Hunter x Hunter (2011) s03e03 Episode Script

Alluka x And x Something

While Killua was returning to the Zoldyck compound for a reunion with Alluka, who was locked up deep underground I'd say there were six other cases in which two people died Our mother didn't believe Killua, so that was another pair.
Another pair died to satisfy her curiosity.
After verification, she sacrificed two more pairs to learn how the other victims were chosen.
Then Milluki exchanged the lives of two pairs of tourists for some cheap toys.
During that time, there were two major incidents.
There were thirteen deaths in the first, and sixty seven in the second.
Kill him for me.
Milluki was responsible for the first one.
Can you make me a millionaire? Yasuha, the butler, was responsible for the second.
Alluka x And x Something Sure, a few pictures are no big deal, Muna-san.
I'm just taking Alluka and Kalluto for a walk.
Oh, they're my younger brothers.
Incredible! Hey, Muna Eat this.
Huh? Hmm? Oh, sorry He likes to make requests.
You only need to refuse.
Kill him for me.
Figuring out the tourist incident was harder But since another butler paid the price for the second incident, it was easy to track down the victims.
After investigation, I realized something.
The criteria that determines who dies is different for more than two people.
Perhaps there are different rules for when a pair dies, and when many people die.
Zoldyck butlers are trained in a facility on our property.
At the exact moment Kasuga died, every butler in her class at that facility was wrung to death.
A number of her teachers also died.
Butlers from other classes Friends from her orphanage Her foster parents and their parents All people she was close to.
Still, that she liked all of her classmates was impossible, right? It becomes clear when you look at her hospitalized biological mother.
Every month, she could only meet her mother for half an hour.
Records from Kasuga's student days say she loved her mother most in the world.
But her mother, in the hospital, survived.
Well, people change Love and hate are two sides of the same coin.
I agree, but that wasn't the case here.
It wasn't that she began to hate her mother.
Rather, she found someone she loved more.
Kasuga had just begun a relationship.
She had spent even less time with her lover than she did with her mother.
Hold on You did not investigate her past afterward.
After learning her past, you chose her to test.
Oh, you could tell? Yeah, that's right.
We used her to confirm our suspicions.
Since our butlers aren't allowed to have relationships, or they're killed.
The first incident made it clear that this power was dangerous.
Capable of destroying the Zoldyck family, if we didn't understand it.
After investigating and drawing conclusions from the first incident, we verified our findings with the second incident.
If you fail to grant four of Alluka's requests, you must pay with your life.
When the price is two lives, you and the person you love most will die.
When more than two must be sacrificed, you and the person you love most will die.
Followed by, in order, those you've spent the most time with.
So Kasuga's mother didn't die because she didn't spend enough time with her.
And Kasuga's lover died, despite his short time with her.
This is a problem.
Isn't it? Killua will make a wish to Alluka, to restore Gon.
If Killua makes the wish and lets someone else fulfill the requests, there won't be any problem.
But I'm sure Killua will do things the other way around.
Brother! Alluka Killua will have someone else make the wish, and will then attempt to fulfill the consequent requests.
Sorry about leaving you down here for so long, Alluka.
I'm sorry.
It's okay! I'm really happy! I've missed your scent The leader of the monsters was strong enough to force Netero to resort to the Rose.
To defeat one of its subordinates, Gon's restriction and covenant must have been worse than death.
Restriction Covenant Money and medical science cannot do anything to reverse that.
The wish will be granted.
And then, Killua will do whatever he can to fulfill Alluka's requests.
Killua will receive requests he cannot fulfill.
However, Killua will try his best, and fail halfway.
Mission failed.
Since the price is the one he loves most and those he's spent most time with, the restored Gon will die, either way.
Huh? Huh? Oh.
Am I wrong? When you mentioned that two would suffer, you did not mean Killua and Gon.
You were referring to Killua and yourself? Yes, that's right.
I have issues, but you are just as bad.
And if things go wrong, it won't only be Killua, Gon, and me.
Every Zoldyck will die.
I'm thinking that this wish will require tens of thousands of lives.
So you'll probably die, too.
That's why your reaction surprised me.
Oh, this is a problem Brother, die.
Okay, sure.
Bang! I'll ask Killua to follow proper procedure when he makes his wish.
I want you there, hidden.
If Killua either refuses, or agrees, but you feel he's lying, I want you to dispose of Alluka.
He has no combat abilities.
You can consider him an ordinary child.
However, we don't know where he came from.
Election for the 13th Chairman There were 68 absentees.
Absentees — 68 Turnout — 89.
7% The turnout was 89.
Oh, dear Oh, dear Oh, dear.
This is strange.
In the second vote, there were thirty-three absentees.
This time, we have sixty-eight absentees.
More Hunters were absent.
Is this because they previously submitted invalid votes, which is no longer possible? So they chose to put their licenses on the line by not voting at all? What's going on? Why would they do that?! Is it okay if we take licenses from anyone who's committed both offenses? Yes, I suppose we have no choice.
Cluck-san, this is the list.
Please send them a letter that says these two things: They must bring their licenses to headquarters.
And that we expect them to explain their absences.
Hold on Is this really the correct course of action? Violators can break the rules with impunity if they're willing to give up their license.
They no longer need to fear the penalty for not voting.
Taking away their licenses was your idea! Huh? But we put the proposal to a vote.
Besides, everyone was against the idea of temporarily stripping them of Hunter status.
If my goal had been to quickly improve turnout, I would have pushed harder.
Yes, he's hard to deal with because he readily accepts suggestions that hurt him.
And he'll even propose ideas detrimental to him.
It's as though he enjoys the obstacles.
That's the one aspect that's similar to Chairman Netero.
And I don't like it! So I have a proposal.
I think the twelve Zodiacs should give a speech before all of the Hunters.
We must express this election's importance! For the Association For humanity For the world! Speaking through a screen is no good.
We must look each of them in the eye, and let them hear our voices, and feel our souls in person.
For the sake of the former chairman! This is why I hate your guts, Pariston! Brother, wake up! Boo! You're so good! Alluka's power has rules the rest of the family doesn't know about.
Brother, let's play shiritori.
Okay, sure.
Then I'll start with the ending "A" in "Alluka"! When Alluka calls me "Brother," she's the real Alluka.
The Alluka that calls me "Killua" is something else.
Brother, pat my head.
Killua's being a model big brother.
That's three requests down.
A computer isn't a big deal.
S-S-Sorry, Papa I won't do it again! That means Alluka is ready.
Yep, Killua just has to make his wish.
Milluki, I want you to go over the rules again.
Ah, sure.
I'm aware of five rules.
When one of Alluka's requests is not fulfilled, and a price is paid, the request difficulty is reset to level 1.
That's the best time to make a wish to Alluka.
Once Alluka starts making requests to someone, he will never switch his requests to someone different.
That's why I always ensured that Alluka made a request to a butler before sending him to you and Mama.
I'd guess Killua did the same thing.
That's why Alluka has never made any requests of you two.
If the person fulfilling requests dies before finishing the job, it's considered a failure, and at least one more will die.
This was confirmed by experiment.
If he doesn't know someone's name, Alluka can't make requests of them.
The same person can't make two wishes in a row.
That's all I know.
I'm not hiding anything from you! I swear on the deal we made.
Why isn't Killua making a wish? He probably has some foolish idea If Killua makes a wish now, someone else will have to clean up the mess.
That makes no sense at all.
He can save his friend first, and worry about the consequences later.
Papa Would his friend be happy to know that many lives were sacrificed to save him? No! That's what's going through his head.
Since he's stupid.
His mind doesn't work the way ours do.
That's why you had Illu-nii use his needles on him, right? He's moving.
Father, open the door.
Make the wish in that room.
We cannot let you go outside.
As I thought.
They don't know about any of these rules.
Father, I am definitely your son.
You said Alluka was something that came from somewhere else.
Right? I call the black-eyed Alluka "Something.
" We're leaving.
I'll clean up my own mess.
Something, if we haven't left the mountain in half an hour, kill my mother! Huh? Hey, Killua! If we've left the mountain in half an hour, I want you to kiss me on the cheek.
Got it? 'Kay.
Mama! Killua How How can you issue such cruel commands? It's magnificent! You've grown up! Damn! You're allowed to do that? As long as only one wish is granted, you can give yourself options! Father, open the door.
Something is skilled at breaking, but not as skilled at fixing.
When she's fixing, Something must touch the target.
If we've left the mountain in half an hour, I want you to kiss me on the cheek.
I'm going to save both Gon and Alluka! Killua's determination to save Gon has set events in motion.
And that man returns.
Next time: Join Battle x And x Open Battle.