Hunter x Hunter (2011) s02e68 Episode Script

Zero x And x Rose

This is a tomb.
Your tomb.
I am very thankful.
Thankful for everything that has made our meeting possible! Zero x And x Rose As his time was compressed to its utmost limits, the King, his consciousness alone barely following the afterimages of Netero's movements, found that a single emotion reigned within him Complete and utter admiration for his enemy.
That's it.
He brings his hands together to start the attack.
That's the only motion he has that far surpasses my speed.
Such wasted movement could cost one's life in battle, but now, it works as a weapon that may allow him to defeat me.
Trying to guess what drove him to do this is pointless.
It would have required choosing a path that defies reason.
I would presume that, at one point, he was on the verge of madness Five years Perhaps ten years And the entire time, he focused on this alone.
I recognize that you have dedicated an incredible amount of time to achieve the power you have displayed.
After all that, he's barely been scratched.
Not that I expected any different.
An individual can reach his limit after much training.
You are a rare example of one who has transcended that limit.
You have earned my praise.
An insect should not talk down to humans! The King's strategy was quite simple.
Keep attacking.
If the only attack capable of besting him, could do next to no damage, the King had no cause for fear.
These are no more than dummy hands.
They can only move in set patterns.
If I attack from an angle that he can't block with a move he's already used, he'll have no choice but to reveal a new move.
Once I have verified all of the combinations, I can find the angle of attack that will force him to reveal another new move.
However, while he may have a limited number of attack patterns, the number of combinations they can be used in may as well be infinite.
But every individual has a rhythm.
There will be an unconscious bias for, and against, certain patterns, and that bias naturally shapes one's identity.
If I can identify his personal rhythm, I have a fair chance of guessing which patterns he will select.
To find the single correct needle among countless millions, and thread it accurately is what it will take to pierce my target.
It may prove difficult But I will succeed.
I can accomplish it! Old soldier, I beg of you Don't lose your life before I succeed! He's laughing? Well, I'm also enjoying myself, so I can't blame him.
No matter my attack trajectory, he recovers immediately and moves to counter.
If I make a wrong move, his speed won't allow me time to unleash the next Hand.
If I lose focus, he'll tear me apart before I realize it.
This is a contest of endurance, in which I must keep choosing correctly When I fail, you win.
That's probably what you're thinking, Ant King! No matter.
I shall checkmate you shortly.
Checkmate me if you can.
I'll show you my Zero Hand! After hundreds and thousands of hits, the King was beginning to feel the slightest hints of dull pain within his body.
However Stop the bleeding.
Then tell me my name.
You have done well for a human.
What's wrong? If you don't act, you'll die of blood loss.
Don't make me laugh.
I'll die? You shouldn't get cocky after landing a lucky punch The battle's just begun! You have truly earned my admiration.
I am amazed that your spirit has not flagged.
However, losing your leg was basically inevitable.
It is the consequence of using a defense that, while not bad, was not the best choice.
After playing against Komugi, I learned the art of anticipating enemy actions.
Your unconscious bias against certain patterns gives me insight into the otherwise limitless options you have.
Next, I'll take your left arm.
The ensuing fight did not even last a minute.
This is my life's final act! As he released his 100-Type, Netero's resolve heightened his physical and mental senses, resulting in an exchange of more than a thousand punches, and sparking countless fireworks between the combatants.
And then, the moment arrived.
His attacks began to show a slight inclination, one not quite significant enough to be called a habit or bias.
After using his body to bear the brunt of Netero's attacks, the King was able to find the faint light beyond, and he reached it.
Are you satisfied now? Then tell me my name.
Ant King You believe I cannot pray with a single arm? A prayer comes from the heart.
If the heart achieves the correct form, it becomes emotion And emotions may be manifested.
was a Buddha that appeared behind an enemy, gently enveloping the target with an indiscriminate love.
Previously, Killua had sensed its murderous intent from a great distance away.
Not this way! It had left such a strong impact, Killua had changed his direction.
The entirety of Netero's aura was transformed into a light as blinding as a star, and fired with a merciless roar.
The pinnacle of individual strength.
That was a magnificent attack.
Zero wasn't enough? I was born to be King of the Ants, to rule over all organisms.
I represent the instinctive hope long nurtured by my species, and that species continues to evolve for my sake.
I stand here now, the resulting boon of the total support of my species.
You are an individual human, not a king I am the King that bears his kind's fate.
That was the difference in this battle.
The Chimera Ants' long evolution has culminated in me.
This is a feat the human race, with its individuality, can never match.
However, humans will no longer be used to propagate our species.
We have learned that the strong human ego disrupts the bonds between Ants.
Out of respect for your efforts, I shall allow humans to permanently survive within a special zone.
We shall reevaluate the number and quality of humans to be used as food.
Your lonely battle was not in vain I shall not repeat myself again.
Tell me my name.
I am not alone.
Don't underestimate the human race, Meruem.
Meruem That is your name.
As Netero spoke the King's name, the King had no time to consider it, as he watched the old man who was supposed to be surrendering.
What is this? Meruem, King of Ants, you understand nothing of humanity's infinite potential for evolution! It was the first time the King had felt fear.
One look at the face of this beaten old man, who should have been waiting for death, made it clear that his seemingly vain words were no mere boast.
Should your heart stop beating, this will activate.
If there is a hell, I'll see you there.
I see now Yes I see You had me in checkmate from the start The bomb was both low-budget and compact, while also proving surprisingly lethal.
With the right technology, it was possible to quickly mass produce these bombs.
Due to the shape of the smoke cloud, it was called the Miniature Rose, or the poor man's rose, and was popular with small dictatorships.
Next time: Hostility x And x Determination.
No matter what happens, I won't betray my friends.
No matter what happens, I'll believe in my friends.
Thank you, Chairman Netero.