Hunter x Hunter (2011) s02e61 Episode Script

Strong x Or x Weak

I saw him back at the staircase Did he do it? Sorry, but what's about to happen is just me blowing off some steam.
Strong x Or x Weak He disappeared? Godspeed.
The difference in initial action speed was so overwhelming that Youpi had no time to make a sound or transform.
Killua's Godspeed placed an electrical burden upon his own body, making it possible for his body to perform at a level far beyond what should have been possible.
Killua had divided this power into two different abilities: Speed of Lightning, which allowed him to control his body at will, Speed of Lightning and Whirlwind, which allowed his body to react automatically to his opponent.
Whirlwind In a previous fight, he'd used the latter to stop his opponent's dart.
A preprogrammed attack is triggered in response to vibrations in aura that indicate the opponent's hostility.
The attack bypasses commands from his brain, unleashing attacks that transcend his own limits by relying on reflexes alone, allowing him to easily surpass his opponent's physical speed.
What's going on here? All of these guys have less than ten percent of my raw power.
This makes no sense I can't do a thing against him.
Whirlwind! Profound This "aura" stuff is intense This is getting interesting.
Before my explosion, I never would have enjoyed fighting an uphill battle.
Youpi's change in heart would lead him to make an unbelievable choice, but this would not happen until later.
Crap! I used it all up! Hold it! You're not getting away! You're seeing this through with me Until you die! He disappeared? Again.
He vanished, as though he were never here to begin with.
That's it At least one of them must have the ability to make people appear and disappear at will.
Huh? Please enter your passcode.
Damn, I didn't get a code.
Your passcode and name do not match.
Please reenter your passcode.
A second input error will result in your restraint.
He came down here without a passcode? Okay Guess I'll have to step out.
The door has been locked.
Please enter your passcode.
This is my chance! I have two options.
The elevator will fill with sleeping gas eventually.
Once he's asleep, I have to decide.
One, I leave Brovada in the elevator, Monitor Room and head for the surface through the cargo entrance.
This way, when he wakes up, he'll still be stuck in the elevator.
But there's a high risk that someone above will notice that the elevator isn't coming up.
Two, I move Brovada somewhere else while he's asleep.
There are plenty of trucks parked around.
And the warehouse doors require a passcode to open from the inside.
When he wakes up, Brovada won't be able to open them.
And if I use the cargo entrance to return to the surface, the risk that I'll encounter enemies will be much lower than if I take the elevator.
No! That won't work! I have to kill Brovada while he's asleep! That's the safest option! Then, I have to take control of Brovada's corpse, and use it to take out other Squadron Leaders.
That's the least it'll take! I'll stick the barrel of my gun through the gap in his armor and open fire.
Ikalgo had the ability to control dead bodies, but he had never killed anyone with his own hands before.
Enter your passcode at once.
If a passcode is not entered within thirty seconds, the restraining process will begin.
The monitor room in the border guard area There should be a monitor for the elevator camera, and a button to open the doors! Well, I'm outside now, but I had to destroy the elevator Is there another exit? I was naïve I didn't expect him to shoot the door.
What now? Do I wait for him to lower his guard, then sneak out the cargo entrance? Or do I wait for him to leave? Either way, if he goes back to the surface That's not good enough! I'm being naïve! If he returns to the surface, and tells the others that Flutter's dead, I'll be able to move around freely! Am I an idiot? If I allow an enemy to return to the surface, I'm putting everyone else in more danger.
This one's tough.
I can't let him go back up If I can't stop him, I've failed my friends! Yes, this way! I'm gonna trap you.
A little farther Wait until he's a little farther from it Now! So there was someone besides Flutter Looks like you were trying to lure me in there Too bad for you.
If only one path remains, it's too good to be true.
Anyone would be suspicious.
Well, now I know about you.
And I bet you're hiding in the monitor room to watch me, chicken! Damn I could have completely trapped him in that hallway But there's no way out from where he is now.
He's still trapped.
Sleeping gas will eventually fill the room, and he'll Crap! He isn't trapped! There's a way out! I should get out of here That's probably sleeping gas.
I have to do something before he realizes.
I know The armored vehicles in the garage.
With those, I could at least lock him in.
But then I'll have no way to get back to the surface, either! Think Is there anything I can use here? Come up with the best possible plan, fast! I guess I have to blow through this shutter How annoying! I have to do this! Damn! All that firing, and I barely scorched the surface? Guess I'll need to think of something else I know! You can operate the shutters from the monitor room, Monitor Room so I can go there to open the shutters.
Nice idea! Wait, I have to go through the shutters to reach the monitor room.
Damn, so I have to get through these shutters to return to the surface? Wait There might be a way to escape without busting down the shutters.
The shutter's opening? An armored vehicle? That's something a chicken would use.
But the shutter behind it is still shut.
The door to the monitor room is beyond that shutter.
Which means that First, he closed the front shutter and parked the vehicle there.
Then he returned to the monitor room, and started raising the front shutter and lowering the back one, before racing back to the vehicle? Doesn't that mean he's also trapped? He closed off his only escape route, just to finish me off? Heh Yeah, right.
So there's more than one The other's watching in the monitor room.
Pisses me off! Watch this, you peeping tom I'm gonna drag your buddy out of the armored vehicle and rip him to shreds! I'm the only one here.
I have to do something By myself! That's tough armor! I did it! Crap! He blocked the elevator! I could have blown a hole in the ceiling, and climbed up the wire! I've blocked his escape route.
First hurdle cleared! You have guts to show yourself I'm gonna riddle you with bullets! Smoke? Did he kill himself? Miss his chance to escape? Either way, there's no way to move this thing! There's only a few centimeters of space.
The elevator's completely blocked! Hey! Your friend's gonna burn to death! If you act now, I'm willing to spare you! Open the damned shutter! You hear me? Being an octopus, I only need a few centimeters to squeeze through.
Second hurdle cleared.
Hey! Open the shutter! Now, I just have to wait for the sleeping gas to fill the room.
I can hold my breath, but I don't want to waste time.
Wait for the right timing! Third hurdle cleared.
Be patient.
Nice and slow.
This is the final hurdle.
I just have to pull the trigger, and I'm done.
Fire! This is the best option! I'll be safest if I control his body and return to the surface! Which means I have to kill him I'm the only one here.
There's no one else to help me! I h-have to kill him! I can't do it! I'm I'm just a coward! While Ikalgo was lamenting his weakness Within the shifted central tower, as Morel faced off against Pouf's cocoon, he was battling doubts of his own, as well.
Hold on.
What if Pitou! Pouf! Are you there? Hey! What if it isn't that he chose not to respond to Youpi, but that he wasn't able to respond? Within the cocoon should be nothing but a goopy mess.
He shouldn't be a completely formed creature yet.
If he's utterly defenseless while he changes forms, this is the time to attack.
Would he really make such a literally fatal mistake in this situation? It's not possible! This must be a trap.
It's guaranteed to be a trap.
But the question is whether the trap activates when I attack, or if it's already been activated, before I've even attacked.
Which is it? You have doubts because you are good at what you do.
However, that is all there is to it.
Attack? Don't attack? What do I do? Next time: Fake x And x Real.
Hey If not now, when? Not yet! You're a fake.
You aren't Killua.