Hunter x Hunter (2011) s02e77 Episode Script

This Person x And x This Moment

The King transformed his En into countless particles, and scattered them everywhere.
If there are conditions I must meet for you to turn over Komugi, speak.
This Person x And x This Moment It appears that only one of you is here, but I shall address this message to both of you.
He knows exactly what we're doing.
We won't be able to trick him.
When I felt after coming into contact with your Nen was not anger, fear, or hatred.
Only senses of duty and resolve.
If you are fighting for the survival of humanity, your battle is over.
You need further explanation? It seems you doubt what you've just heard.
Then I shall repeat myself.
You have won The battle is over.
The rest of what I have to say is for your ears only.
The reason I am here is quite simple.
I have one motive I wish to see the human named Komugi.
That is all I want.
That is really all I want.
I desire nothing else.
After coming into contact with your Nen, I learned my current state and fate.
And having learned my fate, I simply wish to spend my remaining time with Komugi.
That is all I want.
Was this Was this a plan you devised after discovering my personality? No, I already know the answer It's impossible.
You expect me to believe you? You think I'll just accept that explanation?! An omnipotent King would never lie to himself in order to fool a lower being like me! After all the killing you have done, and soon will do A creature like you The King admits defeat? Cares for a human? Impossible! That's impossible! He's doing this because it is the truth! I believe it was only a slight change Huh? Something, somewhere, changed ever so slightly.
In my current state, I am not a god, but I No Perhaps, I only feel this way because everything has fallen into place.
You should know I have very little time.
I want you to tell me her location, so I do not have to search for her.
What are you saying?! Stop this Yes, I know where she is! Why don't you just torture it out of me? I know the answer.
We both know that isn't an option.
Your aura is as strong and beautiful as any I have ever beheld.
Stop this! All I can do is to ask you to help me.
Don't! I am part Ant now I know very well how important you are to the race Not that Don't go to such lengths You mustn't do that I'll tell you.
But on one condition.
May I use my power to watch your final moments with her? If that is what it takes to be with Komugi, you certainly may.
Sorry, Killua I couldn't keep our promise Wake up, Komugi.
It's time to play.
We have a shocking news update.
The true purpose of the summoning of all Republic of East Gorteau citizens to the capital city was a plot by the Supreme Leader to massacre them.
The body of Supreme Leader Diego was discovered under the rubble, suggesting that the victims were likely forced into mass suicide.
But the second-in-command, Secretary Bizeff, is still missing, so some authorities believe a revolution is the greater likelihood.
Meanwhile, there has also been trouble in the NGL region of the Mitene Union, as international peacekeepers have sent queries regarding refugees, and have received no response.
There have been rumors of illicit dealings between East Gorteau and NGL, and the international community seeks to use this incident as an opportunity to conduct a more forceful investigation.
Yeah, the boss did his duty.
No, I wasn't there to see it.
It still isn't clear yet.
Yeah, we're waiting on Palm.
Can we really trust her alone to verify the King's death? Plus, that person was captured and converted by the enemy, yes? Well, that's a question of professionalism.
It would be professional to provide a complete report in the safest manner possible.
But those are the professionals who spend all of their time sitting in fully-furnished offices.
And when we field Hunters are told to trust a partner, we trust them.
We're all professionals But I'm the one out in the field! I'm not sitting in an office! The Vice Chairman's faction won't accept that argument.
If they find out, you can expect to be questioned, at the least.
Uh, I am Netero Chairman, thank you for a job well done.
May you rest in peace.
The same day, a video was streamed online in which Netero announced his resignation as Chairman of the Hunter Association, and gave instructions for choosing his successor.
However, major news stories in the government-run media overshadowed it, and only a few realized that the video was his will.
Now, let us drink.
Let us drink.
Drink to the human race.
In every age, there will be good humans and bad humans.
Human life is too long to devote to reproduction, yet too short to devote to learning, in the helix of time.
Perhaps that is why humans succumb to desire and seek release.
Despite the fact that life is complete with the sun, the land, and poetry.
Supreme Leader Diego (Real) In his 30th year of retirement, on a farm, in an unnamed country It's over But it feels like we haven't played in ages Playing in real life is completely different than playing in my dreams.
I thought I felt someone kick me hard in the stomach.
After that, a strange person kidnapped me But you must have saved me, Supreme Leader.
It wasn't me.
It was my subordinates.
I was wrong?! I jumped to the wrong conclusion.
I was unworthy of their loyalty When they stop by, I must thank them.
I will relay your gratitude.
I'll be seeing them soon I know.
Let's begin.
Yes! Once, you asked my name.
Y-Yes My name is Meruem.
It means the light that illuminates all.
Meruem-sama? M-My name is Komugi It is an honor to know you! I know.
No That isn't true.
I knew nothing.
I didn't understand what really mattered.
Meruem-sama? No honorific is necessary.
Don't make me repeat myself! No honorific is necessary! B-But, I could never do that! I would never dare address you without an honorific! Then if I beat you at Gungi, you will address me without the honorific.
I understand.
Do I die after I've addressed you without the honorific? Ah, that's right.
There is no need for you to die.
I am not the same person I was before.
You should be prepared to lose.
Yes! What do you want if you win? I would like another match! It was a foolish question.
Let's begin, then.
Could it be? This is Marshal kokoriko? Komugi, do you mean to mock me? No.
I want a sincere answer.
I will not allow you to fool around.
Yes, I have never fooled around while playing Gungi.
Very well.
If you lose, you will die.
Certain Death Is she saying this will not mean her certain death? She had a number of other options.
But all would only serve to lengthen the game without increasing her chances.
If she thinks she has a chance to win I want to see where this goes! Th-This is She has found a way out.
That night, I realized something.
Quiet! Let me think.
This is the only way to go! I should be able to checkmate her! When she's forced closer to my position, my advantage grows with each move.
But if she slows down and allows me a turn to attack, she can't stop the knight and lieutenant general! I reversed her new move! What now? What is wrong? Why do you cry? Am I Am I allowed to be so happy? Can Can so many wonderful things happen to someone like me? I suppose I must tell you the truth.
I I have been poisoned, and I have little time.
Meruem-sama Komugi, I wanted to spend my final moments playing against you.
But this poison is contagious.
If you stay near me too long, you will also She reversed my reversal? Meruem-sama Right now, I am very happy.
I may not be worthy, but please allow me to join you.
I see I I believe that I was born to be here today.
was born for this moment.
Spy Marshal Komugi, are you still there? Yes, I sure am.
I'm not going anywhere.
That's checkmate.
Komugi, are you still here? Yes, yes Right here.
Let's play another match.
The loser goes first.
Komugi Yes, yes? What is it? It appears I never defeated you a single time.
What are you saying? We've just gotten started! Yes Komugi, are you still here? Yes, of course.
It's your turn, Meruem-sama.
I'm a little tired I need to take a short nap.
Will you hold my hand? Komugi? Komugi, are you there? I can hear you.
I understand.
Like this? I'll wake up shortly.
Will you stay by my side until I wake? I've never left your side.
I'll always be here.
Komugi Yes, yes? What is it? Thank you.
You're welcome.
Will you call me Yes? by my name one last time? Good night, Meruem I'll be joining you soon.
Next time: Homecoming x And x True Name.
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