Hunter x Hunter (2011) s02e72 Episode Script

Magic x to x Destroy

Damn Almost.
It didn't take long for the poison to kick in.
What's going on? He wasn't aiming for me He was aiming for the woman.
He was trying to kill her! Magic x Of x Despair He's back.
The King has returned.
Hey, aren't we too close? It's okay We aren't close enough to trigger APR's timer.
The problem will be when the King and Pouf split up.
Should I remove APR from Pouf, and use it on the King? These are known as human grapes.
The humans fit to become soldiers wait here to hatch.
Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Faster! Faster! Faster! Faster! Faster! There it is.
Hide it fast.
Hurry! Hurry! Faster! Faster! Faster! Faster! Hurry! Hurry! Faster! Faster! Faster! Faster! Hurry! Hurry! We must also hurry! Where is Welfin? These won't work.
When the bodies are ripped apart, I can't use Living Dead Dolls.
Killua The King has arrived at the palace's entrance! Yeah.
We should circle around, following the wall, and hide in the crowd.
What about Gon and Pitou? They just entered the Peijing hiding place.
They're walking down a hallway.
How does that crystal work now? You can also see Pouf and me in it? Yes, looking from a bit above.
Wink Blue uses my crystal ball to remember people seen through my right eye.
Looking through only my left eye, I can watch those people's current positions in the crystal ball.
At the moment, the crystal ball is simultaneously showing Gon and Pitou, Killua and me, as well as Pouf, the King, and Youpi.
It's like watching a TV screen that's been split up.
However, my right eye has only seen Pouf, you, and Gon.
So I can only see the others when they're around one of you.
And I can only use my power to watch three people at once.
If I see someone else with my right eye, I won't be able to see the oldest of the three targets, Pouf.
I'm not sure you need to keep watching Pouf.
If you can only see his main body, and his clones are scattered, it's probably more a minus than a plus.
Is that so? If I can only see his main body, that also means I won't be fooled by clones.
And if his main body is only the size of a fly, I can literally crush him.
Our chance to defeat Pouf is while he's divided.
What greater plus is there? So they figured me out.
Then I just need to use that against them.
Walk forward.
It's the right door, at the end.
Even with all the noise echoing in the old castle, Pitou's hearing was sharp enough to pick up the voice on a cell phone hidden in a pocket.
Pitou-sama, this is Welfin.
I will keep this as brief as I can.
Brovada and I have retaken the girl.
Intruders are still around, so we're taking refuge beneath the palace.
I will let you hear her voice.
Hello? Pitou-sama? This is Komugi.
I'm fine, so don't worry.
Got it Goodbye.
Was that good? Yes.
If possible, can you get me a doctor, Pouf-dono? It's him, right? Since I can split myself at the cellular level, I can also become different people.
I can replicate faces, bodies, even voices.
Now, Pitou is also under my spell The spell of the lie that will free Pitou from that curse.
So, keep watching Gon and Pitou.
You should see something interesting soon Now, heal Kite, like you promised.
Once that's done, I'll release her.
Your name What is your name? Gon.
Gon Freecss.
Gon You listened to my request.
So I will be honest with you.
He is already dead.
Dead? He died during our fight.
I remember now.
Back then, you were I was unable to revive one who was dead.
My power could only prevent the body from decomposing, and control its movements.
His soul is no longer here.
There is no way to heal him.
I am sorry.
Palm Yes? Thank you.
What? What's this? What are you thanking me for? Stuff Stuff? Such as? Drop it! Stuff just means stuff! What was that? It seems wrong to make me mad while you're thanking me! Don't worry I'll never say thanks again.
Because now we're friends.
I never say thanks to my friends.
Anyway, how's Gon? Y-Yes, that's right What's wrong? It can't be What's going on?! Kite Kite is dead.
Man, forced to take another life You've grown, Gon.
If I If I Whether we win or lose, hell lies ahead of us.
If I hadn't gone with him Kite wouldn't have died.
It was It was my fault.
It was because I tagged along It was really my fault Get away from me! It's my fault that Kite is No It isn't my fault! Pitou's the one who killed him! Not me! But it was me It was me.
I killed Kite.
It's my fault No! It's Pitou's fault! But it's really my fault.
Kite is alive! He wouldn't ever let that thing beat him! Kite is dead Kite is dead.
Kite is dead.
Kite is dead Kite is dead! Help Someone help Kite is Kite is Kite is Kite is Kite Just wait a little longer.
I'll get you back to normal soon.
I can't get him back to normal.
Kite is gone It's my fault.
Someone help Someone help Kite— No! No! No! No! No! But But But But But But But But Doctor Blythe.
What? Pitou's going to help Kite? Oh, it's true Kite being dead was a lie.
Pitou will heal him.
Huh? Why is it healing Pitou's arm? Turn Kite back to normal.
Please After you finish what you're doing.
Why? What's going on?! What's wrong? What happened, Palm? I don't know I can only see what's happening But something is wrong with Gon! What's wrong?! Pitou is healing itself, not Kite.
Gon is slumped on the floor next to Pitou.
Impossible As long as she's in our hands, Pitou Pitou has to obey us! Please Help Kite.
Next time: Anger x And x Light.
Hold on until I get there! I don't care if this is the end I'll kill you, Pitou! Gon!