Hunter x Hunter (2011) s02e74 Episode Script

Flash x And x Start

As Gon was dedicating all of his power to finishing off Neferpitou, Meruem, Pouf, and Youpi were inside the west tower, where Komugi had been.
Once we're through here The west tower's second floor.
Once we've passed this area, the King will never remember her! As long as I don't give him an opportunity to see her Flash x And x Start Something is missing But what is it? I don't know.
I know I won't say anything.
I agree that we shouldn't let the King see her.
Ideally, he should stay as he is now.
I have a feeling that something is missing from this place.
Though it may just be a side effect of my memory loss.
Exactly Your memory can be verified through what you see.
Which means you can recover all of the memories you need.
I believe the selection was to begin at 12:00.
However, that can be moved up.
By 9:00, the remaining humans will be gathered in the plain before the palace.
What is it? I have not used my scales on the humans still on their way in.
We don't want them to cause a commotion, so I will summon my clones to hypnotize them.
What will you do, Youpi? Right I'll look for Pitou.
Right now, I don't have the strength to protect you.
Pitou Did you just remember something? Oh, yeah We haven't told the King about Pitou yet.
Meruem-sama, do you remember who Pitou is? Yes, one of my three Royal Guards.
I can recall Pitou's appearance so clearly, it seems a mystery that I didn't remember it until now.
So words can also trigger his memory, not just images We cannot let him hear her name.
We must be very careful The key will be convincing Pitou.
I know Tell Pitou to keep quiet, right? There it is again I'm counting on you.
Yes I asked Pitou to do something for me.
Yes Bring Pitou to me at once.
What will you do, Meruem-sama? Enemies are still around.
Indeed As I search for Pitou myself, I shall hunt down the remaining intruders.
This is bad! Your Majesty, that would be It is merely for entertainment.
And I am sure these enemies have useful information.
However, we won't be at your side, and we don't know what enemies remain— I want an honest answer, Pouf.
Do you believe there is a chance that these intruders could get the better of me?! No Absolutely not.
Th-This exceeds my expectations The King Meruem-sama is the ultimate being.
That much is certain! The overwhelming aura left Knuckle and the rest, still concealed, in total despair.
Th-This isn't something we can deal with To handle this, you'd need an entire nation's military might.
Meleoron, we're making a run for it! Seriously? You bet! We'll head back to Peijing under the cover of this crowd! What about Killua, Ikalgo, and the others? There's nothing we can do! If they can see that, they'll understand.
They'll run away, too.
That's the only option.
That isn't something we can handle.
But if you and I team up We could land one attack, sure.
And we could probably attach APR.
But APR only adds interest if I'm within fifty meters! If we're within fifty meters of him Do you think we'd last long enough for him to go bust? You'd have to have lungs as strong as the boss's! The situation's changed The enemy knows about our powers! They can prepare for us.
I was an idiot.
We needed to notify the Association right away of the chairman's defeat, so they could immediately initiate the next plan of action.
Hurry! Revenge and duty The difference in motivations between Meleoron and Knuckle placed growing distance between them as they walked.
At that moment Meruem's En lit up the palace and the surrounding area in a literal flash.
Sensing there were two enemies nearby, he began with Knuckle.
Next was Meleoron, who had barely thought that he should activate his power when he was knocked out.
Where's the King? It disappeared! I shall be interrogating them.
Once I am done, do as you like.
There were two other Nen users whose aura reacted to my En.
One of them must be carrying the unconscious Komugi.
What do I do? What do I do? I must stop the King Your Majesty! If your purpose is entertainment, shouldn't you take your time? It appears that you have a proposal.
Yes Would you be willing to engage in a contest with us? A contest? Again A contest A contest A contest A contest What contest? Youpi and I will search for Pitou, while you search for the two remaining Nen users.
A contest to see who locates their target first? Yes.
But don't you need to go and spread scales? Correct.
So while I hypnotize the remaining humans, I would request that Meruem-sama wait here.
It is very clear that the difference in power between you and the intruders is insurmountable.
Finding and capturing them should only take you a few seconds.
That cannot be called entertainment.
Meanwhile, we must find Pitou, who has engaged an enemy that seems capable of teleportation.
And Pitou's current location is unknown.
To make up for the difference, we request additional time, as well as one further handicap.
One further handicap? What is it? You are only allowed to use En once more.
How does that sound? Amusing.
I accept this contest.
Thank you very much.
Perfect I can use the extra time to kill that woman! As long as we are playing, I have a proposal, as well.
If you win, I shall grant each of you a wish.
Yes, sir.
We are very honored.
And what if you win, Meruem-sama? If I win, you will tell me what you are hiding from me.
Your Majesty Silence.
I already told you You and I are united as one.
Did you think that I could not sense the guilt that you now feel? However, I sense that your feelings of loyalty are stronger.
Otherwise, I would have sent your heads flying long ago.
I am certain you have your reasons.
I shall not ask them Assuming that you beat me.
You will obtain what you desire, and protect your secret.
You could not wish for better terms Assuming that you beat me.
Meruem-sama I shall immediately begin to spread scales, and not waste a moment.
If we lose, we will tell you everything.
I swear it on my life.
You do not appear to be treating this as mere entertainment.
Once Pouf finishes spreading his scales and returns, I shall begin.
Is that acceptable? Yes.
Victory goes to whomever returns to this room with their target first.
If Pitou should return, you are to explain the objective of this contest and order Pitou to hide.
As you wish.
I shall tell you that the two Nen users my En registered were an octopus and a human carrying some sort of burden.
I must win.
No, victory is already assured! The question is what to do about Pitou and the woman.
Then Start! Where do you think Pitou went? It'll be fine! Pitou should return soon! Turn around and wait by the west tower for Pitou's return.
Do not allow Pitou near the King! You can't use clones while you spread your scales, right? Then you aren't buying us any time.
Trust me! I'm begging you! Unbelievable Such tremendous aura Those two are dead.
No, they're still alive.
They were only knocked unconscious Where's Gon? Killua's carrying him His hair is long? Is it someone else? No, those are the only two figures in my crystal ball.
That is Gon! Something must have happened when I wasn't watching.
Where's Pitou? In any case, don't come back here Please! Pouf is spreading scales on the citizens Are they poisonous? It would help me more if he'd stay near the King.
In any case, he's on the palace's opposite side.
I must get as far from my previous location as I can After that En wave, I immediately used Wink Blue, and the King appeared next to Pouf, carrying Knuckle and Meleoron.
Only a few seconds had passed! Next, he will pursue Ikalgo or me.
The King could be standing behind me at any moment I must hurry and get farther away Before the King uses En again! I must go in there! If I'm crossing the plain when he uses En, I won't be able to escape! If I'm deep underground, perhaps his En won't reach.
But I'm also trapping myself.
Should I escape outside the palace, and hope that the King doesn't make a move for a while? There's no reason to expect him not to! What should I do? What is the right decision? Ikalgo! I thought you might come here Let's go in! Hurry! Yes, but Hurry! Isn't that why you came here? If he uses En again, we're finished! Where's Killua? He went after Gon.
They're together now.
I don't know what happened to Pitou.
I see So Meleoron and Knuckle were captured.
The King is on a whole other level.
Why do you think their lives were spared? Um, well It's possible that I just want to think that they're alive They're alive.
Probably so they can be exchanged.
You mean the way Killua discussed exchanging hostages? I'll set a trap I'm not going out without a fight.
First, we'll hide the girl in Bizeff's room! A contest A contest Next time: Deadline x To x Live.
Killua Don't you dare speak his name! You would never understand! Killua!