Hunter x Hunter (2011) s02e75 Episode Script

Deadline x To x Live

After challenging Meruem to a contest in order to buy time, Pouf was now scattering scales on the citizens who were not yet hypnotized.
I must hurry or Meruem-sama will remember that woman We haven't moved forward at all.
What's going on up ahead? Shh, no talking! What are you talking about? The soldiers are held up in the back.
I heard all their commanders have collapsed, one after another Like puppets whose strings have been cut.
There haven't been any warnings about stepping out of line anymore.
I keep hearing loud noises coming from the palace Something is weird! Maybe It's a coup d'état? After giving the King 6/7 of my body, I've lost a lot of my power.
The scales aren't scattering well.
And I don't see any of Pitou's puppets.
Does it mean the battle with the boy is so intense, Pitou cannot spare energy on puppets? The boy didn't look to be that strong.
I cannot use my clones while I'm scattering my scales.
But I need to hurry and kill the woman.
Whatever it takes This is my final chance! Deadline x To x Live Palm, take the four women still here with you.
They didn't run away? No.
Use duct tape to bind their hands and cover their eyes.
If they see me, it'll take too long to explain.
That's true I understand.
Why did we put them on the truck, anyway? A messenger? You just have to tell the King or the Royal Guard that the woman is in the underground warehouse.
Let them know that we're looking to negotiate.
Once that's done, you're free.
It's probably a trap, right? That's what I'll tell the King.
If I don't, it'll look unnatural, and he'll suspect me.
Wait Just the fact that I'm doing the enemy's bidding may anger the King.
I'm not gonna dig my own grave.
Fine, I'll try it.
Can you drive? Better than you.
It's important that he carries out his mission.
Perhaps I should keep an eye on him, even if it means losing Pouf Palm.
It's okay.
Welfin, once this is over, you're free.
Go and see Gyro.
Don't get too cocky! I'll kill you! Don't you dare speak his name! You would never understand! I understand, Zaikahal.
How How do you know my former I didn't tell anyone.
I probably won't ever remember my former name, but we were buddies.
Buddies? Before we were Ants.
They're our enemies.
Enemies of NGL.
Am I wrong? Brovada has forgotten his past, but he was also one of us.
Take him with you.
Ikalgo How do you know? What do you mean? You told me to go see Gyro.
You'd only say that if you knew Gyro was alive.
Yeah, that's true.
But I don't know that he's alive.
I just can't believe otherwise.
Since we all "survived.
" He couldn't have just been digested.
Damn it Damn it! Damn it! Are you sure about this, Pouf? Ten minutes have passed, and I don't see any sign of Pitou returning Get out.
Remove your bonds and use a truck to escape.
Once you're outside, you'll understand the current situation.
I hate to admit it But Ikalgo's right.
Killing Gyro wouldn't be enough to stop him.
Which means they're the enemy.
I owe him for giving me a wake-up call.
I'll be his messenger! Stop! Youpi-dono? I already found a Royal Guard.
Youpi-dono I have a message that must be taken to the King immediately.
The underground warehouse? Yes.
And they're looking to exchange the woman for their allies that have been taken hostage? Yes.
Please tell the King at once.
Got it I'm on it.
Right We're having a contest, so I don't need to tell the King.
If Pouf was anticipating this, he's a smart one.
You can go.
Yes, sir.
Once he's back, I need to tell Pouf.
Still, what's Pitou doing right now? Chimera Ants are the enemy.
Gyro's enemy Our enemy! Youpi-dono! I have a question! What is it? Do you have any memories of your former life? Memories from before you became a Chimera Ant? No, of course not.
I am the Royal Guard Youpi.
I've never been anyone else.
Don't ask me stupid questions! Youpi-dono Hey! That's enough— If you attack me, I'll fight back.
I have a few questions for you.
You have five seconds to answer.
Don't get too cocky, you little punk! Contest Contest Something is missing Marshal Marshal Marshal Yes I was battling someone.
Someone that I have yet to defeat a single time That took much longer than expected.
By now, Pitou must have returned I hope the King hasn't grown impatient.
Where's Youpi? Where has Youpi gone? What's that? Youpi? I-It can't be We're okay now What do you mean, Palm? King! Meruem-sama! Youpi has been killed.
There are still skilled enemies around! Where's Pitou? Oh, Pitou hasn't returned Then I can now begin, yes? W-Wait, Meruem-sama! The situation has changed It's too dangerous! The contest is— The contest is off? That means I have won.
Tell me everything you know.
Is that acceptable? We're okay now? What do you mean, Palm? Killua deduced that she is special to the King.
But the Royal Guard is divided That is because Pitou tried to save and protect her, while Pouf tried to kill her.
In other words, she is a double-edged sword for the King.
Wait, wait, wait, wait I find that hard to believe.
It's impossible for the Royal Guard to bicker and defy the King's will! Is it? Then why are you and I here now? Wouldn't you say it's impossible for Soldier Ants to side with humans? Adding humans to the gene pool has led to many events that would be impossible for normal Chimera Ants.
Can you be certain that I'm wrong? Sorry My point is that the division among the Royal Guard may not necessarily contradict their loyalty to the King.
There is a human that the King cares deeply about.
"We must protect that human.
" "We must kill that human.
" Both reactions make sense.
For now, I'll concede that point to you.
Why does that mean we're okay now? Twenty minutes have passed since the initial wave of En.
But the King hasn't killed or captured us yet.
I don't get it What's going on here? When the En was used, I was carrying this girl.
If the King had noticed, he would have come straight to me.
He didn't because I had concealed her within my hair.
It's possible that he didn't realize I was carrying another person.
Are you following me? It seems logical, so I can't argue that But I still don't see your point.
If she's covered up, the King can't find her with his En.
Are you suggesting that we let Knuckle and Meleoron die, rather than make an exchange? Of course not We'll offer to make an exchange.
But we'll try to buy as much time as we can.
To accomplish that, we must hide her in a place where the King cannot find her.
Buy time? How long are we talking? Until the King dies.
What is she talking about? Until the King dies? Sure, he has to die sometime But if we knew when he'd die, we wouldn't have a problem! Why are we okay now? Give me a proper explanation! The King will die, and it will happen soon.
Within the next few hours, the King will die! We need to go deeper Yes, we must put her in a place where only we can find her.
That should do it.
All that's left is to negotiate, without going far enough to make the King snap.
I know What we're doing is cruel.
We are no different from them.
No We are far worse! Pitou Pitou Where are you? Pitou! Next time: The Word x Is x You.
And it isn't "Killua.
" And that's all there is to it.