friends

Don't worry.
We aren't here to get in your way.
In fact, you could say we're here to help.
Help? Yeah.
If we get the top score on the quiz and win the card, we want to sell it to you for 2.
5 billion.
That's only five percent of your reward.
It's a reasonable price, yeah? Oh, right They haven't heard about Battera yet.
Sure, if you get the top score.
Everyone else is here for the chance to sell us the final card, too? With the game ending, they're all hoping to share in the reward.
It looks like they're going to take the quiz in teams.
What should we do? What? We should do it by ourselves.
Whoever scores lower gets penalized.
Okay, I'm in! Honestly They've got guts.
They just came from a fight to the death, and now they're facing the final event in the game with such confidence.
I bet those two enjoyed this game more than anyone.
Keep it up.
Ging's Friends x And x True Friends The quiz contest open to all players has begun.
Then I will now start the quiz.
Question one.
What is the name of the elder who gives an important hint about #1, Patch of Forest? A: Hira.
B: Hida.
C: Hiso.
D: Mayu.
E: Hima.
Damn! I'm stumped on the first one! Five choices? What is the condition to obtain #17, Breath of Archangel? I caught the Bomber.
#84, Paladin's Necklace, is offered as a prize in a monthly tournament of what? Yes! B.
Rock-Paper-Scissors C.
Two-Man Tug-of-War D.
Snowball Fight E.
Kick the Can Okay! And now for the final question What is the name of card #0? A: Ruler's Banquet.
B: Ruler's Invitation.
C: Ruler's Reception.
Can't remember C.
Ruler's Reception D.
Ruler's Welcome E.
Ruler's Blessing The quiz is over.
I will now announce the player with the top score.
With a score of 87 out of 100 points, our top scoring player is Gon.
Yes! We have all one hundred! You did it.
I hate to say it, but you beat us Congratulations.
That means Killua gets penalized.
Damn How many points did I get? Ruler's Invitation? Ruler's Invitation An invitation from this island's ruler.
The envelope contains a map that shows the castle and a badge.
Player must have badge to enter the castle.
Looks like only the one with the badge is invited.
So Limeiro is the capital? I have to go alone? We'll wait for you by the castle.
Hey, he really got it.
That kid really collected all the cards.
Hey, let's have a contest with all your cards at stake.
Sorry, but you don't have a choice.
Then I'll take an Accompany card.
Wait, that won't work.
We haven't been to Limeiro before.
So we should use Drift Since we've been to the other cities before.
Drift Transports you to a previously unvisited city.
(If all cities have been visited, Drift is used, without transporting player.
) [SR][NORM] In that case, I'll use Drift to go to Limeiro, then come back for you guys.
Accompany will work after that.
Drift on! Bingo! Accompany Warp all players within 20 meters of caster to city (must have been visited) or player of your choice (must have been met inside the game).
[SR][NORM] Let's go, Gon.
Accompany on! Limeiro! Those kids are amazing.
They wiped the floor with the Belum brothers.
Of course They even defeated the bombers.
It's true, those boys are much stronger than when I first met them.
But they're still weaker than Genthru in raw power.
They must have executed a brilliant plan Well, no matter.
I'll let you have the reward for beating the game.
Magnetic Force on.
Chrollo Lucilfer.
I'll head back to reality and make a fortune exorcising Nen.
I wonder what he's feeling.
What he's feeling? He might meet Ging, after all.
The father he's been searching for all this time.
Welcome to Greed Island Castle.
Come in.
This place is a dump! I've brought the top scorer, Gon-kun.
Oh, hey! I've been waiting for you! I hear you're Ging's son? Why don't you have a seat? Uh Where should I sit? Isn't there any open space? Clear some space, then Like this! Uh Wait, where did I put it? Oh! Here it is! There you go.
Ruler's Blessing Castle awarded to the winner of the quiz.
Comes with capital city (population 10,000).
The city's residents will obey any laws or commands you give.
Ruler's Blessing, the reward for the top scorer.
How about it?! Isn't it cool? Are you amazed? Well? There are 10,000 people in this city.
One of them could be Wait, did I get your hopes up? Well? Or were you just thinking that Ging could be the ruler? I was not! I never considered that Ging might be here.
Oh, really now? That's good, then Since he's not.
Dwun-san, can we get to business? Oh, my bad.
Listen up.
You've collected all one hundred cards.
Which triggers a new event.
Hmm Oh, here it is! This is it.
Open it up.
You can place three restricted slot cards in this binder.
You can then take those three back for use in the real world.
However! You cannot take multiple copies of the same card.
You must choose three different restricted slot cards from the hundred in your binder.
Okay, you've reached the ending Do you want the normal ending, or the ending just for you? Just for me? Yep, that's right.
Which one do you want? Well? Then I'll take the normal one.
Why would you choose that one? I didn't clear the game alone, and if it's the normal ending, my friends can watch with me, right? I see Dwun-san? Huh? Would you stop teasing him? I'm sorry There's no such thing as an ending just for you.
What? Really? However, there's a message we've been told to give you only after you beat the game.
Sorry for taking so long to introduce ourselves.
I'm List.
He's Dwun.
As you probably know, we're friends of your old man.
This game was created by Ging and ten of his friends.
The name "Greed Island" was created from the first letter in each of their names.
Your father was in charge, so we wanted a word that began with "G," and settled on "Greed.
" Have you met Razor? He's the "R," and I'm the "L.
" The girl who explains the game at the start is the twin of the girl you see when leaving the island.
Eeta and Elena.
Both names begin with "E.
" And then, we have "D"! Wanna hear my story? Well? Yeah? Yeah? Yeah? Y-Yeah Okay, pay attention.
You see, that Ging was a totally mean guy! Totally mean! My name is Dwun! What do you think is the first letter? Huh? Isn't it "D"? Even you, huh? Of course you'd think so After all, you're Ging's son.
Weren't we talking about "D"? It's "W!" "W!" W-d-w-u-n-e.
Wdwune! That was my name! But even my oldest friends thought it began with "D.
" So when we decided on the game's name, I was clear That my name began with "W.
" What do you think Ging said? Really? Then, ditch the "W.
" Starting now, your name is D-w-u-n Dwun.
Can you believe him? He changed my name without asking.
Just so the title of the game would work! What's really amazing is that Ging had legally changed the name a minute later.
He only needed a phone and a computer.
What's worse is that he even removed the "E" because he got confused! But your luck has been better as a result.
I guess! Ever since Once I've chosen the three cards, I'm supposed to go to the port.
Did they tell you about your father? Yeah, but they don't know where he is right now.
Oh So I guess the game didn't have any clues.
Well, that's what the starting message said.
Yeah, that's true.
So, what will you do for the three cards? How about we each pick one? Blue Planet A gemstone with an incomparable blue shine.
Its composition matches no known minerals, so it's named for its otherworldly nature.
Then I want Blue Planet! This is still the best one! I can't wait to see the real thing Which one do you want, Killua? I'm still thinking.
Have you decided, Gon? Yeah, I think so.
Really? Which one? Let's see This one.
Which one? Wait, why this one? I get it.
That makes sense.
You're only allowed to take restricted slot cards Yep, that sounds fun! When did you have the idea? The moment I saw this card.
Paladin's Necklace When a player wears this, all spells targeting player will be reflected.
Can also dispel curses placed on any card touched by player.
But this one won't be enough.
Right, we also need this one.
Transform Change one card in your possession into any other card in your possession.
(Card will now count against the limit of new card type.
If limit has already been reached, nothing will happen, and the Transform card will be destroyed.
) [SR][NORM] Eh? Do you think this will work? Yeah.
And this is the only way to do it! Wait, what is this? What are you talking about? You're okay with Blue Planet, Bisky? Let me in on this! Congratulations on clearing the game.
Please choose three restricted slot cards from your binder.
You've chosen #2, Patch of Shore, Patch of Shore The entrance to an underwater cavern known as the Sea God's Grotto.
The cavern changes every time you enter.
Blue Planet A gemstone with an incomparable blue shine.
Its composition matches no known minerals, so it's named for its otherworldly nature.
#81, Blue Planet, Paladin's Necklace When a player wears this, all spells targeting player will be reflected.
Can also dispel curses placed on any card touched by player.
and #84, Paladin's Necklace.
Are you sure these are the three cards you want? Yep.
Then I will now return your ring.
Good work.
Thank you Uh, Elena-san! You remembered my name? Thank you.
Welcome back! Yeah.
We're back in the real world now? I can't tell.
Well, the game was part of the real world.
Hey, hurry up! Bring out your binder Book.
Gain! This is it! This is what I wanted! The Blue Planet I've dreamed of for so long! I'm so happy! What should I name it? Pla-chan? Maybe Blue-chan? Planet-chan? Yep, I'll go with Planet-chan! So, are you sure about the two you picked? Yeah, these are the best ones, right? Yep.
Then let's give it a go! Yeah! Gain! Give it to me, Killua.
Yes! It worked! Okay! I see.
You used Transform to make Accompany a restricted slot card, then used Paladin's Necklace to revert it.
That's clever thinking But I'm surprised you'd do all that for an Accompany, rather than choose a restricted slot card.
Yeah Well, if I hadn't been the first one of us to enter the game, I probably wouldn't have noticed.
Remember when we played rock-paper-scissors here? Rock-paper-scissors? Yeah.
I was the first to enter the game.
And while I was waiting for Killua, no one else was around.
Which means the first person I met in the game should have been the second one to go in, Goreinu-san.
But when I checked my binder, there was someone I met before him.
Nigg Goreinu Ging is spelled G-i-n-g.
Oh, so Nigg is an anagram! My guess is that when I was a baby, I came here with Ging.
He was probably trying to tell me this: If I'm ready to give up everything to find him, I have to get strong enough to clear the game Your dedication is really something.
Well? What will you do once you find Ging? Naturally, I'll introduce him to Killua! My best friend in the world! Stupid! Cut that out! It's embarrassing Really Stop it I can't take this! It must be age.
It doesn't take much to make me cry Hey, wanna come with us to see Ging? No, I'll pass.
I'm not interested in men who already have kids.
If I stay with you any longer, I really will get too attached.
Well, take care, Bisky.
You, too.
Thank you very much! Osu! Accompany on! Nigg! Bye-bye.
Gon has cleared the game his father created, becoming much stronger.
Is the one waiting before him really Ging? G.
Tutorial Coming up, it's the Greed Island Tutorial! Today, we beat Greed Island.
We've introduced a whole bunch of cards.
I did all the introducing! You just fooled aro— Game over.
Killua Zoldyck Gon Freecs Next time: Reunion x And x Understanding.
Hey, Killua Re union and understanding.