Hunter x Hunter (2011) s02e62 Episode Script

Fake x And x Real

No way Where did he go, in that condition?! Shoot Fake X And X Real You intend to fight? You will abandon your original plan, and commit yourself to a baseless assumption? You really believe Smoky Jail, undo! I see you've made your decision.
Once I stopped to think about it, it was pretty simple.
You used your cocoon after I played my card.
Since you went into hiding only after learning my agenda, I knew that was your ability, and that it was a trap.
Your lack of reaction when I lifted my pipe to strike confirmed it.
It made no sense that you showed no sign of reacting at all.
Fifteen minutes.
That was how long I expected you to take before deciding to remove the smoke barrier.
During that time, I intended to slip through the smoke and move freely.
You trapped me within that barrier to separate me from the King, yes? Meaning, as long as your prison of smoke was there, your allies would see it and conclude that I was still inside.
I decided to take advantage of that misconception, and quietly dispose of your friends.
I knew you would hesitate long enough to give me plenty of time to act.
You thought I'd spend fifteen minutes waiting in front of an empty cocoon? You really underestimated me.
No, on the contrary, it appears I overestimated you! He instantly broke himself up into tiny particles? If that's how he broke through Smoky Jail, I wouldn't have seen a thing! You should have waited longer Because my strategy was a last resort.
To be honest, I was upset by the fact that I'd been trapped.
Not a very good diversion strategy.
You just contradicted yourself.
You made it through the smoke just fine! At that point, that was all there was to it.
I was under the impression that you were a more capable soldier One who would carry out his original plan and be faithful to his mission.
However, you made some wild guesses and removed the barrier.
I must thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Deep Purple! Run! I can't destroy them? They just break up and reform? He's invincible? Thank you! Bye-bye! Don't be fooled He's playing mind games! My decision to attack the cocoon was the best option.
No, the moment I second-guess myself, I've played into his hands.
My next job is to predict his objective, and stop him To join up with the rest of the Royal Guard, to find and eliminate my companions, and to reunite with the King! That must be it His interests are consistent with mine.
There's no problem! I'll take this! He's fast! I'll find somewhere safe to throw this away! He got me I can't use any other abilities.
If Deep Purple is undone, I'll be completely helpless! I'll have to find a way to get by, using Deep Purple alone.
Yo, are you the esper? What'd you do with Shoot, huh? What? Eighty-nine Deep Purple puppets The maximum number I could produce in my current state.
I'll use them to support Knuckle as best I can.
I see what you're doing I'll let you hit me once.
But in return I'll take your life! Okay, no one's here.
This is our chance to escape.
Let's go.
Man, they said we'd be safe here.
I can't get in touch with Leol-sama.
Since my stomach shrunk, that probably means Cheetu-sama's dead And I haven't heard anything from Flutter, so I guess that's it.
I'll leave to become a Queen! I'll make you my second-in-command.
How's that? Help Please get me out of here Help! Oh, Secretary Bizeff You're in trouble.
I can't move my legs Whatever, let's go.
This looks dangerous.
What? Wait Please! I'm going to die! No can do I can't move all that.
Then, could you call for help? Like, seriously I'm in a hurry to get out of this place! The boss is missing, our link with the King is gone, and the palace is a mess.
I have no reason to stay here! I'll give you whatever reward you want! There are mountains of treasure underground! If you help me, I'll give you anything you want.
So please pull me out! Where underground? There's an area for the Supreme Leader beyond the shelter.
I've been managing the treasure inside.
I'm the only one with access You'll give me anything I want? You'd better keep your promise.
Or I'll kill you! Treasure! Treasure! Treasure, treasure, treasure! It's over This nation is finished.
That was clearly proven when the air assault began before I was able to make any arrangements.
They're probably calling the Ants biological weapons, to use them as an excuse If I'm captured by the Federation, they'll force me to confess for a cover story and throw me in prison for life, or they'll execute me, so I can't talk.
I won't let them capture me I'm going to escape! The smoke-user is now out of action.
Now, I'll go back to the palace, evaluate the current situation, and return to the King.
Though I'm sure that even if I stay with him, the King will only find me a nuisance.
Beelzebub! Lord of the Flies Beelzebub Go forth, my clones Identify the location and status of every person inside the palace! Pouf's Beelzebub was an ability that allowed him to disassemble into copies of himself as small as one billionth his size.
He was able to control the size and number of copies produced, and the smaller the copies, the more he could produce.
However, his main body, which served as a control center, could only be reduced to a bee's size.
Smoke-man, if you hadn't removed the barrier, my main body could not have escaped.
My combat capacity would have been reduced by half.
I'm sure a puppet master such as yourself must know the incomparable difference in strength between a clone and your own body.
Now that my main body is free, I have no weaknesses.
You have lost.
You should have been more careful.
If you had, then when you realized the cocoon was empty, you should have wondered whether what had been inside it had actually escaped the barrier.
And if I had spoken to you from outside the barrier, you should have wondered whether that was my real self.
The plan I executed was an act of desperation.
I could attempt to confuse your allies, but my clones are mere husks.
Assuming that your allies were as strong as you, even if it took a few casualties, they would have noticed that my clones were fakes! Had you comprehended the truth, and realized that my main body remained within the barrier, you would have understood my ability, and searched for me.
If you had done so, I would have had no way to fight you in my reduced state In other words, if you had maintained the barrier as per your original goal, your allies may have suffered a bit, but you would have been able to defeat me.
And I was ten-percent resolved to accept that fate.
Your emotions were perfectly aligned to accomplish that.
I suppose the explosion must have thrown you off.
A pity However, I am now free.
Next, I will evaluate the situation in the palace! From the start of the mission, Morel's condition was less than optimal.
His exhaustion and impatience, combined with the extreme tension of the situation, clearly led him to the hasty decision to engage Pouf in a battle of nerves.
However, he arrived at the perfect time to support Knuckle, keeping him from engaging Youpi alone.
As a result, it could be said that he made the correct decision to remove Smoky Jail at that time.
And it was more than simply a product of coincidence.
It would be valid to say Morel's wealth of experience played a role in saving him.
Upon entering the palace, Morel had weighed the strength of the enemies against that of his allies.
Subconsciously, he knew that they had underestimated the enemy.
When he realized the length of time his allies could hold out was shorter than anticipated, he was led to attack the cocoon in order to avoid struggling with the pros and cons of removing Smoky Jail to go help them.
Morel's cunning, derived from his knowledge of the battlefield, saved his comrades.
The real one's hidden among the fakes, trying to attack me, right? This time, I'll land a counter on you! Five were taken out I have eighty-four left! The smoke ones are fake.
They feel completely different.
When the real one lands a hit, I'll know.
That's when you'll be finished! Seventy-five left! Seventy-two Seventy Pitou and the woman are on the west tower's second floor.
Pitou appears to be healing the woman.
A boy, who appears to be an enemy, is sitting nearby.
Three near the entrance to the underground shelter Hina, a Soldier Ant, and Bizeff! They may be heading underground.
Welfin is behind them.
He appears to be following them.
The woman was injured by the dragon spears.
But why doesn't the enemy attack Pitou? Could he be acquainted with the woman? One in the soldiers' lounge, in the east tower The human captured a few days ago.
It will be born soon.
Oh, this area's crazy There are lots of enemies.
One, two, three But Youpi is taking them out quickly.
Youpi and approximately fifty enemies are in the north area of the palace! It's the smoke-guy and a bunch of thugs.
Also, a weird fatso with a spike on its head! Unable to determine if it is friend or foe.
Is the spike-head Youpi's true power? Only one of the thugs is real, while the rest are made of smoke.
The number of puppets is not increasing because he needs the pipe to make more.
It'll take Youpi less than a minute to find the real one.
The King is gone! Where is he? Everyone, return! What's wrong? You're running out of clones.
My attacks are too fast for you to get close.
Should I leave an opening for him to come in and attack? Carefully Act natural.
Here you go Come on! He's a fake? Wait You finally figured it out, idiot? There never was a real one.
I'll kill you! There is a real one, right here! No kidding! An aura explosion? From Youpi? Did he really need to use such an ability? I'm worried But locating the King is my first priority! You saved me, boss! If you hadn't set that restriction, I would have snapped and rushed him! Listen to me I will create only angry clones of you when you've lost control of your temper.
If that happens, you are to join the clones, and give careful thought to what must be done.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I got it.
After cooling down and thinking about it, I realized that he wouldn't have taken Shoot.
But if Shoot couldn't move on his own, who would have moved him? Damn Stop thinking about it! I need to focus on the opponent before me! Where am I? That's Uh-oh! Hurry up! Go in before the entrance is blocked! Damn, Bizeff is my prey! If I knew what powers they had, I could make a move.
Don't come any closer Pouf! Next time: Defeat x and x Dignity.
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