Hunter x Hunter (2011) s02e69 Episode Script

Hostility x And x Determination

Don't underestimate the human race, Meruem.
Meruem That is your name.
What is this? Meruem, King of Ants, you understand nothing of humanity's infinite potential for evolution! I see now Yes I see You had me in checkmate from the start Hostility x And x Determination The bomb was both low-budget and compact, while also proving surprisingly lethal.
With the right technology, it was possible to quickly mass produce these bombs.
Due to the shape of the smoke cloud, it was called the Miniature Rose, or the poor man's rose, and was popular with small dictatorships.
In more than 250 countries and regions of the world, ten times as many roses had bloomed, consuming 5.
12 million human lives.
After terrorists used the bomb in the center of an adversarial nation's capital, taking more than 110,000 lives, an international treaty was signed that banned the bomb's production.
However, over eighty percent of the world's countries rejected the proposal to discard and ban the use of roses they had already produced, meaning that hundreds of thousands of seeds still wait silently in many countries for their chance to bloom.
"How are humans and Ants different?" When Netero decided to use his last resort, could this thought have crossed his mind? Now, there is no way to find out.
The two immediately understood what the distant cloud of smoke and resulting vibration in the air signified.
At the same time, Pouf's clone found itself looking Knuckle in the eye.
After his experience with Youpi, Knuckle hoped to reach a similar understanding with Pouf.
But his faint hopes were quickly shattered.
If the King waves his baton, the soldiers will become demons if necessary.
Pouf's main body must have learned that something happened to the King.
That led to the transformation of the clone's face, revealing the Ants' true nature.
Did the chairman defeat the King? No, it doesn't matter either way In Pouf's face, Knuckle had seen a barrier that could not be overcome.
It's destroyed! Is everyone okay? This is brutal It only took them thirty minutes to wreck the whole place.
That was close Ikalgo.
Killua! Palm I see.
But I'm glad to see you.
You returned to us.
Then, as planned, I'll take you to Peijing by car.
No, she wants to stay.
Well, she'll certainly be useful in a fight.
In terms of raw offensive power, she has me beat Probably.
To be honest, I want to go to Gon at once.
However I'll wait.
I'll respect his wishes His wishes? He's decided to fight Pitou by himself.
I'll wait right here for one hour.
And once he's made up his mind, that's it.
He won't budge.
In return, he performs his best when circumstances are as expected.
Which means all we can do is stay out of his way.
B-But what if Yeah, I know.
If he gets into serious trouble, we'll immediately rush in to help him.
I see So that's why they're staying behind.
Even if Gon uses all the power he currently has, he still won't be able to beat Pitou.
In fact, even if the three of us join him, they're aware that we're still no match for Pitou.
They're staying behind to die with him! We're also looking for Knuckle and the others.
Want to come? Absolutely.
Okay, let's go.
We separated the King and the Royal Guard to let the chairman defeat the King.
As Knov-san said, we've completed the mission we were assigned.
Each of us will have to decide where we go from here.
Do we stop or keep going? I am going to keep fighting them.
I've already laid down my life here more than once.
Even if we can't reach an understanding, I won't give up until I'm content with the outcome.
You're finished.
Why did he say that? There's still time left Did he notice that my surgery was done? I made sure to hide my progress from him.
But if I showed any sign of relaxing after finishing it, and he noticed that I must kill him.
No matter the cost! I must kill him For the King's sake! Did he notice my bloodlust then? Stand up.
We move to Peijing now.
Running is faster for us.
What happened to me? I would like to— The next time you try to delay me, I'll kill her.
S-Sorry! Am I interrupting something? U-Um, I don't understand what's going on I understand.
Let's go.
Pitou was close enough to take off his head with one arm.
But Pitou couldn't move.
After seeing how sharp Gon's senses were, Pitou's instincts said to obey.
I can't make a move now My chance will come.
There'll be many, on our way to Peijing.
But I must get Komugi to the King! Gon, want me to use Chapter 7 Bankruptcy on Pitou? If there's an escape attempt, I can track Pitou down.
And if Pitou tries to fight back, APR will protect you.
Thank you, Knuckle.
But it's okay.
I trust Pitou So until Pitou and I have met with Kite, keep an eye on her.
A-Are you talking about me? Is he going to use Komugi As a hostage?! Once Pitou turns Kite back, we'll let her go.
I'm sure you're also willing to trust me, right? Pitou? You sure about this, Killua? You aren't going with Gon? We were No, Killua was prepared to die with Gon.
But Gon didn't want him to come! Pitou and I will go by ourselves.
It's okay.
That was always the plan.
And I feel better after hearing what he's doing.
You mean the hostage? Yeah.
The real danger would be if I went along, and Pitou managed to capture me.
Then Pitou would have the option to exchange hostages.
Seriously What have they been through for their minds to work this way? It's all right.
Now that I've seen Gon with these eyes, I'll know immediately if something happens.
Besides, Pitou won't abandon her.
Which means that Gon is safe.
I can't understand what's going on.
Where is the Supreme Leader? Who are these people? The heat of the explosion had melted the rock into magma, leaving a scene resembling the mouth of an active volcano, producing a perpetual cloud of black smoke that prevented the living from entering.
Pouf! I'll search inside, so I need you to search the surrounding area.
It's possible that the explosion sent the King flying.
I was wrong We will kill them all, with the King at our side.
None will be spared! Your Majesty! Youpi's roar had an ominous tone.
Before he could even see the truth for himself, tears were already streaming down Pouf's face.
Your Majesty! Your Majesty! Next time: Unparalleled Joy x And x Unconditional Love.
I never ask for anything in return.
Isn't that unconditional love? Unparalleled joy.