Hunter x Hunter (2011) s02e78 Episode Script

Homecoming x And x Real Name

Homecoming x And x True Name With the death of King Meruem, the battle between Chimera Ants and humans was over.
Republic of Rokario NGL Autonomous Region Hass Republic Republic of East Gorteau Republic of West Gorteau The Republic of East Gorteau and the NGL were tentatively placed under control of international peacekeepers, and the nations essentially ceased to exist.
Between the two former nations, five million survivors were declared refugees.
The Mitene Union's three remaining members divided East Gorteau's riches and agreed to jointly govern the former nation's territory.
As for the NGL, there was a proposal to give all open land permanent designation as nature reserves, to prevent future incidents.
And the international community concurred.
It was agreed that the nature reserves would be under the Hunter Association's jurisdiction.
Are you sure about this? Yeah, I'm gonna live here.
The name "Gyro" doesn't mean anything to me.
But this place feels very familiar.
I'm guessing that I was an NGL resident that didn't work for Gyro Well, I won't force you to come, then.
This is probably safer than other countries now.
One look at me, and the peacekeepers would freeze on the spot.
Is that why she's staying? No, in her case She seems more like you guys.
What do you mean? Hey! Aren't you done? We'll leave you behind! Damn, she's annoying Give me a minute! Well, people like me who barely remember our previous lives can tell that people like you and Hina, who have their memories, are different.
There's something in your eyes.
Or it's how you look into the distance.
Somehow, I can tell at once.
"This guy remembers his past.
" And I can tell that she remembers her past.
Hina said she'll never talk to us But I don't think it's that she won't talk.
It's that she can't talk.
She's probably just a kid.
Welfin! Zip it! I get the idea! See ya.
We probably won't see each other again, so take care.
Try not to die until you're dead.
The hell is that? Gyro's way of saying goodbye.
It's one of my favorite phrases.
Did you just remember something? No I just kinda like the phrase.
So life is what you make of it, huh? Later.
Well, let's get going.
Okay! It's time to go look for Gyro-sama! Seriously, you have no shame.
Not so long ago, it was "Hagya-sama" this, "Leol-sama" that.
Who's that? Huh? No point in thinking about the dead.
I have to move forward! Straight ahead! Still Are you sure we can make it through the port? Yeah, this is a government vehicle, so once I show my card, they'll let us pass.
Soon, I'll be a resident of Meteor City How far I've fallen.
Don't be so negative about it.
Just be patient.
I'm sure that Gyro's also headed there.
It's possible that he's already gathered all the sympathizers and tools we'll need to build our own nation.
Which means In no time, we'll be back on top! Yay! You're so optimistic, I can only envy you.
Optimistic? You've got that right.
I've already died twice But I'm still alive! Nothing scares me now.
I'm ready for anything! Plus, I'm the one who stopped the King.
H-Hey Yeah, I'm a class-A political criminal.
Might as well enjoy whatever is left of my life.
Yeah, that's the spirit.
Humans are alive until they're dead! What? You're stating the obvious! Quiet! Welfin, Hina, and Bizeff head to Meteor City, in search of Gyro.
Is that the village? Hey Don't worry.
I'm with you.
Monsters! Well, that's to be expected.
Hey! People of NGL! I need someone who can communicate in a peaceful and reasonable manner! I'm not here to harm anyone! I just have a question to ask! Hey! You can speak? Who are you? Uh This will probably be hard to believe, but will you hear me out? You're the only people I can turn to! Reina? How did you know? Reina Reina Reina! How did you know? Of course I knew I'm your mother! I'm your mother, Reina! Welcome home.
I'm so glad you're back.
Brother tried to protect me! He told the monster to go away, and told me to run He kept me safe! But I was too scared to move! I'm sorry! It's okay I'm sorry.
You and Kurt did your best.
I'm sorry I wasn't there with you.
I'm sorry I couldn't keep you safe Welcome home, Reina-chan.
You must be hungry.
Let's eat together.
Hey Why don't you join us? No I'll pass.
Don't say that.
You saved Reina-chan.
Please let us feed you.
That isn't what I was doing See ya.
Damn I've returned the favor, okay? Damn that stupid octopus! He never should've let me live! Thank you Let's eat.
Let's eat together.
Huh? What's going on? What What's wrong? Reina and Brovada return home.
Hello? Is this Colt? It's me.
The politicians have turned this into an international crisis.
The Ants are no longer involved.
No longer involved? Is that actually possible? That's what politicians do.
You'll be classified as a new Magical Beast.
Magical Beast Well, if they label you as a good Magical Beast, you'll be fine.
Any changes on your side? Actually, something has been bothering me.
Something bothering you? Yeah, it's Reina.
No! You're wrong! She keeps saying her name isn't Reina.
What is it, then? I'm not Reina! My name is Kite! Gon! Killua! Doctor How's Gon? He's still in critical condition.
I wouldn't recommend sending him to a specialist until he can be taken off life support.
I've never seen or heard of anything like this.
How could this happen overnight to a twelve-year-old boy? I understand.
We'll bring the specialist here.
He's a hero who's earned special treatment.
I will cover all the expenses.
If necessary, we may have to rebuild this entire hospital.
In any case, we cannot let Gon die.
In the end, you did everything by yourself I want that one myself! I get it.
Kite saved your life, and he has no connection to me.
But Still I wanted you to ask for my help in defeating Pitou! Let's go.
Did you say that to me as a teammate? Or as a friend? I know This is just a tantrum.
It's the same as always.
You run ahead, while I clean up after you.
The same as always I'll clean up your mess! But this time, I won't let it slide.
You have to apologize.
I'm going to heal you up! So you have to apologize! Killua We're assembling a team of medical specialists to save Gon.
I must head back, so I can use Hide and Seek to transport equipment and people.
Will you come with me? No, I won't.
That's true It's important to stay with Gon and talk to him, as well.
I'm going to save Gon.
You go get those doctors.
They'll still be needed While I'm gone.
Killua? I'm the one who'll save Gon! Uh, I am Netero I'm resigning as chairman, so you're on your own.
The next chairman will be selected by election.
I am setting the condition that all Hunters must vote.
If voter turnout is under 95%, the results will be invalid.
I ask that the Zodiacs handle the details, such as schedule and polling method.
I'd say the difficulty for this mission is D-rank.
I'm counting on you all.
Take care.
In response to Netero's message, the Zodiacs, the Hunter Association's leaders, assembled at headquarters that day.
Next time: Debate x Among x Zodiacs.
I won't say anything until I've seen your face.
I'm going to heal you up, so you have to apologize!