Hunter x Hunter (2011) s03e06 Episode Script

Needles x And x Debt

You removed the needle, didn't you? Yeah.
I feel a lot better.
Then I won't have to hold back when I kill you.
Kill? Me? You can't kill family members during an inner mission.
Family is off limits.
You shouldn't consider that thing to be a member of the family.
They're all thinking the same thing! Fine I'll beat you at your own game.
Needles x And x Debt To save Gon, Killua is heading for the city with Alluka.
Hisoka, who is working with Illumi to kill Alluka, confronted Gotoh and the other butlers escorting them.
A power that lets you rapidly fire coins with more power than bullets Your power is strong enough to explain why you'd send your subordinates away.
My coins pack enough power that you can't escape unscathed if they hit.
He must have used his power.
My aura possesses the qualities of both gum and rubber.
You've said too much.
I hope you don't regret it, you hack magician! Telling my name to someone about to die is pointless.
It doesn't matter that you know what my power is.
Rubbish! Catch.
Were my eyes just accustomed to your attack that time? It looked slower.
Yeah, it was a lot slower.
Because I diverted some power to make them spin.
If you don't release your ability, you'll be strangled by your own aura.
Or would you prefer your body riddled with holes? Pick your poison.
Bungee Gum, undo.
He dodged my attack from that position? He's fast.
I can't follow him! I sent my gum out with the first card So it would be ready to activate anytime after I removed the gum from my feet.
Now, this evil magician has a lethal pop quiz for you.
I took twenty-two coins from your attack.
How many coins will I return to you? He's going to use the gum to send the coins flying back at me? You will have to find out for yourself.
Gum, undo.
You shouldn't underestimate me.
Even if the answer is greater than twenty-two, I'll shoot them all down! The answer is enough to kill you.
A lethal pop quiz doesn't need to be answered.
Forty kilometers until we reach the next town.
I should last that long Alluka, you're gonna feel a little zap again.
Okay, it's fine.
Godspeed! Speed of Lightning! Very impressive If he runs at that speed on pavement, I won't be able to catch up on my own.
Amane, it's me.
Master Killua is headed for Parasta.
I need you to follow the road.
Canary, come with me.
With my grandmother's motorcycle, it'll be faster with two riders.
This is My grandmother.
Hang on tight.
We'll be using our auras as fuel, so this will be more tiring than if you were to run.
Be prepared.
Here we go.
Found them.
Seriously? I know I'm carrying Alluka, but Speed of Lightning is at full power! Damn! If I go this way, you can't follow on a motorcycle! What now? We'll beat him there.
Beat him where? At Master Killua's speed, it'll take less than ten minutes to reach Parasta.
It'll take Master Illumi over twenty minutes by car.
What will he do with his ten-minute lead? Disguise himself? Wrong.
Cute answer Though not impossible, I suppose.
What's the first thing Master Killua will want to do after he loses us? Contact his friends.
And how can he contact his friends without us finding out? Um He'll need to check for any tracing or listening devices, and use someone else's phone.
That's mere common sense.
Think about what matters in this situation! We may know where Master Killua is, but if we can't get near him, we won't know what he's doing.
So where is he going? You've figured it out? Let's go, then! We've been waiting for you.
Damn, you guys aren't bad.
We've already prepared an airship.
Great, how many? Huh? Sounds like you only have one.
Are you serious about this? Without at least five or six airships heading to different places, we'll never lose Illumi! Split up, and make the arrangements.
This airship will take us to our destination.
Is that okay? Yes.
We'll have to pay for two tickets, or they'll figure out it's unmanned.
I know that! Do you take me for a fool? What does this say? Ask the clerk.
What names should we put the tickets under? Look, can't you do anything by yourself? Where's Master Killua? Crap! Hey! You were pestering me as a distraction, weren't you? You helped them escape! What are you talking about? We have to follow them! I'll let you handle that.
Once I've dispatched the other flights, I'll ride one of them.
If you follow them on the ground, be sure you aren't followed.
What are you talking about? If you follow them by air, it'll be more obvious! That wasn't my plan.
I can serve as a decoy.
And since I plan to join up with Gotoh, it'll be easier to move by airship.
What is it? The real you is pretty cute.
I'm sure that Master Killua will like you more that way.
A-Are you making fun of me? Nope.
I really mean it.
Gotoh Hello? It's me, Killua.
Oh, what happened? I was getting worried.
I can't get in touch with Gotoh-san.
Got it.
I'll try calling him.
Your older brother wants to kill your younger brother? Yeah.
Alluka's the only one who can heal Gon.
But Illumi wants to kill Alluka.
Because he thinks that my wish may end up wiping out the entire family.
We were too late Why don't we just wait for them around the hospital? The closer we get to the hospital, the more likely we are to fail.
Killua's friends will be in the vicinity.
And if we just hang around waiting, they'll realize something isn't right.
Eight We need more people.
Will you bring in more allies? But I'm pretty shy No, I have no more allies.
Seems like a waste, but I guess I'll use my needles.
That's some nice aura.
If I stick them in someone and give orders, they'll work hard for me until death.
Though, they usually die from working too hard.
Grant a wish? That's a pretty scary power.
If segregationists knew about that, they'd be all over it.
Illumi will probably follow the airships by ground.
My butlers have dispatched seven decoys.
My brother doesn't usually rely on others, so he'll probably use Needlemen.
Needlemen? He uses special needles, which carry Nen, to create soldiers that fight to the death for him.
He sacrifices ordinary civilians to do it.
Illumi's powerful aura enters the victims through the needles, so the moment they're pierced, they turn into vegetables.
Morel, I need you to get some Hunters to take the Needlemen into custody.
If we have proof that he's harmed multiple innocent civilians beyond recovery, then it's okay to hunt him down, even if he's a pro Hunter, right? Killua sought this confirmation because of what the fourth Hunter Commandment said.
Hunter Commandment #4 A Hunter may never target another Hunter.
However, this does not apply to Hunters who commit heinous criminal acts.
I believe some of the candidates were talking about changing the Commandments and Hunter Exam.
If we catch Illumi, a lot of people who agree with those views will come forward.
Killua, are you really going to sell your brother out? I won't forgive anyone who tries to hurt Alluka.
Not even if he's my own brother.
I'll do whatever it takes to crush him.
I understand.
Teradein and Bushidora will probably agree to help.
There should be many Hunters who will gladly lend a hand.
Since you're coming to the city where the Hunter Association HQ is, you'll be right under our noses.
But I'll make sure everyone understands how dangerous our opponent is.
The mission will be to secure the Needlemen, not to go after Illumi.
Yeah, that's fine.
I've accessed Parasta Airport's flight records.
There are six airships landing within twenty to thirty kilometers of the hospital.
We don't know where Killua and his butlers will land.
And Illumi can't pursue what he can't see.
Illumi and the Needlemen will try to stay in visual range of the airships, as they follow on the ground.
They will be vulnerable to attack at a number of points before they reach Swaldani City, where the hospital is.
So we need to send Hunters to those points.
Our top priority is recovering the Needlemen.
We can confirm if there are needles afterward.
Capture anyone who approaches the airship! Yes, sir! Be on your way! Go! Hisoka, can you dispose of the fakes for me? Okay.
I will be busy.
I always knew the fourth Commandment was fundamentally wrong.
We can't wait for a villain like this to appear! The Association's honor will be sullied.
The exam needs to be more strict.
If they were required to behave properly before joining, we wouldn't have this problem.
So the time has come For the three of us, the anti-chairman faction, to leave the Association.
Heart Is Valuable Hello, everyone.
Today, I—Teradein—Loupe, and Bushidora have joined forces.
We three are commonly known as the anti-chairman faction, but that is not a name of our choice.
The Hunter souls within us were inherited from the former chairman, I assure you.
And so, to carry out his will, we seek to reform the highly versatile team to which the former chairman belonged, Seirin Group the legendary Seirin Group.
Teradein, the leader.
Loupe, the second-in-command.
And I, Bushidora, will serve as captain of the troops.
In this election, as an expression of our solidarity, we request that all votes go to Teradein, the leader.
We hope that everyone who agrees with our message will vote for our comrade Teradein.
Now, as we address our message, we have received trustworthy information from a reliable source stating that multiple parties have found a certain Hunter guilty of many foul crimes.
We are currently pursuing this Hunter.
Ladies and gentlemen, let us come together to rebuild the Hunter Association with wisdom and integrity! And so, the conflict within the Zoldyck family over Alluka grows in intensity as it now involves the Hunter Association chairman election.
Teradein and his allies seek to control the Association.
As the election continues, Illumi manages to capture Killua.
Next time: Sin x And x Claw.