Hunter x Hunter (2011) s02e01 Episode Script

Bid x And x Haste

There he is.
That's your target.
The tycoon, Mr.
Objective? That would be Greed Island, of course.
Why are you so interested in a game? You've spent a considerable amount on it by now.
It is an expression of love.
Isn't wanting to monopolize that which you love natural? What is this love you mention? There are many rumors flying around.
Any comments? I will get my hands on the clue Ging left! Bid x And x Haste What time is it? Kurapika! It's 2:00 PM.
I slept for half a day? It's been two whole days, Kurapika Where's the boss? What about the underground auction? It ended up being canceled.
The rest of the merchandise will be auctioned online.
The boss accepted that.
You're lying.
Eh? She was looking forward to taking part in the auction.
I don't see her accepting that so easily Squala was killed.
And Eliza was inconsolable The Scarlet Eyes we won were stolen.
But apparently, the boss was severely shocked by Eliza's state.
That was when she said she wanted to go home.
I see.
What about Gon and Killua? They're both fine.
Around now He fell asleep.
They're doing what they need to do, so you should get plenty of rest.
Our next item is the legendary game, Greed Island ! Let's take a look at the mysterious power this game contains.
As you can see, there is a mysterious power that protects the console from any damage, as long as someone is playing inside.
This man is Jeitsari.
He is a player who's inside the game at this moment.
In fact, he's the one who signed a contract allowing us to auction it off.
So this copy wasn't brought here by Ging.
Jeitsari left behind the following agreement: "If we cannot clear this game before the date specified in the contract, seven active players, including myself, will present seven copies of the game and console to the Southern Piece Auction, so our talented young Hunters can clear the game and fulfill our dream.
" Unfortunately, when we obtained these copies, two already displayed game over screens.
That means the players also died in real life.
This dangerous game requires that you risk your own life! Make sure you're prepared before you bid.
Let's start the bidding at 900 million Jenny! I have 1 billion! I have 1.
5 billion! #105 doubles it to 3 billion.
#71 doubles it again to 6 billion! Hey! That's my brother! So you indicate how much you're bidding with your hand? Yeah, the auctioneer is able to instantly discern the highest bid.
#16 doubles it again to 12 billion! What's this? #201 doubles it again, to 24 billion! You idiot! #16 bids 25 billion! Whew, that was close I'm guessing he wasn't able to decipher that memory card.
#71 bids 25.
5 billion How much money does he have? #16 goes all the way up to 30.
5 billion! Damn it! No matter If we can clear this game.
Um, we're Hunters.
We're willing to help clear Greed Island.
Don't joke around.
Go on home.
We're not joking! I'm a pro Hunter.
What nonsense.
Do you have a license? Yes! Uh, you don't.
It's at the pawn shop.
Uh, it's not on me See He's lying.
I'm not lying! Hold on The fact that you're here means you're certainly not ordinary.
However, I can't blindly accept everything you say.
I am indeed looking to hire Hunters in order to clear this game, but I cannot hire you at this time.
Because there can only be so many players.
Crap Has our plan failed? I'm thinking that we don't need to buy the game.
We just want the data inside it.
And I bet some of the people who win copies of Greed Island will be looking for players, too.
There can only be so many players? Each memory card only has the capacity to store one player's data.
With multitaps, you can have a maximum of eight players per console.
Oh, right.
That Greed Island save used up all thirty blocks on that memory card.
How did you know that?! We have a Greed Island save file.
Have you played the game before? No, we only have a memory card.
Does that mean If that memory card is real, you would need another item to remove the card from the console.
Would that be The ring? They know about the ring, too.
It appears that they are worthy of consideration.
I assume that you can use Nen.
Show me your Ren.
Sure! Well? It's hopeless.
Letting them play would be a waste of time.
They'd run around in circles until they died.
How can you be certain when we haven't tried?! It'll be too late once you're in the game, kid.
Unless you die off immediately.
We don't need people who'll drag out the inevitable.
As long as a player is alive inside the game, you can't reset or remove the memory card.
In other words, you can't send in new players.
I've hired around one hundred pro and amateur Hunters to play this game, and over half of them have given up.
Given up? They've given up on returning to the real world, choosing to live inside the game.
That is why I must be careful when selecting players.
We need people who are strong enough to obtain items for returning to the real world.
And you're saying we aren't strong enough? How can he know that? Because he's a pro Hunter who has played Greed Island before.
Speaking from my own experience, the items for returning to the real world are relatively easy to obtain.
But with your Nen, it's hopeless.
In fact, it'd be game over in no time.
Once the screening is done, I'm returning to the game.
Screening? You're screening players? Yes, the screening will be on the auction's final day.
If you're interested in participating, you'll need to work on your Nen.
We were going to do that anyway! Let's go, Killua! Before you go, kid How did you come by a memory card? I'm not telling you! Damn it I'm mad now.
We absolutely must pass their screening! Screening What's the plan? You even need to ask? We're bandits.
We steal.
Let's return to the base and play.
A memory card is already inserted, so only one more can play.
We can use a multitap.
Four more can play now.
Nice So who goes first? I'll go first.
Whoa He really did disappear.
I was kind of skeptical What was that? It's a game.
Wanna play? I'll pass.
If I feel like it.
Catch you later, then.
He disappeared, too.
What kind of game is this? A game where you can actually die.
It's listed in the auction catalog.
I'm so mad! I can't believe how he spouted off! Damn it! Still, he's right.
What do you mean? Chill out a little.
We should start thinking about taking this to the next level.
Next level? Hatsu.
You know, our special abilities.
Kurapika started learning Nen when we did.
But he was able to fight the Troupe because of his special abilities.
Yeah, Kurapika obtained powers that make him basically invincible against the Troupe by placing his life on the line.
We can't follow his example.
We need abilities without too much or too little risk, which still fit our specialties.
Something practical and effective That's what we have to come up with.
Well, I knew this would happen.
Let's take this one step at a time.
First, what kind of abilities do you want? What kind of abilities do I want? Hey! You must have at least a vague idea.
Uh, a really strong power! That's too vague! Start by thinking within your own category.
You're an Enhancer, so think of a power that strengthens something.
Then we ask, what part of you do you want to strengthen, and how? That hurt! What about you, then? I already know what I want.
That's why I'm helping you.
Really? What do you want? It's a secret.
Huh? Gon, I'm going to go start practicing my special ability.
You keep thinking about it.
Though it's possible that I'm the only one who'll pass the screening.
He'll just get distracted unless I give him a scare.
Visualize my aura fusing with electricity.
Then I visualize the electricity being released, while refining my Nen! But with your Nen, it'd be game over in no time.
Damn it! I'll make him eat those words! You sound determined, Gon.
Kurapika! Are you better? Yeah, my fever broke.
I'm fine now.
He doesn't look fine.
But if Kurapika finds out that the spiders are still in Yorknew City Is there any way to stop him? So how did the auction go? I believe you were after an expensive game? Oh, yeah I see.
So they're screening players Say, what kind of training did you do? Once I decided to conjure chains, I did a lot of image training I closed my eyes, while feeling real chains.
I drew hundreds, thousands of sketches.
I looked at chains, licked chains I also smelled and listened to chains.
My master told me to do nothing but handle chains all the time.
After a while, he took them away.
That was when I began to hallucinate chains Eventually, those hallucinations began to feel heavy and cold, and I could hear them grating.
Once I reached that point, I was able to conjure chains.
Other than that, I did the same training as you.
Ten and Ren.
I know, Kurapika You can be my master! You can point out what I'm doing right.
This way, I can keep Kurapika occupied while the auction takes place.
I'm sorry, but I cannot.
Huh? My boss will be leaving tomorrow.
I am obligated to accompany her.
You're leaving Yorknew City? Yeah.
I'm still concerned about the spiders But it's been two days, so they're probably already gone.
Yeah, that's a good idea.
Who taught you Nen? You should probably ask them rather than me.
Special abilities? That sounds like you boys.
I can tell you right now that Enhancers don't need special abilities.
Why not? Because Enhancers are the most balanced between offense and defense.
If you master Ten and Ren, those will be strong enough to be considered special abilities.
But I don't have time.
I have to pass a screening in four days Gon-kun, if I were a judge, I would be disappointed to see an improvised special ability.
Listen carefully, Gon-kun.
You must not emulate that Kurapika person.
I'm sure you don't need me to tell you why.
No You needn't emulate anyone else when you're already so strong.
You think so? Of course.
Reflect on the things you've been able to do.
That should help you find the answer you seek.
A-A hint Please give me a hint! You sound pretty flustered Haste makes waste.
In the end, hard work always pays off.
I would agree if it weren't for this deadline All right, here's a big hint, then.
You only showed that Tsezgerra person your normal Ren, right? Yeah.
Next time, show him everything simultaneously.
Everything? Yes, listen carefully.
Show him everything you've learned simultaneously.
Everything I've learned simultaneously.
Ten Shroud myself in aura.
Zetsu Suppress my aura.
Ren Bring forth an incredible amount of aura.
And Hatsu Wait.
Ren requires me to bring forth aura, while Zetsu requires suppressing it.
If I do them both at once Oh? His brain fried again? Hang in there, Gon.
If you take too long, I'll leave you behind! It's impossible How do I bring forth and suppress something at the same time? Reflect on the things you've been able to do.
After Wing-san helped unleash my Nen, I went into battle knowing only Ten, and got myself seriously hurt.
But in the process, I mastered Zetsu.
Then I learned Gyo to see through Hisoka's special ability.
Gyo? Right! I have Gyo! Gyo Concentrate aura in your eyes to see hidden aura.
Concentrate? Right, I concentrated on my eyes, so I never noticed what else was happening.
There's a little aura being released.
If I can suppress it, I'll be doing everything at once! Yes! I did it! No good The second I relaxed, it fell apart.
But it works! If I can concentrate the aura from my Ren in one place, that'll be a lot of power.
I want to test that power! Gon-kun, haste makes waste.
Osu! He finally figured something out.
You won't beat me, Gon! The two boys are about to undergo a new awakening.
Tutorial Coming up, it's the Greed Island Tutorial! Today is the first episode of Greed Island Tutorial! What does "tutorial" mean? It's like an instruction manual.
Each week, we'll explain how the game works.
Continue! Next time: End x And x Beginning.
Book! Achoo! Game! Boom! What's your name? Gon! Good job.