Hunter x Hunter (2011) s02e67 Episode Script

Great Power x And x Ultimate Power

Killua I have you to thank.
I've been like this since I woke up.
Don't say that there's nothing you can do.
If I can do anything to help Gon, I'll be happy to.
But you must not forget You are the one Gon needs most.
Great Power x And x Ultimate Power Killua's voiced feelings toward Gon miraculously returned Palm to her old self.
Meanwhile, on the west tower's second floor, Knuckle had ignored Meleoron's repeated warnings, appearing before those in the room in order to challenge Pouf.
Pouf Step outside.
Very well.
I will face you.
But first, I have something to say.
That which stands before you is only a clone.
My true body is already on its way to the King.
Having escaped the cage of smoke, Pouf had confirmed that Knuckle and Morel had made contact.
He decided to assume that his enemies knew of his ability to create clones, and to act accordingly.
That was the correct call.
The boss told me that you could make clones.
You're telling the truth.
Knuckle said this aloud for Gon's sake.
By telling the truth first, Pouf attempted to gain the mental advantage.
His plan was a success.
But why are you telling me this? Pouf's concern was Youpi.
Since Knuckle was here, that meant that Youpi had spared his life and had not told Pouf this.
Depending on his reason Answer me! To satisfy him.
Pouf needed to leave the room peacefully so that he could persuade Knuckle to tell him the motive behind the transformation he'd sensed in Youpi.
I told you in order to satisfy him.
He has demanded that I not leave this room.
If we are to engage in a duel, I will need him to withdraw his demand, so that I may leave.
I am but a clone I cannot use my wing scales.
However, I am still willing to fight you.
What I seek is a discussion.
That is why I revealed the truth.
Pouf knew that when dealing with someone who would call him from behind to challenge him, appearing to be telling the truth would be more effective.
You're lying You were going to kill me from behind.
You even admitted it.
Knuckle, don't let him fool you! First, you claim to be a clone.
Are you able to prove that? He's right.
This boy is proving troublesome.
I dare say that, of our enemies, he possesses the strongest will.
Perhaps I should be pleased that he is trapped here with Pitou.
Because his strong will keeps him in here.
Were I to prove myself a clone, I would be placing myself at a disadvantage.
So I can say nothing.
You must use your own judgment.
And I shall allow you to decide what happens next.
Pouf, you can't mean to Stop I'll wait in front of the entrance for ten minutes.
Whether you come or not is your choice! Please wait I'm still here! I apologize for Pouf's behavior! I'm the only one you need, right? Ten minutes.
You have ten fewer minutes to heal her.
Pitou was trembling.
It was disturbing enough that Pouf had been willing to leave, despite the consequences.
But what was truly frightening was how Gon ignored Pouf's taunts, calmly moving up the deadline instead.
How long? How long do I have to wait? To completely heal her will take three to four hours.
No, I can't wait that long.
If I have an hour, I can heal her most critical injuries.
Originally, to protect Komugi and heal her completely, Pitou had deliberately named a longer time frame than was necessary, which Gon had denied.
So the hour that they'd agreed upon was the actual time Pitou believed necessary for Komugi to make a full recovery.
However, Doctor Blythe had grown stronger over time.
It may have been possible to speed up the treatment by ten minutes.
Upon thinking this, Pitou realized It may have been mere coincidence, but it was likely that Gon had only chosen ten minutes to conform with Pouf's parting words.
Despite that likelihood, Pitou could not shake a bad feeling.
I must risk my life.
Or else his fangs may reach the King's throat! I understand.
I'll be fine here alone.
I said that Pouf was lying, but it's probably true that his main body is headed for the King.
The King is to the south.
Gon and Killua had seen everything that had transpired.
But since Pitou did not know that, it was only natural to assume that Gon had seen through Pouf's plans.
Pitou's worst fears had been confirmed.
Pitou was now fully resolved to complete the mission at hand.
I must kill him.
No matter the cost! I must kill him For the King's sake! Do I move as soon as Komugi is healed? No, that won't work.
I can't expose her to danger.
First, I must entrust her to someone else.
Pouf and Youpi dislike Komugi.
This won't do.
If I'm gone, who will take Komugi to the King? Gon, I understand what you're saying.
However I will still do things my way.
Youpi is No, never mind.
If Knuckle's information made Gon hesitant, it could result in his death.
See ya.
Knuckle managed to stop himself.
How would you know my name? My subordinates were present at the moment of your mother's passing.
She uttered your name with her dying breath.
And my subordinates may have died fighting your Royal Guard by now.
Interested in fighting me now? If you can force me to admit defeat, I will tell you your name.
Force you to admit defeat without killing you? So, similar to a bishop and rook handicap No matter.
I shall checkmate you shortly.
As the King moved into his stance, Netero took to the air.
When was it that I began to wait for my opponent to attack? Whenever you're ready, come at me.
Ninety-ninth Hand Ninety-ninth Hand! When was it that I stopped hesitating to be gracious, taking the hands of vanquished opponents when they bowed their heads in defeat? That cannot be the ultimate power I sought! It is fighting with all my soul against an opponent with the strength to defeat me! This is a tomb.
Your tomb.
I am very thankful.
Thankful for everything that has made our meeting possible! Next time: Zero x And x Rose.
We haven't seen each other in a while.
But it feels like you were always with me.
The future is ours.