Hunter x Hunter (2011) s03e05 Episode Script

Magician x And x Butler

Wow! You'll find footage of today's entire meeting— the entire meeting—on the Hunter site, so tell everyone who wasn't present! Tell them they absolutely have to watch it! Magician x And x Butler I will announce the results of the fourth vote for the election of the 13th chairman.
Out of 661 Hunters, there were 642 valid votes and 19 absentees.
The turnout was 97.
As the conditions were not met, the vote must be redone.
Voter turnout for the most recent vote in the 13th chairman election exceeded 95%.
Which means that for the fifth vote, we will have a runoff with the top sixteen candidates, so keep that in mind.
I will now introduce the top sixteen candidates in the order of votes received.
Please use this information when voting.
Pariston Hill, a Triple Star Hunter.
The current Association vice chairman, his motto is the promotion of a kinder Hunter Association.
Cheadle Yorkshire, a Triple Star Hunter.
The brains of the Zodiacs, she keeps the organization clean and free of toxicity.
Leorio Paradinight, a rookie.
A rising star after punching Ging, he's currently studying to become a doctor.
Botobai Gigante, a Triple Star Hunter.
Advisor to the Zodiacs, he was the closest to the chairman in both reputation and reality.
Mizaistom Nana, a Double Star Crime Hunter.
The conscience of the Zodiacs, his practical nature has earned the respect of the anti-chairman faction.
Ickshonpe Katocha, a Single Star Hacker Hunter.
Living in the digital world, he has yet to cast any votes himself.
Teradein Neutral, a Double Star Headhunter.
Specializing in discovering talent, he seeks to reform the Hunter Exam.
Morel Mackernasey, a Single Star Sea Hunter.
After defeating the Ants, will he jump to Triple Star? His focus is preparation for the arrival of more alien species.
Saccho Kobayakawa, a Double Star Counseling Hunter.
Counselor of the Zodiacs, he seeks to reform the Association from behind the scenes.
Biscuit Krueger, a Double Star Gemstone Hunter.
The Association's mother figure Sorry, older sister.
More and more people want her to scold them.
Sanbica Norton, a Single Star Virus Hunter.
The Association's doctor, she has asked that no one vote for her.
Linne Hors-d'oeuvre, a Double Star Gourmet Hunter.
The oldest Association Hunter, it's been five years since anyone has heard her speak.
Bushidora Ambitious, a Single Star Blacklist Hunter.
The Association's disciplinary officer, he advocates amending the Ten Commandments.
Loupe Highland, a Lost Hunter.
He can find anything from missing contacts to missing persons.
He's tackling the issue of missing Hunters.
Cutie Beauty, a Single Star Cutiful Hunter.
Recognized as the leader of the Vice Chairman's fan club.
She seeks to create a cutiful Association.
Ging Freecss, a Double Star Archaeological Hunter.
The vagabond of the Zodiacs.
Is he back in the election after receiving pity votes? Leorio's in third? That's incredible.
You can go to hell! I guess this clip had a big impact And he has no problem using his Nen in front of a crowd.
You can go to hell! Looks like he's an Emitter.
So do people dislike Gon's dad? That was a standing ovation.
Wow! You'll find footage of today's entire meeting Master Illumi Yes, at once.
Please wait one moment.
Thanks to Gotoh, I can see it now Our family's correlation chart surrounding Alluka.
Despite what he says, my father trusts me.
That's why Gotoh was allowed to accompany us, and he won't force me to stop.
However, he's wary of Alluka's power.
Which makes sense, given that one wrong move is all it takes for the entire family to die.
But on the other hand, he wishes to control Alluka's power.
That dilemma shows in his decision to lock her up in a room filled with toys.
That's why he had Tsubone and Amane, his most trusted butlers, accompany us.
If something happens, they can take us back immediately.
And he hopes they'll glean some hint to help him control Alluka.
Tsubone and Amane understand their role, and they're being very cautious.
Gotoh and Canary are being subtle, but they're on our side and helping us.
And then, there's Illumi.
The moment his name was spoken, Amane's tension spiked.
This means Amane and Tsubone, and Father and Grandpa by extension, disagree with Illumi.
I'd guess that Illumi's plans for Alluka are That was a fine play, Gotoh.
You threw out his name to see Amane's reaction.
If Tsubone were here, she would have noticed Gotoh's reaction when he answered the phone, and she'd have distracted me or signaled Amane to shut off her emotions.
This is an internal family struggle, an inner mission.
When family members differ in opinion or objective, they're each encouraged to do things their own way, rather than unite in the same goal.
This is a contest! Father and Grandpa want Alluka near, so they can control her, and they don't want me hurt by her power.
I want to save Gon and to set Alluka free.
And Illumi wants to kill Alluka! Is this Killua? Yeah.
You removed the needle, didn't you? Yeah.
I feel a lot better.
Then I won't have to hold back when I kill you.
Kill? Me? You can't kill family members during an inner mission.
Family is off limits.
Hey, hey, Amane Isn't this part great? Why is this story so mysterious? Is that what Father meant? You shouldn't consider that thing to be a member of the family.
They're all thinking the same thing! Fine I'll beat you at your own game.
Then, let's begin.
Master Killua! Don't let go of Master Alluka! Yeah, I got her.
If you two are more than a meter apart, Amane will capture Master Alluka, and Tsubone will take you home by force! Oh, dear.
That was excessive.
I thought you were going to ask him first.
I have a little bird who brings me information.
And after examining that information, there's something that bothers me.
Killua is hiding rules from us.
If there are rules I don't know about, trying to negotiate with him is pointless.
He might accede to my demands because they favor him.
So I'll dispose of Alluka before he has a chance to use that advantage.
I just need you to eliminate the butlers while you look for a chance to take Alluka from Killua.
For now.
By the way, am I allowed to kill Killua? I will kill you.
Right here.
Right now.
I was kidding.
You're oozing bloodlust.
Is that all right? Illumi's bloodlust! Oh, damn.
Was that on purpose? Certainly not.
If at all possible, I'd like Gon to live.
Having more toys is always more amusing.
Well, only if it's possible.
It's okay.
Brother's got you.
Keep your eyes closed and hold on tight.
Try to stay away from Master Illumi.
If he knows the route we're taking, it's best to change directions.
I concur, but It's hard for me to agree with you.
My grandmother and I are not your enemies.
Not right now.
But that could change if my father's mood changes.
Master Silva and Master Zeno are not your enemies.
Our mission is to bring you home safely.
If that doesn't include Alluka, you're all enemies.
Godspeed! Speed of Lightning! It's me.
The situation's changed.
We've been separated from Master Killua.
We'll need four vehicles now.
We'll follow the same route.
If Master Killua contacts you, follow his instructions, but avoid any sensitive information.
Master Illumi is aware of our movements.
One of the butlers or a family member is helping him.
Be sure to stay alert.
Ah You've grown, Master.
If I hadn't known about that technique beforehand, I wouldn't have had time to react.
He will become an excellent assassin.
Oh, dear.
These days, it doesn't take much for me to tear up.
In that case, he won't let Master Illumi get the better of him.
I shouldn't say that.
But I find it difficult to like Master Illumi and Master Milluki, who resemble their mother.
Now, then Time to set aside personal emotion.
If he breaks the rules, everything changes.
I need to devise a way to subdue Master Killua, taking his speed into account.
Okay! We should be far enough away to take a break.
I'd like to use Speed of Lightning to keep going, but to be safe, I should save my energy for getting into town.
Brother? Am I a nuisance? If I were gone, would everyone get along better? Alluka.
If I were the only person in the world who really loved you, would you be sad? I'm so happy, I can't stop smiling.
Okay? I'll always be with you! You don't need to worry about anyone else.
Someone's there.
Is it Tsubone? Is it Illumi? I guess this won't be easy.
That's fine! Let's go.
Who are you? A magician who wishes to stay anonymous.
You two shouldn't be trying to fight back.
Just evade his attacks.
Save your energy for the mission at hand.
You should follow Master Killua.
I'll play with you.
A power that lets you rapidly fire coins with more power than bullets Your power is strong enough to explain why you'd send your subordinates away.
My coins pack enough power that you can't escape unscathed if they hit.
He must have used his power.
My aura possesses the qualities of both gum and rubber.
Elastic Love Bungee Gum You've said too much.
I hope you don't regret it, you hack magician! Telling my name to someone about to die is pointless.
It doesn't matter that you know what my power is.
Hisoka and Gotoh are about to engage in battle.
A barrage of coins.
A net of gum.
While a furious battle takes place, Illumi pursues the fleeing Killua.
Next time: Needles x And x Debt.