Hunter x Hunter (2011) s03e07 Episode Script

Sin x And x Claw

In the fifth vote in the election for the 13th chairman, Valid Votes: 633 (28 Absentees) Turnout: 95.
8% Pariston placed first.
But since he didn't receive the majority of the valid votes, those in the top eight must hold a runoff.
What? Talk about my loss? Cutie Beauty I haven't lost.
Our beloved Pariston will bring my dream of a cutiful Hunter Association to life.
Biscuit Krueger Yeah, that old man I mean, Netero I'm sure everyone knows how crazy he could be.
But there's one thing I can say.
Just like in the battle with the Ants, you can't escape danger just by being good all the time! That's a fact! Ging Freecss Saccho Kobayakawa Well I'll continue to support the Association behind the scenes.
I won't proffer any names, but I hope you vote for someone worth supporting.
Sanbica Norton I would like to thank all those who voted for me But please stop Linne Hors-d'oeuvre Sin x And x Claw Yes, hello? Somehow, I managed to obtain a map.
It has routes and destinations for all six airships.
They seem to be on one of the two remaining airships.
Want me to send a picture? I'll be using Texture Surprise to change it a little, though.
It's okay.
An idiot over here was carrying the map, too.
And I already know which airship Killua took.
Oh, right He has a spotter.
Someone's watching me? I don't think I'm so senile that someone could tail me when I'm tailing another.
Since the mission began, I've felt eyes on me.
They're quite far away, yet I can't shake them off.
This is the first time that's happened.
This person must be very good Amane, come here! We're going to fly! Yes! Fortunately, it appears that clouds have come out tonight.
Master Killua is sure to use that to his advantage.
As expected You're late.
Let's go! Yes! Tsubone's power, known as Rider's High, allows her to transform herself into various different vehicles.
However, the vehicles are fueled by the rider's aura, so she cannot use her power alone.
When we're above the clouds, no one can watch us from the ground, no matter how strong the scope.
Amane, if there are any suspicious aircraft around, we'll take them down.
Yes! Well There's still time before either ship will land.
I'll help Hisoka out a bit longer.
Nothing out of the ordinary here.
The target has yet to appear.
We've lost all contact with Point C! Nothing has happened at Point A.
Should we tell them to send support? We can't assume that Point A is safe.
Illumi manipulates others with his needles.
He may control that area already.
You're saying he's killed over twenty people? It doesn't matter how many amateurs we throw at him.
We should warn the pros who are going after the Needlemen.
Latun and Kenzaki aren't answering.
What? The two airships they were following are in close proximity.
Most likely It looks like I must go.
It's a chance to show that I'm worthy to be Captain of the Seirin Group! What about the election? Those who are able should still go.
Even if we exclude everyone who's hunting, we can still finish in the top four.
We must continue voting in the election.
Even if we can't predict the outcome, I don't want to manipulate it through absenteeism.
Why don't we hire Association Hunters? If we show that we're trying to carry on the spirit of the Hunter Association, we could win some of the votes that are defaulting to Pariston.
He's right.
We should move immediately! If everything works out, the Association Hunters will be killed and miss the next vote.
If I told him that, I'm sure Teradein would object.
If we can't predict the outcome, we should force more absentees, so it will be invalid.
Teradein is too honest, and Bushidora can't plan well.
Teradein-san has requested Hunters in compliance with the Association's terms? Magnificent! That's wonderful! Accept the request! Do the job! You don't need to be concerned about me.
In fact, if there's no limit on the number of Hunters we can send, spread the word and take everyone.
If you come across anything you want to ask or tell me while on the job, feel free to contact me anytime.
If anything needs to be improved, we can work it out.
Yes, they make an excellent trio.
I like them They're so easy to understand.
Total Number of Hunters: 661 The vote's invalid because the turnout was 91.
Valid Votes: 603 (58 Absentees) Turnout: 91.
2% (Invalid) What's going on? Teradein! Everyone pursuing the Needlemen was wiped out.
Our members, the camera crew, and the Association Hunters! Even Bushidora! Impossible! Illumi must have hired dozens of strong soldiers! More like one.
Since we took flight, I haven't felt anyone watching us.
Which means we really were being tailed before.
The clouds have cleared up Well, since we're this far from the hospital, it should be fine.
If anyone sees Alluka when we enter the hospital, Tsubone will say that Alluka's power has been revealed, and she'll take us home immediately.
But if I clear the area, that'll only make it easier for Illumi to act.
Taking this airship to the hospital would be difficult.
Gotoh's idea to drive a car straight into the hospital may be best.
Canary? I can't reach Gotoh.
Neither can I.
Then I need you to tell Hishita and the rest to send cars immediately to the following three locations.
I understand.
We've lost the ground pursuit by flying above the clouds.
We'll be fine until we're in the car.
After that, we have to pick the best route to the hospital.
Gon Hang in there.
Okay Nice timing, Hishita.
Since we had to loop around, it took longer.
But now we're sixty kilometers from the hospital.
They can't find us.
Take us to the hospital.
At once.
What's wrong? There are people in front of the car.
Those are Needlemen! Impossible! How? Following us should have been impossible! Was it the car? Did they follow the car? Hishita, hit the gas! They're beyond help anyway! I can't do that, Master Killua.
Not unless Master Illumi orders it.
Wh-What?! We're completely surrounded.
Impossible How can he be here? Illumi How?! It's impossible Unless he knew which airship we were on! No, that's not right Even if he knew which airship, he couldn't be here.
We flew dozens of kilometers over the clouds.
He couldn't have followed us on the ground! Kil, you seem to be hiding something from me about Alluka.
Do I use Godspeed to get Hishita out of the car and use it to escape? Or do I go back to the airship and try to escape by air? If I were alone, those options would work.
But it'd be hard to manage that and keep Alluka safe.
How did you know we were here? If I tell you, will you give me Alluka? Forget it.
I won't ask.
Alluka has an ordinary child's strength.
A single attack from one of the Needlemen could be lethal.
What do I do? I have to summon Something.
It's me.
The fool who was completely tricked.
Oh, it's Tsubone! Your mother can see everything that I see through this scope.
She probably transmitted the video to you, Master Illumi.
Tsubone served as my spy.
When the clouds cleared, I felt eyes on me again and realized the truth.
The timing was too perfect.
Ah, so you actually felt us watching You're really something.
Well, now you know the truth, but you can't remove that scope because Mom ordered you to wear it.
Yes, you're completely right.
Tsubone, give me the nail from your middle finger.
Yes, absolutely.
Here you are, Master.
Tsubone, give me the nail from your ring finger.
Yes, that's easy enough.
Tsubone, I appreciate it.
Now, Master Killua Make your wish.
Amane and I will take care of the rest.
Please allow me this opportunity to make amends for impeding your mission.
Are you going to do it? Fine That means when you save Gon, you'll follow the same process, right? If you'd sacrifice those two to kill me, you won't have any problem sacrificing a bunch of strangers to save Gon.
Rule 5 The same person can't make two wishes in a row.
Would it be more fun to kill Alluka, earning Killua's wrath, or more fun to spare Alluka and save Gon, making Illumi my enemy? Tough call If you say yes, I'll be happy to die.
Your inner mission will have succeeded.
It's against the rules for family members to kill one another, but the thing that will grant your wish isn't family.
Assuming there's a secret rule that makes rule 5 not apply to Killua If my death means no other family will die, that's acceptable.
Killua will suffer for the rest of his life.
I will live in his heart forever.
Go ahead, then.
I'm offering a deal, Kil My death in exchange for your word that you yourself will make the wish to save Gon.
Alluka lives while Illumi dies, but I don't earn Killua's wrath.
So if Gon is healed, I neither gain nor lose anything.
In that case, I will kill Alluka to earn Killua's wrath, then take out Killua to earn Illumi's wrath.
That is the best choice Something, heal Tsubone's left hand.
Tsubone, put out your left hand.
Master Killua, but Just do it.
Something is skilled at destroying, but fixing isn't her forte.
When she's fixing, she must touch the target.
But 'Kay.
Killua, pat my head! Of course, I will.
That was amazing, Something.
Something is the one who calls me "Killua.
" Healing someone is tiring, so Something must sleep.
But that's it.
Something has never made a cruel request after healing someone! Something is kinder than anyone.
The one who's cursed is the one who wishes.
If you refer to Something as an object again, I won't consider you my brother anymore.
Got it, Kil.
If you can heal Gon without any risk, that's terrific.
But that doesn't change the fact that Something is dangerous, and my questions remain unanswered.
Kil, you're still hiding something.
Such as how Milluki's rule 5 doesn't apply to you.
Until you tell me everything, I won't let Alluka go.
Stupid! That's why I can't tell you anything.
If you knew the last rule, you'd No, all of you would put needles in my head again.
Master Killua, I will take you to the hospital.
Captain Bushidora, of the Seirin Group, was killed in pursuit of the wicked Hunter that we hoped to bring to justice.
This confirms that demons are hiding among us! However, I regret to say that the Seirin Group does not have the power to bring the Hunter, or Hunters, to justice.
Everyone! This is an urgent matter that the Association must band together to resolve at once! That is why our goal is to ensure that voter turnout exceeds 95%, and that the winner has a majority! Thus, we are currently in negotiations with Morel, who has strong ties with the former chairman's faction, in hopes that he will be our new captain.
At the same time, we are prepared to reveal the name, face, and abilities of this demon to prevent further tragedy.
If you agree with our ideals, please cast a vote for Teradein! Oh, uh I'm pretty sure I turned you down.
Can't you reconsider? I agree that I was fairly close to the former chairman, and I participated in the Ant extermination.
But I'm not a warrior.
It was determined that my support was required, given the nature of the operation.
I wouldn't say that I'm strong.
But Didn't you watch them introduce the top sixteen? I'm a Sea Hunter! I belong in the water.
I'm a water man.
I don't belong on land.
Can't you adapt? And if you're in a hurry to end the election, you could tell your supporters to vote for Pariston! Though, I'd rather die than vote for him One last thing.
If you release his identity, you and a bunch of other fools will end up dying.
And don't use the "Seirin Group" name when you're so weak! I'm not interested in teaming up with people who won't heed my warnings, and I'm not interested in becoming chairman.
I'm done! Total Number of Hunters: 635 Valid Votes: 604 (31 Absentees) Turnout: 95.
1% The results of the seventh vote call for a runoff between the top four.
Four remain.
Is everything going according to Pariston's plan? What does it take to move the human heart? Next time: Approval x And x Coalition.