Hunter x Hunter (2011) s02e60 Episode Script

A x False x Rage

Do it, Knuckle! Damn it! That bastard He He looked at me like I was trash! Give that bastard an extra punch for me Yeah, I got it! Sorry, master We're both fools.
There's something more important than the world right now! A x False x Rage Though the central tower's third floor escaped destruction, having been cushioned by Morel's Smoky Jail, it had been blown slightly to the left of its original position, barely keeping the building's appearance intact while maintaining a precarious balance.
Nearby, in the middle of the central tower's lower portion, which had been reduced to rubble resembling an ancient gladiator arena I am a foolish servant of the King, letting my rage consume me as I hunt my prey.
That's how I should approach it.
That's the impression I should give them.
Where are you hiding, little rats? Come out here, so I can squash you! I know he'll show himself again To exploit the opening just before I explode.
It's time.
Adding inte— Shut up! While Youpi was allowing a false rage to consume him, putting on a show of shouting in order to draw out Knuckle No matter what happens outside, my goal is to pin this guy here.
That's all I need to do! Approximately one hundred trillion microorganisms, tiny enough to pass between particles of smoke, maintained just enough distance as to go unnoticed by Morel as, slowly but surely, Pouf carried out his escape from Smoky Jail.
Beneath the northern section of the palace Palace Border Guard Area F was a large area, with warehouses laid out in the shape of a dragonfly.
Cultural Assets/National Treasures Area B Weapons/Ammunition Area A Supreme Leader's Private Shelter Area E Emergency Rations/Supplies Area D Supreme Leader's Personal Effects Area C Area D, located on one of the wing's tips, was where Bizeff had created a private zone with his warehouse for hiding women.
Having learned the warehouse's location from Marcos, Ikalgo was making his way there by truck via a direct, five-kilometer road.
By the time Ikalgo had reached the crossroads that led to Areas A and B, his Satellite Dragonflies had already arrived at the warehouse.
The door's open This is a good sign.
Palm put Bizeff to sleep and headed for the palace.
When he awoke, Bizeff forgot to lock the door in his rush to follow her.
That's the likely explanation.
Brovada's in the border guard area? This meant that Ikalgo had no choice but to face Brovada.
Brovada doesn't trust me.
Why? Did I make some kind of mistake? Stay calm Stay calm and figure out what he knows and what he doesn't, in order to stay alive! What happened during our encounter that aroused his suspicion? Was there something unnatural about my imitation of Flutter? I suppose it would be strange for Hagya to order me to go underground.
But since they didn't stop me on the spot, my mistake must not have been fatal.
Rather, something aroused an inkling of doubt in the back of Brovada's mind.
And Brovada's down here because he wants to confirm those doubts! Was it small enough that I can explain? Or was it big enough that he only wants final verification? No room for optimism.
I should assume it was a big mistake.
Is anyone here? I am a messenger from the secretary! Depending on the response No, I have to assume that if he has a chance, he'll attack Or he'll kill me! I am a messenger from the secretary! The secretary ordered me to come here! Thinker Bell! If you're here, you must come with me at once! Messengers were never sent to Bizeff's warehouse.
This was meant to reassure Palm that he was an ally.
Why didn't you respond? Where's everyone else? I d-don't know anything about what's happening outside I'm not allowed to talk to anyone other than the secretary.
She had assumed that this was a test of loyalty by the secretary.
The other women thought the same thing.
Each room had a phone exclusively for communication with Bizeff, so it was illogical for him to send a messenger, hence their suspicion.
They believed that a visit from a stranger must be a test to see if they could stay calm and follow orders under unusual circumstances, so they refused to speak to Ikalgo.
However, that worked in Ikalgo's favor.
Is this the place? The women had a much higher chance of surviving if they stayed here.
Ikalgo didn't have the time to worry about keeping them alive, much less protecting them.
There's writing in Nen! The characters, formed by aura, could only be seen when using Gyo.
It was less likely that Bizeff would find a message that wasn't on paper or some other device.
"Heading to the palace.
If I don't make contact before the mission, assume I am dead.
" Ikalgo had expected this.
But he still felt as much anguish as if he had lost part of his own body.
Palm If Palm is dead or assumed to be dead, use your Satellite Dragonflies and telepathy to support the team.
Got it.
Pretend that you're reporting to your Squadron Leader, when you're actually reporting to Meleoron.
So you want me to feed the enemy lies, to throw them off? Yes.
It's a crucial task.
I'm counting on you.
That will only be possible if they don't know Meleoron is here, or that I've switched sides.
Which means that, since he is already suspicious of me, I must eliminate Brovada! Yo, did you finish your mission from Hagya? Yeah I did.
Hagya, huh? Doesn't he get mad when we call him that? Okay, the fake is dead.
Empty? Whatever, I'll just ask Hagya.
The suspect is now dead! Once Brovada reports that to the other Ants, I can move around freely.
Still, I never heard anything about Hagya changing his name! What's he called now? It's true that I really knew nothing of his new name But will they believe that? I must think of a reason they'll accept if I encounter any of them.
No, that won't work! Brovada opened fire without warning! That shows they think anyone who doesn't know Hagya's new name is an enemy.
If they find me, there'll be a battle! I have to go back up there expecting that! Please enter your code number.
The elevator isn't ascending! Don't tell me that he came down here without knowing about the passcode system.
This is my chance! I have two options to pick from! Show yourself! It's nearly been five minutes since Chapter 7 Bankruptcy activated.
Which means the Nen I've loaned him is nearing 7,000.
Is that enough to guarantee that he won't pay off the full balance with one hit? I just I just have to avoid a direct hit.
The worst possible scenario would be that I'm hit by an attack that wipes out Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, and also deals damage to me.
If that's gonna happen, I'm better off buying time, waiting for him to go bust.
But that means I'll have to wait for at least ten minutes.
Shoot Shoot won't last that long! I have to make him explode once more.
Or else we'll run out of time! Before the battle ends, Shoot will die! You look happy, monster! He fell for my trap, for my false rage.
I've been looking for you, cockroach.
Make this damn fly that's following me around shut up! Damn Fly Every time it squeaks, I'm reminded of your annoying face! Okay, I'm ready to explode at any time.
But I'll be faking it It's time.
Adding interest.
Just shut up! Right before I explode, I pause for a moment.
He'll try to attack during that opening.
But if I stay calm when my rage takes over, I can control my growth.
Get this thing off me right now Or I'll kill you! I'll blow every last one of you to smithereens, you scum! When he tries to take advantage of the opening I give him, he'll be open.
And I'll take advantage of that.
That won't happen, you giant lump.
You're gonna die on your knees right here.
The next one The next tick of the interest will be the gong.
I'll show you who the cockroach is here.
It's time.
Adding interest.
This will work.
I have time to land one No, two hits! I have time to punch him in the face, and get out of the way before the explosion! Take this, pig! This one's for Shoot! And the next one's also for Shoot! Is something wrong with me? I was never that close to him Actually, to be honest, I didn't really like him.
I don't even know when he climbed to the rank of "friend" So why am I this desperate to avenge him? It's not even "vengeance," since he's not dead Well, I guess a lot of it is that we've faced death together Anyone who's risked their life with you is a friend.
But this bastard insulted Shoot's resolve! He ignored someone who entered a fight with him expecting to die? Has he no sympathy as a warrior? Damn Ant! I'm getting more and more pissed off! I'll give him a third punch for myself! Wow I'm amazing myself! I don't think my mind has ever thought this fast! And I haven't finished throwing my punch? Wait Is this what they mean? Time's almost frozen.
Everything slows down right before you die? He stopped the explosion! He got me! He was actually keeping his cool I can't stop! Sorry, Shoot I screwed up! The interest won't be enough to pay for this.
It's over Shoot Boss Everyone Everything is up to you.
Thunderbolt! Lightning? He's completely paralyzed This is my chance! If you're not all big, I can knock you silly! I did it! I did it! I did it! I'm done! I can't do any more! Crap, I almost died! I could see the pearly gates My first task is to get Shoot to a hospital.
I hit him eight times! What just happened? I'm sure he fell for my trap.
What happened? That's obvious.
I didn't notice there was an attack coming from a different direction Is that possible? That I didn't notice a bolt of lightning that massive until it was right over me? The same thing happened before.
Before I even realized it, this little nuisance was on me.
There were no signs at all.
I saw him back at the staircase Did he do it? Sorry, but what's about to happen is just me blowing off some steam.
Next time: Strong x Or x Weak.
Octopus or Ikalgo? Which do you go with? Ika-tta say I'd go with Ikalgo.
Ikan agree with that!