Hunter x Hunter (2011) s02e64 Episode Script

Pose x And x Name

I can no longer think of him as a target to destroy.
He acknowledged our efforts.
He wasn't a bad guy.
In that case, I no longer have any reason to defeat him.
The King The soldiers are not important.
If the King waves his baton, the soldiers will become demons if necessary.
Pose x And x Name This is an area used for testing weapons of war.
We won't need to restrain ourselves.
Why do you fight? You have no chance of defeating me.
Why rush to your death? You presume to know I cannot win? You know nothing about me.
If you judge me by my appearance, you'll get burned.
You have it backwards.
You don't seem like some ordinary man who can't read the state of the battle.
I was born to rule this world.
Originally, you humans were as no more than livestock to me.
But I have changed my mind.
I learned that there are a few humans worth keeping alive.
Like that woman.
I sense that you are worthy, as well.
If you back down now, I am willing to spare your life.
You'll only spare my life, yes? Given my position, I can't accept that offer.
Meanwhile In exchange for his agreement to stay still, Pouf was pressing Pitou to explain just what had happened.
Pitou complied with Pouf's request, telling him what happened after the attack.
In other words, everything since they'd been separated.
Pitou made it a point to include details that Gon did not know, to ensure that Gon's attention would be focused on the explanation.
Pitou deliberately did not mention how the King had held Komugi because Pitou did not know how to describe the events accurately.
There was no significant change in Gon.
However Pitou knew the plan had succeeded when Gon's eyes wavered briefly.
The King left with the enemy of his own volition, by that doorway.
There is no need for us to go.
I see.
He went south.
I understand.
A fine play, Pitou.
Then we should await the King's return here.
To maintain only my outward appearance, I only need one-seventh of my flies.
The other six-sevenths will go to the King! You fight with the resolve to lose? I do not understand.
You fight for the human race? If so, then know that my actions are, in fact, for their benefit.
For example, in human society, lands are divided by national borders, much like territorial marking.
On the right side of the border, children may starve to death.
While on the left, scum who do nothing have everything they need.
Absolute madness.
I shall crush that madness And create a world so fair, the very concept of inequality will be forgotten! I concede that I will initially use power and terror to accomplish my objective.
But I will only do so to the extent necessary to maintain order.
I have learned what power is meant to be used for.
To protect the weak, who deserve to live.
Power is not meant to be used to torment the defeated! This could be a problem I shall not fight you.
I agreed to leave the palace so we could have a free, open discussion.
He's wavering Come closer.
Wavering between Ant and human.
And he hasn't realized that those two sides are incompatible.
And neither one is dominant yet.
But regardless of which side he falls to, the outcome won't change.
We're counting on you.
You have a single mission.
The immediate extermination of these dangerous creatures.
There have already been many casualties.
We will use any means necessary.
Will that be acceptable? Naturally, we have no intention of telling the experts how to proceed.
We simply desire those dangerous creatures eradicated as swiftly as possible.
So their goal is to eradicate the Ants, leaving the Hunters Association to take the blame.
I must make this fast Before my heart is swayed.
King We are both in difficult positions.
First Hand First Hand! That's I can't sense anyone else fighting.
Does that mean I'm the only one left? Youpi! Pouf! You've changed a lot since I last saw you.
I could say the same to you.
I had to escape without alerting the enemy.
And if I move all my dispersed particles at once, it's too conspicuous.
So I must go slowly.
I'm sure you're feeling impatient, but please spare me a moment.
I need to tell you what's happening.
Well, I suppose you have your own concerns You've grown up.
And there you have it.
I have no conclusive proof that the change in Pitou will actually benefit the King Through his own experiences, Youpi could understand Pitou's behavior.
Youpi What do you think we should do? This was a test.
Which made it very clear to Youpi that Pouf was fearful of the subtle changes Pitou and Youpi had undergone.
A foolish question.
We must go to the King at once! And that's all there is to it Right? His response was entirely sincere.
He was concerned only with leaving as soon as possible.
Because Youpi was feeling the same fear.
I'm sure that was a direct hit He's tough! A good attack.
I could not anticipate it.
Are you satisfied now? He still wants me to sit with him? I shall not repeat myself.
Third Hand Third Hand! I can no longer back down! Are you really so eager to die? From the King's perspective, the wrath that was unleashed was no stronger than that of a child throwing a fit.
Yet it was violent enough to induce Netero to more than double the distance between the King and him.
It was an insult likened to laughing off Netero's declaration that he would not back down.
Come on You will only influence me by using words.
Damned newborn brat.
If it were that simple, I wouldn't have to do this! Wait By using words? King Would you like to know your name? How would you know my name? My subordinates were present at the moment of your mother's passing.
She uttered your name with her dying breath.
And my subordinates may have died fighting your Royal Guard by now.
Interested in fighting me now? If you can force me to admit defeat, I will tell you your name.
Force you to admit defeat without killing you? So, similar to a bishop and rook handicap No matter.
I shall checkmate you shortly.
The real battle between Netero and the King has begun.
Next time: Centipede x And x Memory.
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