Hunter x Hunter (2011) s03e02 Episode Script

Plea x And x Favor

All I'm doing is furthering the old man's will.
I'm not looking for any trouble.
Ging-san, why do this if you don't want to change the result? If I can get my target to move as I want, I've succeeded as a Hunter.
Request x And x Wish On August 8th at 12:00 AM, in the Hunter Association main headquarters, the voting to elect Netero's successor, the 13th Chairman, began.
Heart Is Valuable The rules set by Ging made all of the six hundred and sixty-one members both a candidate and voter.
On this day, voter turnout was below the required 95%, meaning the vote had to be redone.
However, the second vote Election for the 13th Chairman Teradein, Bushidora — 10 also failed to meet the requirements, Invalid — 45 Absent — 33 Turnout — 88.
2% Vote must be retaken because requirements were not met.
and had to be redone again.
Taking the results from the two votes into consideration First, we will have Beans-san review all ballots before they are entered, to reduce the number of invalid votes.
Second, Hunters who violate the rules by abstaining or submitting invalid votes will have their licenses temporarily taken away.
Those are my two suggestions.
If we implement the first, do we still need the second? Just getting rid of the invalid votes would put us over 95%.
I wouldn't be so sure Some Hunters may play hooky when they learn they can't submit invalid votes.
There are those who would trample on the former chairman's wishes.
What? Drop it.
You'll only waste time.
Oh? Did I say something wrong? The former chairman declared that a 95% turnout was required, so Hunters who submit invalid votes or won't vote are betraying his memory.
They just don't want to see you become chairman! Then they should vote for someone else.
I'm sure there are other qualified candidates.
Though that isn't how the majority of Hunters feel Is that too hard for you, with your limited vocabulary and math skills? I told you that you'd only waste time.
You get a warning, Kanzai.
Before adding new rules, I believe we should broadcast each candidate's message.
Besides, abstaining and submitting invalid votes are not technically violations.
I fully agree with your first statement, but the second makes me wonder if I heard right I cannot believe those words came from one of the former chairman's leading supporters.
The former chairman said that the difficulty of this election was D-rank.
Which means, for us Hunters with stars, this should be a simple task.
In other words, the former chairman trusted us to handle this.
Pariston, you're a pain! Don't talk! Keep your mouth shut! The difficulty level is just his way of expressing his degree of trust in the Zodiacs.
If it's S, he's encouraging us.
If it's F, he's challenging us.
You can spin it however you want, but abstaining and submitting invalid votes don't violate any rules, scumbag.
When I called them violations I was only insinuating that those Hunters are mistaken in their manner of paying respects to the former chairman.
The message is that making the election a success would be the right way to pay our respects to him.
Then, say that during your speech! If you make it a rule, that's coercion! Is coercion such a bad thing? Okay, I get the idea That's enough.
I'm fine with both suggestions.
My reasons are different than yours, but I agree that, barring extraordinary circumstances, no Hunters should be abstaining or submitting invalid votes.
Then let's take a vote.
First things first.
I hope you aren't going to say that, during that time, Hunters who have their licenses taken away aren't considered pro Hunters.
You aren't that stupid, are you? Of course not I wouldn't think of using such underhanded logic to manipulate the vote.
Their licenses will be confiscated.
Nothing more.
What if they're lost? A Hunter who has lost his license may be protected by the rules, but is not qualified to be a pro as far as we're concerned, yes? Uh Are you saying that someone would use the threat of a license going missing to manipulate the vote? We can't guarantee no one will do that.
Let this be clearly recorded in the minutes Hunters who lose their licenses during the election will not lose their right to vote.
That way, no one can manipulate the turnout or the majority.
I hate to admit it, but unless we do something about the majority, not just the turnout, Pariston will keep smiling.
He already seems to have secured the votes that went to Ginta, Piyon, and Cluck.
Teradein, Bushidora If our timing is wrong, there will be casualties.
I hate to admit it But some part of me wishes that Ging were here.
A beast that cannot be tamed Why did the Chairman select him as Vice Chairman? Since I get to choose my second-in-command, choosing a yes-man wouldn't be any fun.
It should be someone I can't stand That is who I want at my side.
Chairman, I still believe you made a mistake.
Young Killua has returned? That's great When I saw his name on the list of Hunters who didn't vote, I was worried.
How's he doing? He's opened Testing Gates 1 through 5? Actually, his expression was what concerned me.
He looked very distressed I couldn't bring myself to speak to him.
If you run into his friend there, can you relay a message? Ask him to help young Killua.
Well His friend is why he's upset.
What? Gon-kun? Young Killua Let me see Alluka.
I need her power.
Killua I don't have time, Dad! I'll go even if you try to stop me, so come with me.
It's useless.
No one can control Alluka.
That's wrong! You're wrong Brother's wrong Alluka's a member of the family! She isn't a machine! As her brother, I'm asking her for help! For help? That child is not human.
You shouldn't consider that thing to be a member of the family.
What did you say? That thing is something that came from somewhere else.
If someone tries to dispel the restriction and covenant Gon set for himself, they'll be either repelled or killed.
If Alluka hasn't changed, I'm the only one who can help her.
And Alluka's the only one who can save Gon.
Promise me one thing.
Never betray your friends.
If I ignore a friend I have the ability to help, wouldn't I be betraying him? Come with me.
I'm sure you already know this, but no new requests have been made.
Who made the last wish? Milluki.
He asked for the newest computer available at the time.
He made the wish himself in Alluka's presence, so he couldn't lie.
A computer shouldn't be that bad Was it because Illumi was controlling me? How could I leave my little sister in this situation? Killua, I want to go over this again.
When making a wish to Alluka, what are the rules? It's not necessary I know Alluka better than anyone.
It's necessary.
Have you forgotten how many people have died? We've killed more people! Killua, if you can't stay calm, we're stopping now.
Our promise matters to me because I care about you, as your father.
Can you go over the rules for me? Alluka is Mitsuba Mitsuba! Carry me.
Yes, yes I will! There! Climb the stairs! Yes, yes.
Raise me up high! Yes, yes.
There you go! Mitsuba Yes, yes? What is it, Master Alluka? Yes Master Alluka's face suddenly changed! Yeah, it's okay.
I can handle this.
Alluka, lift me up high! 'Kay.
Up high Up high 'Kay.
See? She's back.
Keep this a secret from everyone.
Oh, I already told your mother What? But it was our secret! It happens after three requests are fulfilled Yep, her eyes turn black.
And they turn back after Alluka lifts you up high? No, then Alluka grants a wish.
I didn't understand at first So I wished for her to tell me how to turn her eyes back, and Alluka told me.
Do you remember the exact words Alluka said? After she grants a wish, her eyes turn white.
And when three of her requests are fulfilled, they turn black.
Refuse any requests that Alluka makes.
No matter how small they are.
Yes, I understand.
Mitsuba Carry me! I can't do that, Master.
Then, Mitsuba, shake my hand.
Oh, um I can't do that, Master.
I'm sorry.
Then I want a piggyback ride, Mitsuba.
I'm sorry I can't.
What should I do? Come on, Master! Let's go catch some bugs.
Okay? Then, Mitsuba, lift me up high.
I can't do that, either, Mast— Mitsuba was in the play area Hasamu was in the butlers' quarters.
So two people, in different locations, were instantly crushed at the same time What is happening? It's because she refused.
She refused four of Alluka's requests.
Yasuha, piggyback ride! Yes, Master.
Master Alluka Can you make me a millionaire? 'Kay.
There has been a mysterious incident in which an airship transporting money suddenly went missing, and when it was found, all the money was gone.
The pilot and crew members have provided baffling explanations.
It will take a while to determine the cause.
I'm very sorry! I couldn't help myself I find it hard to believe that this was just a coincidence.
When Alluka is with us He never makes any requests.
Dad, can you let me choose the next butler? So your mission is to fulfill Alluka's requests.
Yes I understand.
If you clear this mission, I will spare you and your lover.
Hey, Kasuga Yes, what is it? Give me your liver.
Um, that's not You know? You won't do it? Then, Kasuga, give me your duodenum.
Please wait, Master Let's play a different game! Okay? You won't do it? Then, Kasuga, give me your spine.
Master! Master Please Then, Kasuga Give me your brain.
When three of Alluka's requests are fulfilled, she'll grant one wish.
There probably isn't any limit to the wishes she can grant.
My guess is that she can grant any wish.
Wish But the bigger the wish she grants Request 1 Request 1 Request 2 The bigger the next three requests will be.
Request 3 Request 1 Request 2 In other words, an equivalent exchange.
And the sacrifice isn't made by the one whose wish was granted.
It's the next person who fulfills the requests.
Request 1 Request 2 If someone denies four of Alluka's requests in a row, that person and their most loved one, meaning a minimum of two people, will die.
The bigger the wish, the more people die when the requests aren't fulfilled.
After that wish, sixty-seven people died, and those are just the ones we knew of.
Thinking of the family that has been separated Thinking of the friend who is dying What will Killua do next? Next time: Alluka x And x Something.