Hunter x Hunter (2011) s02e63 Episode Script

Defeat x And x Dignity

Don't come any closer Pouf! Defeat x And x Dignity Why? Had you remained silent, I could have killed him.
Why are you so needlessly frightened? He noticed you.
If you'd approached him with the intent to kill, he would have immediately attacked Komugi.
That was a risk I didn't want to take.
Your words baffle me.
Isn't he sitting there because he wants to help that girl? You almost make it sound like he means to harm her.
Why? It's none of your business.
Shut up.
Once I'm charged up, I'm going back to Gon.
You go find Knuckle.
Pouf is outside the barrier, so it's very likely the big guy was taken out.
Review the situation, then you and Knuckle decide what to do, and whether to retreat.
Wh-What about you guys? Once Gon is in that state, he won't budge.
At worst, he'll trade his life for Pitou's.
I'm kidding! It'll be fine.
I've always got the magic word, "Kite"! I have it under control.
Really? Then why did you look so sad back there? You're sure, then? You can't talk And you don't want to, anyway.
Then I can't ask, and I don't want to! It's none of your business.
Shut up.
Shut up? Downwind, huh? Am I interrupting something? Pitou, I'll let you handle this, then.
Don't move.
Stay right there.
You can use your wing scales to control others, right? Don't take a single step.
Pouf, please! Are you insane? You want me to stand here and do nothing? For that woman's sake? For the King's sake! Do as he says What happened? Your expression has changed What happened while I was trapped? I promise that I shall not move from this spot.
In return, I want you to tell me everything that has happened thus far.
If I ask where the King is, he'll get suspicious and silence us.
Drop me hints while you explain what's happened.
Be careful to make it sound quite natural.
If you fail, we will see bloodshed.
That's all there is to it.
It's time.
Adding interest.
I've got it I could feel myself controlling the explosion.
If I try it once more, I'll have it mastered.
I need rage I must build up my rage before I forget how it felt! That's the second time you've made a fool out of me! Scum! Trash! Piece of crap! Stay calm, and let rage consume me Create and destroy at the same time.
Manifested through this body! Youpi had yet to notice why two conflicting emotions could exist simultaneously Or what his current predicament was.
Rage Rage is not intended to be scattered.
It's meant to be focused on a target! I Will Destroy You!!! I will destroy you! Okay! Okay! It's a fake, okay! Keep it up Make me madder! Come on! It's time.
Adding interest.
APR's interest is calculated assuming that aura consumption will continue to rise at the current rate.
Even if Youpi were to reduce his aura usage to a bare minimum, in another three minutes and fifty seconds, he would reach the point at which he would be unable to use Nen.
Ten left.
My back's against the wall Looks like he's saving me for last.
In that case, I'll keep fighting as long as I can! Morel had deployed all of his puppets close enough for Youpi to see so that he'd be able to monitor Youpi's movements, but also because he no longer had the strength to move his puppets around.
If he lost his focus, the puppets would return to smoke and dissipate.
It shouldn't be much longer He has to run out of Nen at some point.
But But damn My body and soul refuse to move.
At this point, Morel could not even will himself to stand.
He had literally reached his limit even before Youpi went bankrupt.
Zero left I have something to say to you.
Now that Youpi had learned how to store his rage elsewhere, his head was much clearer.
You look like a little fly that's about to die.
And yet That's what makes you guys amazing.
During the battle, Youpi had evolved at an alarming rate, increasing the gap between the Hunters and himself.
Yet he had nothing but praise for the defeated.
Given Morel's initial impression of Youpi, this must have been the last thing he expected Youpi to say in this situation.
But Morel could honestly accept that this was Youpi's true nature.
I'm not sure how to say this But because you've impressed me, I have to be sure to kill you.
It's only proper, I guess? This is game over.
Well, I'll end this with one blow.
Don't move.
I don't think I even mind letting him kill me now.
He disappeared? There's blood What's going on? It wasn't teleportation? The moment I was about to cut through him, he disappeared.
I thought that one of them had the ability to use teleportation But when he disappeared, I didn't see anyone else.
And I struck before he disappeared, so if he teleported, I shouldn't have drawn blood.
But I was able to cut him.
Yet I can no longer see him.
Does that mean he only turned invisible? An ability to become transparent? If he had that ability, he would have used it sooner.
Which means one of the others must be able to make himself and the rest invisible.
And right before I connected, he tried to save the guy with the sunglasses.
But I left a deep wound.
Here he comes! The blood Youpi can follow the blood! We may be invisible, but the blood is leaving a trail.
If he swings that blade again, I'll have to get away by myself.
I'm running out of breath Damn it! Knuckle?! Why did you reveal yourself? Right now, your job is to stay hidden as long as possible! I'm done running and hiding.
I'll face you.
So Let them escape.
Knuckle chose to use words instead of his fists because Youpi's words had struck a chord with him.
You're crazy.
You can't even call that a trade-off.
My answer is no.
However If you get rid of this thing, my answer might change.
I'm sure this has to do with why you've been constantly on the run.
Removing it will make the exchange more even.
No Don't do it! Knuckle, you'd better not be stupid! Morel's desperate cry did not reach Knuckle due to God's Accomplice.
However, it did return Meleoron to his senses.
Leave me here You can't! You can't do that, Knuckle! Don't worry about me Will you waste everything we've done? Everything that Morel, and Shoot and you have done by risking your lives! If Knuckle didn't act, the two of them could still fight together.
To do that, Meleoron had to stay hidden.
With that in mind, the decision that Meleoron made after leaving Morel Knuckle! Knuckle! ended up backfiring.
Impossible We no longer have a way to defeat Youpi Why The sight of a bloody Morel had reminded Knuckle of Shoot, and broken him.
Okay I took away APR! Now the terms are even.
Leave the boss alone! Fight me! Kill me! No way.
Hold on! Where are you going?! To the King, obviously.
Do you want to come with me? I doubt you could handle it.
His ability isn't teleportation, is it? Then you'll have to carry the guy in sunglasses to a doctor, or you struck this deal for nothing.
If protecting the King was his first priority, he should have killed all three on the spot.
It's no big deal You weaklings can attack me all you want, but I'll still shake you off.
The fact that he was aware of this, but didn't carry it out, irritated Youpi on a level that didn't compare to his previous rage.
Come for me whenever you want.
I'll fight you as equals.
I don't need to kill you right now And that's all there is to it! Damn, I picked up Pouf's habit.
During this battle, Youpi had learned how profound Nen really was.
That also altered what little sense of self he'd had before.
Having learned to quarantine his rage and stay calm, Youpi had lost his ability to see things in simple terms.
They're responsible for the rage I've built up, so why don't I feel like using it on them? What, or who, am I supposed to unleash this rage upon? Was this a sign of maturation? Youpi wasn't sure.
However, as for Knuckle I completely lost Knuckle! We gotta help the big guy! Come on, boss.
I told you to leave me here Go! The two of you can still fight.
Do what you can.
He said to go whenever you want.
So go now! I can't.
I can no longer think of him as a target to destroy.
Wait He acknowledged our efforts.
He wasn't a bad guy.
In that case, I no longer have any reason to defeat him.
The King Knov-san! The soldiers are not important.
If the King waves his baton, the soldiers will become demons if necessary.
I'll take care of Morel Shoot is also okay.
Are you guys also coming? Wait, let me sock this baby hard.
I received a message from the chairman's messenger.
As planned, he was able to take the King to the appointed location.
If they leave now, the Royal Guard won't make it in time.
Their job is done, and so is ours.
Where's Palm? We don't know yet.
Okay What will you do? I don't know if I'll be back again.
You can see how bad I look Are you going or staying? We're staying.
We still have a job to do.
I see.
You're strong Let's go.
To look for Palm? No, we can do that later.
There's something else we have to do.
Youpi isn't the only Royal Guard! Next time: Pose x And x Name.
Hey, Killua Say my name.
Huh? Why now? Just do it! Gon.