Hunter x Hunter (2011) s03e04 Episode Script

Join Battle x And x Open Battle

Something is skilled at destroying, but fixing isn't her forte.
When she's fixing, she must touch the target, or her power won't work.
I will save both Gon and Alluka! Join Battle x And x Open Battle Impossible There's no way I can remove this! My power is not enough to bear this burden.
Killua? Where are you now? Are you okay? Yeah, I'm on my way back.
How'd it go with Gon? No luck.
When we told him about Kite, there was no response on the monitors.
A lot of people have dropped by to talk to him.
But there's been no reaction.
Right, I understand.
I doubt we can heal him with normal measures.
Wait! Don't be too hasty, Killua.
As you said, Gon used a restriction and covenant to temporarily wield an immense amount of Nen, right? Then it's best if we let a Nen exorcist take care of it.
We can wait until we've exhausted all our options to resort to riskier measures.
Oh, sorry.
That didn't come out right.
I'm not talking about taking a crazy gamble.
In fact, I can guarantee Gon will be healed.
Let me take care of this.
This method isn't as risky as using a Nen exorcist.
But the problem is how I can get there.
This time, that will be the biggest challenge.
Wh-What do you— Forgive me, Master Killua.
Is that you, Gotoh? I can't let you continue that conversation, on the grounds of secrecy.
I didn't tell him anything secret! Not true.
You said you could guarantee Gon would be healed.
That was a reference to Master Alluka's power.
At the moment, you are still just within Zoldyck property, but outside the boundaries, you are already at alert level 4, so please be careful.
So he was waiting for me to give Morel a hint? You're too easy on me, Gotoh.
I do not understand what you mean.
Level 4 Looks like I pissed off my father.
When one's outside alert level is 4, restrictions are placed upon what the target can do and say.
To enforce this restriction, multiple butlers and family members are assigned to monitor the target.
Restricted If a restriction is violated, the target will immediately be captured and returned home, Restricted and the alert will automatically increase to level 5.
At level 5, the moment a single step is taken outside Zoldyck property, the target is captured.
What's the reason? The reasons are unauthorized removal of a classified object, rebelling against your parents, and use of threatening actions.
Alluka's an object? There are three restrictions.
First, to protect family secrets, the target may not speak to, or exchange items with, any outsiders without permission.
To enforce this, the target is forbidden to carry any communication devices.
I've already had everything taken away.
Second, to protect family secrets, the target must stay within one meter of Master Alluka at all times.
Yeah, yeah.
I don't plan on letting her out of my sight.
Third, to protect family secrets, you are forbidden from letting any outsiders learn anything about Alluka's power.
I understand perfectly.
So basically This is what I have to do.
This way, I don't have to ask permission every time I do something.
While we're traveling, I'll let you handle all the arrangements! I understand why I am here.
But why is Canary here? Moron! Alluka's a girl.
I can't trust a lump like you to take care of her! There is nothing to worry about.
We shall also accompany you.
Master Silva did not believe that two butlers would be enough.
Tsubone! Dad really is pissed It's fine.
I won't do anything stupid at alert level 4.
Listen to me, Killua-chan.
I'm not as lenient as your father and Gotoh.
A single violation, and I'll take you home.
Nothing will change that.
If you resist, I'll knock you out.
Keep that in mind.
Are we clear? Yes! Yes! Yes! Tsubone-sensei is the only person in the entire household who calls Master Killua "Killua-chan.
" No bullying Brother.
I'm sorry Alluka-chama is so kind.
I won't do it again.
I just realized something.
I have trouble dealing with old ladies.
Do you love your big brother? I love him lots! Then you should do as he says.
Okay! Master Killua is depending on me.
All so he can save his friend, regardless of the risks.
I will help him! Even if it costs me this job or my life.
I am Amane.
It's a pleasure.
The pleasure's mine.
Tsubone! Give me the nail of your pinky.
She made a request of Tsubone! This is the worst time for it! Even I don't know when, and of whom, Something's requests will come.
Yes, absolutely.
Master Killua, I will go into hiding for the time being.
This means that Master Alluka will not make requests of anyone else.
Unless I change my mind.
Do you understand what I mean? Of course, I will remain near you at all times.
I still have more requests She pulled a fast one! It's all right.
I still have a chance.
I won't be able to make a wish, but I can issue a command! Brother, are you angry? It's okay.
There's nothing for you to worry about.
I will save you! Yes? Yes.
That's right.
This is Master Killua's phone.
No, I cannot answer that question.
I cannot answer that question, either.
In that case, you should state your name first.
Who was that? It was Hello? My name is Leorio! Can you put Killua-kun on the phone? Shh! Wow, that brings back memories! It has been quite some time, Master Leorio.
Huh? Oh! I remember! It's the coin guy! Master Killua is currently on his way there, accompanied by us.
Yes, to help Master Gon.
However, there are strict conditions that must be met.
Hey, there Conditions to save a friend? Are you dreaming? If you need help waking up, I'll speak more loudly! Keep your mouth shut.
What did you say? Master Killua is risking his life.
He's heading to you, against his family's wishes.
You should know that the Zoldyck family is very special.
We are the ones who set the conditions.
So shut up and listen, fool.
Gotoh Please excuse me.
Let me talk to him.
It'll be faster that way.
Don't worry.
I won't say anything I'm not supposed to.
One violation, and I'll be sent home, right? Yo, it's been a while.
Killua! When you get here, let me talk to that guy.
Are you okay? Yeah, but I can't say anything specific.
I need you to trust me.
Do as Gotoh says.
Yeah, got it.
Put him back on.
I'll ask about the conditions.
Let me talk.
Uh Morel-san, was it? This is my phone, and I'm talking to my buddy, so why should I let you talk? An excellent question.
The answer is to give me the phone.
No way.
Get lost.
Very well.
Then, I have a favor to ask.
My guess is that you'll say, "That isn't possible.
" In which case, you should hand over the phone.
Because I can make it possible.
Hello? No, it's nothing.
Tell me the conditions.
When we arrive, there must be no one inside the building except Master Gon.
Not even doctors? Correct.
Or any other patients? Correct.
That isn't possible! This is a national hospital! Do you have any idea how many people are in here?! Hello? I understand the conditions.
Leave it to me.
What is the plan? This is a big hospital, with a big parking lot.
We'll set up a private room for Gon there.
It'll be arranged so you can drive in and out of the area.
I'll make sure that no one can learn what you do inside.
That satisfies our requirements.
What is your name? I'm Morel.
From now on, I'd like you to be the one I speak with.
There you go.
Oh, I need to make another call.
Knov? It's me.
The situation's changed.
I need you to make sure the equipment is operable in an outside room.
No, no monitors.
And we can't have any windows.
True It sounds like they have a Nen exorcist, since they don't want anyone watching.
But Killua made it sound like something else.
The only Nen exorcist in the Hunter Association said Gon was beyond help.
But Killua said he could heal him with no risks.
No, let's not pursue the matter.
Killua said to let him take care of it.
In the field, the rule is to listen when a trusted friend tells you to.
Morel, I'll let you handle all contact with Killua.
Yeah, I've got it.
What are you going to do? There are several people I need to have a word with.
Gon's fighting for his life Where are you, and what are you doing? Why won't you answer your phone, Kurapika? And so, the Zodiacs respect the former chairman's wishes.
And we've worked diligently to maintain the status quo, and we seek to better the Association.
Your vote, no matter for whom you vote, will not go to waste! You can be assured of that.
At the same time, I'm sure that some people are dissatisfied with the current state of the Association, or want to shake up the leadership.
However, I must ask that you do not express that opinion by refusing to cast a vote.
You are more than welcome to make a speech up here, on the spot.
All you have to do is speak up.
We will never seek to smother a minority opinion.
We have Ging here, who commits countless violations every year, but still calls himself a member of the Zodiacs.
If you intend to skip the vote, you might as well vote for him.
Ah, that was meant to be a joke.
This was the final mission the former chairman gave us.
The entire Association should work together to clear it! Okay, thank you very much, Vice Chairman.
Please return to your seat.
Make it quick.
We now open the floor to everyone here.
If you'd like to express your views or ask a question, raise your hand.
Okay, the big guy in the dark suit Go ahead.
I'm Leorio, from the 287th class.
I have a question for that guy named Ging.
That's Gon's dad.
Why haven't you gone to visit Gon? You must know his current condition! Okay, let's hear the answer.
First, what is your relationship to Gon? We're buddies.
Oh I appreciate it.
I hope you'll stay friends with him.
That's all.
Answer my question! Or just go visit him! Go visit Gon! I've heard he has a number of friends like you.
That should suffice.
Don't give me that bull! Do you have any idea how much Gon wants to see you? If you talk to him, he might recover! Did he say that he wanted me to visit? He couldn't say it if he wanted to You damned bastard! You can go to hell! Wow! You'll find footage of today's entire meeting on the Hunter site, so tell everyone who wasn't present! Tell them they absolutely have to watch it! The Zoldyck family has different plans for Alluka.
And this man never changes.
Next time: Magician x And x Butler.