Hunter x Hunter (2011) s02e73 Episode Script

Anger x And x Light

Hello? Pitou-sama? This is Komugi.
I'm fine, so don't worry.
Got it Now, Pitou is also under my spell The spell of the lie that will free Pitou from that curse.
Gon You listened to my request.
So I will be honest with you.
He is already dead.
His soul is no longer here.
There is no way to heal him.
I am sorry.
Huh? Why is it healing Pitou's arm? Turn Kite back to normal.
Please After you finish what you're doing Anger x And x Light The tables have been turned.
Pitou believes we have recovered Komugi.
The way things are looking, that Gon boy will be killed.
I am the only one who can stop Pitou.
If you hand the woman over to me, I will stop Pitou Get lost, scumbag! Leave her to me.
I swear upon these eyes that I will not let them have her.
Yeah, I'm counting on you.
Speed of Lightning! Gon Wait for me to get there! Gon I'm sorry to say this, but I must kill you.
For the King.
You must kill me? You aren't going to heal him? Then you really aren't going to heal Kite Liar.
What? What is this? I don't care if this is the end So I'll use everything.
I was right.
His power is now equal to that of the King! I'll kill you, Pitou! Terpsichora! Exceed your limits, and dance! I must stop him here! It can't be! Is he heading for the King? Come.
I don't want to destroy this place.
This way.
Follow me.
I don't know how he did it, but he's forced his body to mature to a point at which he's able to defeat me.
First comes rock Rock.
Sinking deeply into unconsciousness, Pitou felt a sense of relief.
Thank goodness This power could only be achieved through the sacrifice of his own life energy.
He's prepared to never use Nen again.
That was the resolve required to perform this feat.
An enemy blessed with immense talent has been forced to exchange all of that talent for this power.
I'm so glad I am the one that he will kill Having used Speed of Lightning to race to Gon, Killua arrived to hear Which one of them is doing that? Gon! And what he found was A silhouette that looked nothing like the person he'd known, swinging a fist, bloodied from countless punches, downward toward the skull of an already-broken Pitou Rock.
for the final, shattering blow.
Kite I finished the job, the way you taught me to.
So Gon, is that you? Killua Having seen Gon's appearance, Killua immediately thought of Bisky.
But he realized the difference at once.
Bisky's appearance changed, but there wasn't a massive increase in the aura contained within her.
And in Bisky's case, she was merely reverting to her original form.
But Gon's done the opposite! How many years? More than ten? Decades? This would have been the result of years of endless training.
What price did he have to pay to obtain so much aura? Pitou's devotion to the King was so great that even after death, Terpsichora clad itself in even more powerful Nen, transforming Pitou into a corpse puppet ready to leap forward in pursuit of its prey, its sole purpose to kill Gon.
In that fraction of a second, shorter than the blink of an eye, Killua heard Gon speak.
It's okay.
It doesn't hurt.
I'm not trying to be tough.
I'm kind of happy I finally get to be the same as Kite was then.
Gon I feel like I've been redeemed some.
You can have my right arm.
First comes rock Gon! It's time for you to sleep, too.
Stop You can't! If you keep using this power, what will happen to you? Rock.
Gon! Next time: Flash x And x Start.
I never got a chance to say this, but thank you For everything.