Hunter x Hunter (2011) s03e01 Episode Script

Debate x Among x Zodiacs

Chairman Netero gathered the top leaders of the Hunter Association, the Zodiacs, for the purpose of electing the next chairman.
The Zodiacs Twelve Hunters whose abilities the chairman had recognized.
In emergencies, he entrusted them with leading the Association.
When nothing was happening, they accompanied him in leisure activities.
Each Zodiac is assigned a code name And most members, out of adoration for the chairman, made moving efforts to embody their code names, such as changing their names or personas.
However, there are exceptions.
Debate X Among X Zodiacs Chairman! Mizaistom (Ox) I thought we had all the Zodiacs present, but the Rat is missing.
Piyon (Rabbit) The Vice Chairman is very busy, even at a time like this.
Geru (Snake) It's because it is a time like this.
He's scrambling to secure votes for himself, I'm sure.
Ginta (Sheep) Chairman! Ginta You're loud, annoying, and you smell! Cluck (Chicken) Saiyu (Monkey) Even the habitual slacker Ging showed up! Guess the Rat's just a scumbag.
Ging (Boar) What do you mean, "even" I showed up? I'll kill you, monkey.
Go ahead and try it, dumbass.
Botobai (Dragon) I can't accept this.
Why didn't the chairman call us to help? Kanzai (Tiger) Agreed.
Morel and Knov were above that kind of job! "Above" is not the word you're looking for.
Cheadle (Dog) You wanted to hunt the Ants yourself, did you not? The chairman wanted all of us together for this.
Saccho (Horse) Let's wait for him to arrive.
Hey! Sorry I'm late! Pariston (Rat) My apologies! Everyone is in a frenzy over what's going on with East Gorteau.
It's a big problem.
Just sit down.
Oh, sorry about that.
Then let's begin this meeting on the election of the next chairman.
Hold on! Why are you leading the meeting? Huh? Is there a problem? Don't boss us around after you showed up late.
Pariston, you're irritating! You're a creep! Get lost! Well, I wasn't sure if I should take the lead.
But you know, I'm the Vice Chairman.
I outrank the rest of you, and I'm good at coordinating these things.
I'm sure you all want to finish this quickly.
That's why.
If we rank by age, Botobai-san should lead.
Judging by ability to foster progress, Cheadle-san should lead.
Both are better suited to the task than I.
Would one of you be willing to take over? I'll refrain.
You'd probably give me a hard time.
I concur.
Forget it.
Just lead the meeting.
Just come out and say you want to do it, scumbag.
In that case, if anyone objects to me leading this meeting, raise your hand.
I object! I object! I seriously object! I see four objections The majority says I should continue.
Of course, we can discuss any complaints as they arise.
I'm ready to step down anytime.
Then, I have a proposal.
I will run for the position of chairman, so let's not bother with an election.
I'm gonna kill you, brat! Scary Everyone calm down.
My point is that we'll waste time and money.
We already know the results.
No one here will vote for you.
That's eleven votes.
Together, you can only muster eleven votes.
Do you know how many Hunters are in the Association? The late Chairman Netero was too strong So he couldn't understand the feelings of the weak.
The same can be said for all of you.
However, I can understand the weak! That is the kind of Chairman I seek to be! The weak end up becoming slaves and working as intermediaries.
How much have you made off them, Prince of Kickbacks? Please, you have it wrong.
I'm asking them to contribute to the pool.
It's meant to help the Association expand.
Eighteen people.
Do you know what that number represents? The number of Hunters who've gone missing in the three years since you became Vice Chairman.
As professionals who risk our lives, we're obligated to be aware of the situations our trusted associates are in.
A missing Hunter is more bizarre than a Hunter's unexpected death.
Before you became Vice Chairman, the average was 0.
6 Hunters missing per year.
It's increased tenfold.
Do you have anything to say? That number is tragic It pains me greatly.
Once I become Chairman, the number will surely decrease! I'll run for Chairman.
I'm going to carry on the old man's will.
Don't want to vote for either of them! Ging-san, I hear something happened to your son Sounds like it.
Should I visit him? Sure, he'd probably be thrilled.
Would he even realize I was there? I heard he's in critical condition.
Maybe I shouldn't go after all If he dies after I do, I'll have wasted my time.
Go visit him.
He isn't going to die.
Uh, can I ask a question? First, shouldn't we reevaluate the process for running? You're the one who started it! What's wrong with your head?! I only offered to serve in hopes of saving us money and time.
If we can't avoid the process, let's first decide how to go about it.
There we go! When he controls the pace, everything becomes more complicated.
In that case, we can draw lots.
Screw that! How can we have our leader chosen by chance? Are you a scumbag, too? I'll give a sheet of paper to each of you.
Hey I want each of you to write what you believe to be the optimal election process, with the prerequisite of achieving at least 95% voter turnout.
And a third party will pick one of the proposals at random.
A third party? I'm guessing she means Beans.
Each proposal has a 1 in 12 chance.
So there won't be any hard feelings.
That's true Not a bad idea.
That's fine, since I won't lose.
But we should write down our names, so we know whose idea is chosen.
She said the odds are 1 in 12, but that isn't true.
If the ten of us write something that puts Pariston and Ging, if possible at a disadvantage, our odds will be 5 in 6.
If we record how each person votes, Pariston will have an advantage.
Should we use anonymous ballots to allow for dividing points among candidates? Would our intermediaries then betray us with no guilt or fear? So here we are, Beans-san.
There are twelve sheets of paper inside.
Please pick one.
It will determine the rules we will use for the election.
You want me to pick one? This is an important task.
Then I will draw one.
The chosen proposal is Ging-san's.
Ging's rules He's no Pariston, but he's still trouble.
Rule #1.
"All Hunters are both candidates and voters.
" Rule #2.
"If the winner of the first election fails to receive a majority of votes, the top sixteen will have a runoff.
If a majority is still not achieved, there will be another runoff with half the candidates.
" Rule #3.
"If the turnout for any given vote is under Rule #4.
"Voters must write their name on the ballot.
Anonymous votes will be invalid.
" What are you thinking?! Why force people to sign them? Are you an idiot? A total idiot?! You are the idiots.
When everyone knows who voted for whom, it's a lot more entertaining.
There's his problem He only cares about having fun! Rule #5.
There's more?! "The election committee chairman will be Ging Freecss.
" I didn't think of that! I didn't include such a rule That was a mistake.
I was too focused on the actual rules.
This is what Ging really wanted.
Now he can control the election as he pleases.
May I say something? This drawing was to determine how the election would be conducted, correct? Rules one through four are fine, but the chairman should be chosen separately.
I can live with that.
You can? This is a Hunter.
Frightening Two Days Ago Ging-san! Yo.
What brings you here so early? I'm surprised you actually came.
Yeah, I happened to be in the area.
That can't be true Thank you very much.
I saw the old man's video.
Oh, that pen and notepad Huh? Can you leave one by the phone in the conference room? Oh, there should already be one.
Oh, never mind, then.
Is there also a trashcan like this one? Yes.
Why do you ask? Four No, eight.
Read this.
These are rules for the election, yes? Yeah.
What is this for? In a few days, the Zodiacs will gather here.
Most likely, there will be a drawing.
Why would you say that? If we tried to hold a vote or come to a consensus, it would take too long.
Plus, Pariston will be there As far as he's concerned, as long as it might give him an advantage.
Either way, it's a win for him.
And everyone else will think their odds are 5 in 6 That basically guarantees a drawing.
I expect Cheadle will propose it.
Saccho may protest.
Piyon would be a long shot.
Kanzai would be a really long shot And they'll ask me to hold the drawing? There's no one else.
Everyone else in this building supports Pariston.
If these rules look acceptable, fold it three times, and keep it until the meeting.
If they don't ask for you or if I fold my paper differently, I'll look at the floor, and you should burn that piece of paper.
In my opinion, if you're willing to become Chairman No, that won't happen.
Zero chance.
I'm not doing this because I want to change the result.
All I'm doing is furthering the old man's will.
I'm not looking for any trouble.
But what about Rule #5? That's a decoy.
If I leave that as Rule #5, it'll give people pause.
And if I agree to concede that rule, they'll be more ready to accept the rest.
This is how criminals con people.
It's nothing special.
If Rule #5 passes, I'll resign.
Ging-san, why do this if you don't want to change the result? That's a strange question to ask.
If I can get my target to move as I want, I've succeeded as a Hunter.
I just want to enjoy the process.
That's all.
The election committee was composed of the twelve Zodiacs.
Cluck, one of the Zodiacs, sent ballots to every Hunter.
The election for the 13th Chairman The Hunter Association has 661 members.
Which means that is the number of candidates.
Each Hunter must bring their own ballot.
Ballots may only be entered when at least three committee members are present, and identification has been verified.
The voting takes place in the Hunter Association headquarters.
As long as three or more committee members are present, absentee ballots may be entered at a different location.
The vote will take place from 12:00 AM on August 8th to 11:59:59 PM on August 8th.
This will not change.
Any voting that occurs away from headquarters must follow this schedule.
Votes will be tallied the same day.
And it is now August 8th, 12:00 AM.
The vote begins.
May I put it in? This is a surprise.
I wouldn't think a murderer would be interested in such an ordinary event.
Eighty-five points.
Yes, I'm not interested.
See? It's blank.
Then why are you here? Ninety points Is someone named Ging here? I'd like to speak to him.
He's already gone He said the next time we see him here will be at the runoff.
Why don't you take your paper and leave? Seventy-seven points.
Heart is Valuable You're bothering us! Get lost! Aren't you done here? He's here to assess the goods.
Ten points, twenty points, forty-five points.
Ten points, two points, fifty points, thirty points.
I guess pro Hunters are still nothing special If I want someone to fight, it'll have to be a Zodiac.
Ninety-five points! Ah, I have the results for the Election for the 13th Chairman Valid votes, 580.
Invalid votes, 48.
And absentees, 33.
None of the candidates received a majority.
The turnout was 87.
As the conditions were not met, the vote must be redone.
Hey! Can't I take a look? No.
I'm just curious! I won't allow anyone to view the ballots.
Since I was designated election chairman, this is my decision to make.
It's no fun if I can't see who voted for whom! Scrooge! Baldy! Moron.
Are you bored? And yourself? So, Hisoka You probably don't watch the news.
The election was held because Chairman Netero died.
Rumors say he died alongside the mutant Ant he was fighting, and the Association received a lot of land in reward.
Ants? As I thought.
A lot's happened around the world, while you were chasing Chrollo.
If you'd stopped to think for a moment, you could have fought the chairman or the Ants.
That would require stopping to think Maybe you can become my manager? Gon and Killua also joined the Ant hunt.
Gon's on the verge of death, and Killua's gone to speak to our father.
What did you say? At this rate, they both will die.
Both of them? I can't have that happen.
Illumi, explain clearly.
There is actually another younger Zoldyck brother I want to get rid of him.
Illumi, Milluki, Killua, Kalluto Who is the fifth brother they share? Next time: Plea x And x Favor.