Hunter x Hunter (2011) s02e70 Episode Script

Unparalleled Joy x And x Unconditional Love

With the detonation of Miniature Rose, the bomb activated by the stopping of his heart, Netero perished with the King.
Unparalleled Joy x And x Unconditional Love Your Majesty! He's breathing! But damn it We must hurry Or it'll be too late for the King! And there isn't time to take him to Pitou! It will be fine I will save the King.
How? I will feed myself to him That's all there is to it.
Come, my cells! Diffuse throughout the King and heal him! Your Majesty! Your Majesty Are you all right? How do you feel? This exquisite taste I feel as though I am breathing the air of paradise.
My strength is returning This is a fairy mist.
I am I am not worthy of such praise! I am happy to hear that.
Please feast to your heart's content.
There is plenty here.
I crave it Now that I have experienced this taste, I cannot eat anything else Your Majesty Your Majesty, Your Majesty, Your Majesty! Please stop taking me to the heights of heaven's bliss with your praise! No more! Your Majesty! Your Majesty! You may also feed on this.
He's liquefying his cells.
You thought this through, Youpi.
It's so powerful and rich Surely, this comes from the heavens.
Drops of angels themselves Your Majesty! There is no way to compare the two.
All I can say is that I have never tasted better Not enough I need more.
Bring me as much as you can of both Yes! My King! With pleasure! Supreme bliss Unparalleled joy.
What is this? What is this feeling? From now on, call me Meruem That is the name my mother gave me.
I see So this is unconditional love! Having witnessed an absolute being's death and rebirth, and having shared their own beings with the King, Pouf and Youpi had at last reached the pinnacle of their species The level of Queen.
It's clear that his strength has increased.
He's even stronger now! Our bodies have helped the King And become part of him.
What an honor What bliss! The King's heartbeat! The King's warmth! We even share the King's thoughts! However That is why we know The King is currently confused.
Your Majesty! M-Meruem-sama How do you feel? Should we return to the palace first? If you wish for more of that food, we can provide it.
In a few minutes, my clones will arrive.
Food Ah Then that taste was real.
As I wandered through the light, I heard someone call my name.
Calling, "Meruem.
" I do not know if that was a dream or reality.
I cannot remember why I am here.
Meruem-sama You've lost your memory? I feel fine.
In fact, I am brimming with energy.
But my mind is hazy Why have your appearances changed? We sent our clones to scout the area.
They are searching for remaining enemies to dispose of— You may have my best interests in mind.
But when you lie to me, you betray me.
You will not get a second chance.
So, I was eating you.
We offered ourselves to you! We know we acted beyond our places! But we made the decision! What happened? Give me an explanation.
Before we can do that, I must ask you one question.
It appears that you recall our former appearances.
Do you remember the day we first began serving you? I do not.
I recognized that you were my Royal Guards Pouf and Youpi the moment I saw you.
No, I should say I remembered that you were.
However, I cannot recall anything about how that came to be.
Meruem-sama I believe you are suffering from temporary memory loss due to the explosion.
Explosion? Yes.
You came here to engage in a duel with the enemy.
However, the cowardly human resorted to the underhanded trick of using a powerful bomb, betraying your honorable intentions! A duel Yes I was fighting a duel.
We knew that, given your power and fortune, a mere human weapon could never deal a lethal blow.
However, we could not bear to see you in that state.
So we did what we could to speed your recovery, knowing full well that we might be punished.
Our bodies have always been yours.
We were simply returning them to you.
Let's return to the palace! That will be the fastest way for you to regain your memory! This is my perfect chance! If I return to the palace first, I can dispose of her! At the moment, the King does not remember her.
If I eliminate her now, he will never have the chance to remember her! This will require Convincing Pitou? Getting rid of that meddling human? No The first thing to do is to end her life.
If I kill her, everything else will fall into place.
The King will need twenty minutes to reach the palace, and that is if he runs at full speed.
I have enough time to kill her.
This feels as natural as though I was born with these.
I will learn to fly in no time.
Which way to the palace? North.
You should be able to make it in fifteen minutes! It's there.
The answer I seek is in the palace.
He is fast! If I waste too much time, he'll catch up! Fifteen minutes? No, at this speed, he'll arrive in five minutes I have but two to three minutes.
Quickly, my clones! This is a gamble.
Once the King sees the millions of humans outside the palace, he will remember everything! Remember that his objective is to rule all living creatures! So long as he doesn't see that woman! As a Royal Guard As one who has inherited the Queen's will I must eliminate that lowly human girl! She's gone! Where is she? Chapter 7 Bankruptcy! I've seen you once before.
Before I was placed in the cocoon.
So I can see you, no matter where you are.
Wink Blue: Lonesome Deep Sea Fish What? What just attacked my clone? It came from nowhere.
Pouf, what is that? I don't know.
It seems to have resulted from the remaining enemies attacking my clone.
We must hurry.
The King! The King is alive.
Next time: Formidable Enemy x And x Clear Objective.
You know how people say "like" all the time? Sure.
So wouldn't it be a, like, "Formidable-like Enemy x And x Clear-like Objective"-like thing? Uh