Hunter x Hunter (2011) s02e65 Episode Script

Centipede x And x Memory

Wait By using words? King Would you like to know your name? How would you know my name? My subordinates were present at the moment of your mother's passing.
She uttered your name with her dying breath.
And my subordinates may have died fighting your Royal Guard by now.
Interested in fighting me now? If you can force me to admit defeat, I will tell you your name.
Force you to admit defeat without killing you? So, similar to a bishop and rook handicap No matter.
I shall checkmate you shortly.
Centipede x And x Memory As the King and Netero prepared for their final battle Beneath the palace, Ikalgo was still sobbing, having failed to finish off the unconscious Brovada.
Fire! This is the best option! There's no one else to help me! I h-have to kill him! This is no time to be crying I have to find Palm! Huh? The door to the warehouse area is open.
So is the door leading to the garage! Why? Don't move! If you move, I'll attack.
Welfin I have a lot of things to ask you.
If you seem to be trying anything funny, I'll kill you! What he wants to ask me is obvious! The number of my allies, their roles, and their abilities.
And he intends to use any means necessary to get the answers.
People could die if I leak information.
If he's a Manipulator, he can obtain the information against my will.
Huh? D-Don't move! I really will kill you! Go ahead Kill me.
That's what I want! Stop! If the alternative is betraying my buddies, I'll take you with me! Ouch! Bastard! Now you've done it! Damn it! I'll kill you! Missile Man! I'm not dead I didn't sustain any damage.
What was that attack? Damn, that hurts You little punk Damn That bastard How did a wimp like that figure out my weakness? Missile Man requires questions and answers to work.
If an enemy attacks before I can ask a question, it's null and void! The wound isn't deep I'll take my time beating him to a pulp.
Huh? He planted something inside me? Those were created by my Nen.
They're black centipedes.
Black Centipede They grow by feeding on your resistance.
If you disobey my orders or try to hurt me, you'll suffer excruciating pain, then they'll tear your body apart and you'll die! Wh-What are you doing, fool? Weren't you listening to me? If you try to do that That's fine with me.
If my life is all it takes, I'll give it! S-Stop! No, wait If he wanted to kill me, that's the ultimate form of resistance.
Now, it'll take no time for the black centipedes to grow large enough to kill him instantly! Don't worry.
I'm not interested in killing you I just need to make sure that you can't leave.
I still have plenty of bullets.
Bastard! Don't mess with me! I'll kill you! You're dead! I'll kill you! It's so easy.
When I'm prepared to offer my own life, it's so easy to pull the trigger.
I g-get it I get it, already.
I won't go anywhere! I surrender.
Please Don't fire! The pain is going away.
The creatures inside me are suffering? I lose, damn it I can't move anymore.
Is it because Welfin admitted defeat? Man, I knew it I had a feeling this would happen eventually.
But still I didn't think I was this weak! I didn't think it'd be so scary to face someone who fights with no regard for their own life! Hey.
What? The pain has stopped, but can you get rid of these bugs? Stop complaining I'm in too much pain to think about that now! Hurry up.
Give me a minute! I don't have a way to deactivate Missile Man.
But if I tell the truth, I'm in real trouble Damn, how do I get out of this? I need to buy time Until I can come up with a good idea.
The pain is making me feel faint Wait! Okay! I was lying! I won't do it again! Then get rid of these.
Yeah, uh So, the thing is Forget it.
I see how it is.
Wait! Hold on! I can't remove them! Not once they've been activated! That's why I didn't want to say anything.
It's the truth! Believe me! I'm not trying to trick you! The insects are in pain again.
Maybe because Welfin is telling the truth? Can you really blame me? I only use this attack when I want to kill someone.
I never cared what happened after that.
I never gave any thought to what happened to my enemy.
Nen abilities are really something.
My abilities reflect my own personality.
My personality? His true intentions? Welfin What do I ask him? What do I want to know? I once knew someone just like him.
Do you have any memories from when you were human? Wh-Why are you asking about that? I can't remember You're lying.
Wh-What? Stop! Hold on! Calm down! If you don't tell me the truth, I'll shoot you.
When I woke up, my first thought was Damn I can still remember it.
I'm sure those monster bugs killed me in NGL.
I was fed to the Queen, and reborn as something new But I still I still remember the one thing I most wanted to forget.
The sight of my father strangling me, and the woman watching behind him.
At first, I only had flashbacks of it.
Over time, I remembered the entire sequence of events.
I was saved by my little brother, who was unrelated by blood.
I remember now! He looked just like Gyro! Gyro? You know.
The king! We used to brag about whose life was more miserable.
He was the only one I could turn to when I needed to laugh away my tears We were both empty.
So we had nothing to hide.
I wonder what he's doing now I want to see him one more time Yes, I just want to see Gyro.
I'm tired of dealing with Ants and humans, with money and nations Go.
The bugs are gone.
You still have something to do.
Why did you open the doors? Oh, I was letting those weaklings reach the treasure in the back.
They can't put up much of a fight.
I was watching you and Bro on the monitor.
And I told them to pass while you were on the way back.
A coward! It was that simple.
Once I saw that you couldn't finish Bro, I thought you'd be an easy target.
I couldn't have been more wrong.
Go on.
I'm too tired to move I have one last question.
Did you see a woman in the palace? A woman? Not sure if it's the one you're talking about, but the Royal Guard captured a human, and put her in a cocoon.
Where is she? Take the elevator up, then turn left.
It's the room at the end of the hall.
They called it #1.
Thank you! What's so funny? Telling the truth feels really good Welfin had spent his life unable to trust himself or others.
Telling Ikalgo the location of the one he searched for was the first time he'd opened up and spoken honestly.
Next time: Breakdown x And x Awakening.
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