Hunter x Hunter (2011) s02e71 Episode Script

Formidable Enemy x And x Clear Objective

The revived King, now calling himself Meruem, carried Pouf and Youpi back to the palace in order to recover his memories.
Pouf's main body is with the King! They're heading toward the palace at an alarming speed.
That probably means the chairman lost.
What can the rest of us can do? Formidable Enemy x And x Clear Objective What's happening? Where is the Supreme Leader? It won't stop following us.
That's annoying.
It's the enemy's power.
I believe it won't disappear until we've damaged the enemy's physical body.
Ah, how interesting.
I shall test it.
Incredible, that's my I understand.
My power was not meant for me.
It was meant to be used by the King! Youpi.
This does not make sense.
If you knew this power resulted from an enemy's attack, that means either you saw it used, or it was used on you.
Which was it? I was hit by an attack.
I cannot see it following you now.
So why does the enemy still live? How did you free yourself from the enemy's power? Answer me.
We made an agreement.
In exchange for releasing me from his power, I agreed to spare his comrade.
Then, after he released you, you had the opportunity to finish him off along with his comrade.
Why did you not do so? Honestly, I'm not sure.
I believe I felt that, if I had, I would have lost in some way.
I felt that breaking a promise, even a promise to an enemy, would be equivalent to conceding defeat.
Impossible! You're saying that your personal emotions were the reason you spared the lives of those who oppose the King? I'm prepared to accept any punishment I have no excuses to offer.
I only ordered that you not lie to me.
I have no reason to punish those who speak the truth.
Yes! Youpi.
Yes! We have all obtained rather inconvenient bodies.
Our bodies and souls have been linked It is no longer possible for the three of us to hide anything from one another! Your Majesty! Your Majesty Let us go.
Yes! Your Majesty Was that meant as a final warning because you realize what I plan to do, and the guilt it makes me feel? Nevertheless! Even if it means I am executed for my crime I do this for the King! Where is she? Find her! Hurry up and find her! For the sake of our species! Where is she? Find her! She is not necessary! Find her, quickly! I do this for the King.
Is she over there? Wait! Not there! No! That way! Hey! When you're split up, you can't hurt me.
You're ignoring me? Wait up! You can't remove APR without defeating me! Youpi, the enemy suddenly appeared before me.
Does the enemy who attached this also have the ability to teleport? That's someone else There's one who can make himself and those around him invisible.
He looks like a chameleon.
I don't know his name, but he's one of the Squadron Leaders.
Which means he's a traitor! So you spared not only humans, but a traitor, as well? I'm willing to accept any punishment.
Your Majesty! Until we've defeated them, please I do not care.
It is irrelevant.
On the contrary, I believe that this is a trial that Chimera Ants must overcome to evolve.
Youpi We must accept your emotional instability, as well as the traitor's betrayal, as we move forward.
Humans are a sacrifice meant to help us attain the next level of evolution.
The perfect sacrifice.
Once we arrive at the pinnacle of evolution, any lingering traces of the human ego will be nothing more than a minor wild-card trait.
The King's opinion had completely reversed following the explosion.
Was it due to the impact? No.
This was the King, as well.
If the enemy can become invisible, I can find him by making contact.
I need to split myself into the smallest clones that can still retain sight, and expand the search! Bastard Clearly, I'm not his target.
He turned back just like that Who is he after? Is he looking for the traitor, Meleoron? That's bad, then! I can't think of any way to defeat the King without Meleoron's ability I must protect Meleoron at any cost! Pouf divided his clones to the point where they're too small for me to see.
Unlike his main body, his clones have to be at full size for me to see them.
The man with the pompadour was obviously just a decoy.
They must know we've realized that the chameleon is a traitor.
In other words, they believe that I've returned to dispose of the traitor.
Assuming the chameleon is concealing himself and the others as they flee, and that the woman is among them, if I get close, they will protect the chameleon and abandon her! Because they believe the chameleon is my target.
They must have never imagined that I'd return to kill the woman that Pitou was trying so desperately to heal.
If they believe I've returned to rescue the woman, it's even better! They may even offer to hand her over to me with conditions.
He must be after Meleoron.
Since, from their perspective, he's a traitor.
Hold on.
Let's make sure.
The door leading underground? So that's it They realized that I know they can become invisible, and decided to give me two options.
The chameleon either ran inside or fled somewhere else.
Their plan is to split up my clones further, to weaken me.
No! Over there! Over there! Over there! Over there! Over there! What? They're giving me two options.
But they're to pursue the traitor or the woman? Then they want to know which is my target? Do I split up my clones, to hide my objective? Or do I send the majority of them after the chameleon, to fool them? Even if the shutter is closed, I can slip through it if my clones are particle-sized.
No, I don't have time for that! I'll go after the woman! So she's his target? I only have to kill the woman and hide her body from the King for a short time.
My clone can manage that! I only need a minute or two! He's incredibly fast! Then she's your target? I'm up for a game of tag.
I can go all night.
Judging by how quickly he reacted, it would be hard to catch him, even at full strength.
If I don't hurry, the King will arrive.
What do I do? Out of options, Pouf arrived at a diabolical solution.
I know! The greatest magic of all He split himself up? But he won't be big enough to take her away! Is he going to attack me first? Your plan is going to backfire You've reduced your speed and power, so I don't even need to use Godspeed.
Cease this futile resistance.
Your plans have already been thwarted! What is the point in adding to your transgressions? If it is fear of retribution driving you to flee, you needn't worry.
The King will forgive you.
He is a benevolent ruler.
Don't make me laugh! You think I'll believe that? You'll probably tie me to a tree, and turn me into a solider! The King? That's right Keep running.
Take her far from the King first! That confirms it I don't know the reason, but this girl is important to the King.
For Gon For the sake of our mission I can't let the enemy have her! That's right The person chasing us sounded like one of the people with the Supreme Leader Does that mean the King is the Supreme Leader? Then who is this person? Who are the people he was with? Your twisted sense of justice will never help the people! First, I cast a spell on the woman.
I use magic words to make her suspicious The King and I seek open dialogue.
Now, release her at once! Bastard That's just a bunch of baloney.
What is he up to? Let me go Please put me down! Something's wrong with you! You're all tingly! What are you talking about, fool? I'm trying to save you! You're lying! I'm lying? You trust that insect more than you trust me? Insect? What are you talking about?! That's right She can't see! Let go! Let me go! That'll make it hard to explain.
Damn Almost got him.
It didn't take long for the poison to kick in.
If the woman you're carrying resists, your speed will also fall What's going on? He wasn't aiming for me He was aiming for the woman.
He was trying to kill her! If she escapes, that's fine.
If she distracts him with her resistance, allowing me to kill her, even better! Komugi-san! The enemies consider you a valuable hostage.
They will not kill you Keep struggling! Keep fighting back! I'll save you soon! She was knocked out, so that's impossible.
Well, I have no idea what's going on here, but I know that you're making me mad.
If you enter this ring, I'll kill you.
You may be a clone, but you were formed from the original's cells.
If I burn those cells, they die.
Electricity Come on I'll whittle you down.
Are you having difficulty? I can feel your impatience.
I shall lend you a hand.
It's nothing you need to worry about.
Your first priority should be regaining your memories, Meruem-sama.
Once my main body has returned, I can deal with the intruders easily.
Anyway Behold, Meruem-sama! Humans, as far as we can see! Do you remember now? They are all here for you They all belong to you! They belong to me? You will rule these dumb, inferior creatures, and stand atop the food chain.
That is your glorious destiny! As willed by the heavens! Something isn't right There's still something else Something else I've forgotten.
What are you saying? Nothing could be more important than ruling over all life forms I suppose.
Perhaps the explosion has left me confused.
However The pain won't cease.
Why is the palace in shambles? It was destroyed in the battle.
It happened after you left the palace.
Where is the place I spent most of my time in? It has been completely destroyed I suppose I should look at what's left.
Yes, you may find something that will help you regain your memories This is bad! That could be it The Gungi board and pieces! They may be the key to awakening his memory! I must dispose of them! He gave up? Over there.
Let's go.
Next time: Magic x to x Destroy.
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