Hunter x Hunter (2011) s02e66 Episode Script

Breakdown x And x Awakening

Approximately thirty minutes after the Hunters entered the palace As the fierce battle unfolded inside the palace, an immense number of citizens hypnotized by Pouf's wing scales still waited outside for the selection process that would turn them into soldier ants.
Meanwhile, a creature in the form that they would soon become began to stir.
Breakdown x And x Awakening Okay, all charged up.
Someone's watching me.
And It's probably someone I know.
No one's there? While her appearance hadn't totally changed, Palm was clearly no longer the same person.
And that greatly disturbed Killua.
She was captured by the Royal Guard And she's been transformed! If Gon sees what's happened to Palm, he won't be able to take it There's no room left in his heart.
If the transformation has reached as far as Palm's heart I can see Gon completely breaking down! I must learn the answer.
We still have a chance.
Palm approached me herself! Palm? Palm must have sensed me before I noticed her watching me Using that power she told us about before.
Once I used my power, it was quite simple.
I thought she could use some kind of divination to locate people.
But it's probably closer to clairvoyance.
From her position, Palm shouldn't have been able to see me The only conclusion is that she was watching me by some other means.
And if Palm were an enemy, she would have backed off Clairvoyance is most effective from a distance.
And if she's an enemy, she shouldn't remember me anymore.
Since she approached me, she must remember me Remember us! Killua, yes? I knew it She has her memories! Where's Gon? Once he's seen what I've become, will Gon hate me? Gon doesn't judge people by appearances.
And you're assuming that he doesn't already hate you.
You're always so spiteful Well, it doesn't matter.
I have nothing to gain from your pity.
Where's Gon? Gon's with Pitou.
He's— Why can she see me, but she can't see Gon? What's wrong? Was it chance that you happened to find me? Huh? What are you talking about? You're the one who turned the corner.
Wrong! I sensed you watching me.
That's why I came this way! You noticed me first.
Why are you lying? Troublesome brat Where's Gon? Answer my question first.
Did I notice Palm watching me only when she physically saw me? Does that mean Palm actually saw me once, then immediately left? Then she used clairvoyance to watch me follow her, and turned around so it'd look like she was approaching me? For the last time Where's Gon? I won't tell you.
You're an enemy, aren't you? I made a mistake I used my power incorrectly.
When I was brimming with rage, I should have let my emotions take over! Black Widow Dark Demon Goddess Sh-She's dangerous! Better to let everything out than hold it in.
That includes my desire to kill you! Well? What now? Will you die without a word? Will you die after speaking? Or will you just die? Palm's ability to arm herself by covering her body with her hair, Black Widow, varied in appearance according to her emotional state.
But defense was its primary function.
What made Black Widow frightening was the fact that she could rely on her hair armor for protection, allowing her to devote all her energy to her attacks.
P-Palm-san! Turn off your Hatsu! Palm is an Enhancer.
When everything clicks, it's possible to become this much stronger? I completely blocked the attack, but I still took damage.
If the fight drags on, I'll be at a total disadvantage.
But I can't run away.
Gon's mind is already at its limit! He's barely holding himself together, while he waits for Pitou.
I can't let them meet.
Even if Palm's heart is still there It'll have a negative effect now! Palm! Why are you looking for Gon? Depending on why, I might be willing to tell you where he is.
Huh? Why are you asking now? There's no reason I just want to see him.
He's probably nearby.
I'll find him myself.
Once I've killed you! Sorry! I panicked and called you an enemy But even if you look different, you're still Palm, right? Gon is suffering.
Someone he deeply respects was completely transformed.
That person had his soul taken away.
Right now, Gon is facing off against the one responsible! If you appear before Gon looking as you do now Gon will totally snap.
So you have to call him by his name first.
You must say, "Gon.
" That's the condition.
Tell him you're okay.
Before we entered the palace, Gon was really worried about you.
Give him some peace of mind He was just buying time.
He had no intention of letting them meet.
That was the idea Help make him feel a little better, if you can Only you can do that now! No one else can do it.
I can't do anything! Once he'd said those words, the dam within him burst.
He's completely defenseless.
Change in plans Kill him now, #1! When Palm had infiltrated the palace, arriving at the exit Knov had placed near the stairway, Pitou's En returned.
Surrounded by aura so evil that she felt as though she'd be crushed to dust, she reached the same conclusion Knov had.
As she watched Pouf slowly and silently descend the stairs, she made her decision.
She plotted to take her own life, so she would look like a despairing girl who could not bear Bizeff violating her.
However, Pitou prevented that from happening.
As one cannot help but shiver in the cold, no one could blame Palm for reflexively using aura to protect herself from Pitou's evil aura at the moment she was exposed to it.
The Royal Guard was interested in her aura, and after receiving permission from the fasting King, Pitou and Pouf made her experimental soldier #1.
Precedent had demonstrated those who remembered their pasts had stronger mental fortitude.
This was most noticeable in Ants who had learned how to use Nen.
Memories of the past tended to both assist and deter the growth of soldiers.
Deterrence generally happened when memories led to emotional reactions.
Thus, the two Royal Guards concluded that they should use Pitou's Dr.
Blythe to destroy the connection between Palm's memories and her emotions.
The experiments that produced Cheetu and Leol confirmed that those who retained more of their memories emerged from their cocoons sooner.
To quickly and quietly conquer humanity, leaving soldiers with their memories, while keeping control of them, would be best.
Palm was the perfect test subject.
The success of her experiment would signify the end of the human race.
Now go, #1 Beat the kid before you to death! Shut up.
I am Palm Siberia.
I'm not #1! I will never become a pawn to you Ants Even if it costs my life! Killua Thank you.
There was a wall inside my head.
My emotions were separated from my body.
I couldn't do anything about it.
I've been like this since I woke up.
You removed the barrier.
Don't say that there's nothing you can do.
If I can do anything to help Gon, I'll be happy to.
But you must not forget You are the one Gon needs most.
What is it? Failure.
That's all there is to it.
Slow and steady it is.
Soldiers do not need memories or emotions Which also means I no longer need Pitou's power.
I can create soldiers on my own! That will make it easier to build a new kingdom for the King and me.
Next time: Great Power x And x Ultimate Power Oh, Knuckle You're lending me this manga? Wait, this is mine.
Oh, well.