Hunter x Hunter (2011) s03e08 Episode Script

Approval x And x Coalition

Do you need something? I heard that you're leaving tomorrow.
You're abandoning the election and your son? That bald fool! Why did he tell her? Why don't you stay and see this through? We already know the election's outcome.
I've had my fun.
Meeting that Leorio guy was the best part.
He shows a lot of promise.
What are you talking about? We're down to four candidates.
We don't know the outcome.
That's what I'm saying.
See? You do understand.
Approval x And x Coalition I plan on voting for you today.
See ya around.
What in the world are you talking about? Are you stupid? I'm saying the outcome will be that there is no outcome! Want to know how many days it'll be before this is over? How can you possibly know that? Because you and Mizai are in this to win.
But if you really wanted to win, you should have tried harder before.
You needed to use any means necessary during the second or third votes to secure a majority, and clear the turnout requirement.
Why are you telling me this now? It's easy to say whatever you want in hindsight.
If I'd warned you beforehand, you'd have done the opposite.
You're so difficult! Well, I don't care if you think this is hindsight speaking.
You can tell yourself that until the day this ends.
Wait! What do you want? I'll do as you say.
What should I do? You don't sound too happy about it.
I don't know what Pariston is thinking.
How do I beat him? Except you've never done anything I've told you to do Okay, I'll start with what Pariston's thinking, then.
He doesn't want to win.
But he doesn't want to lose, either.
That's what makes him strong.
What? How can that be? Yeah, I know.
Common sense tells you that people who want to win are stronger, right? Nothing wrong with that.
You're right.
And being right makes you predictable.
That goes especially for when you want to win a game where you're trying to secure votes.
Game? See? You thought I was being disrespectful, right? You're mad because you're big on morals, balance, and sticking to the manual.
Look at me.
You're failing to act like a dog.
You're just being yourself.
Pariston is familiar with both sides of you, so he knows that.
He knows exactly what you're thinking and what you'll do next.
And even then, he doesn't want to win.
He's damn good, right? Then what do I do? I told you If I tell you what to do, you'll never listen.
How many times must we go through this? Okay, I'll tell you what happens if the game continues as is.
First, you and Pariston will be the ones remaining after the next vote.
In the two-candidate vote after that, first and second will flip.
And that's what will keep happening.
Pariston will probably try to lower the turnout rate.
The Association Hunters he has control over will refuse to vote.
Why? Like I said He doesn't want to win or lose.
He'll drag things out until the very last day.
He's just looking to have fun.
He's like Netero and me.
Well, I get bored a lot more quickly But he has more patience.
Of the four remaining candidates, Pariston is the only one who carries on Netero's will.
You have no right to say that! You're only jealous of him.
Were you that fond of the dirty old man? Shut your mouth! Don't get too full of yourself! You just have to tell me the day when this election will end, you stupid vagabond! Okay, I can do that But before this is over, you should learn to act in character.
You're impossible to talk to.
The day Netero blew himself up, one hundred large airships belonging to the Hunter Association set off for East Gorteau.
There's no record of their departure.
All records show that they're in hangars for maintenance.
You had no idea, did you? You should make friends with some mechanics and pilots.
What are you talking about? They're recovering approximately five thousand cocoons.
Cocoons containing chimera mutants.
They all have the ability to use Nen.
And they're all probably about to hatch.
Pariston plans to have some fun with them, now that he has such a huge playground.
The day the election ends will be the day of the next Hunter Exam.
However, if the Commandments are reformed, the situation will change slightly.
You'll have to figure out the rest yourself.
Aren't you a Hunter? Okay, we will now hold the eighth vote for the election of the 13th chairman.
Today, we will start by listening to speeches from the four remaining candidates.
After some debate among the candidates, we will move on to the vote.
How did this happen? Oh, I guess it's my fault Now, first, we have comments from the candidates who did not qualify.
First, I would like to thank everyone who supported me.
Thank you.
And if possible, going forward, I would ask those who had faith in me to give your votes to Cheadle.
The Zodiacs are not united.
However, there are those among us who share very similar goals.
And the one who shares my goal is Cheadle.
Her desire to maintain balance will lead the Association in a better direction.
Where you people are now is not my reality, so do what you want.
Ging!! Don't try to run while you're ahead!! Get back here!! We will now begin the speeches from the candidates.
There is one thing to note.
Everyone who's gathered inside the hall today will be asked to stay until the 13th chairman has been selected.
Anyone inside? Only Tsubone and Canary.
How's Master Alluka? She's still asleep.
I'm waiting for her to wake up.
It won't be much longer.
Just a little longer, Gon! It's possible that we will continue to have multiple ties, but we've arranged for all necessary provisions, so you can rest easy repeating the vote as many times as necessary, be it for hours or days.
Let me repeat myself.
You may not leave this hall until the Now, we'll start with a speech from the candidate in fourth, Mizaistom.
This is bad.
To eliminate Pariston, I will serve as a sacrificial lamb.
I'll make this quick.
Of the four candidates on stage, I believe the one most qualified to be chairman is Cheadle.
I won't say that I'm not willing to become chairman.
But it isn't my time.
First, I must train the Hunters under me, and work to become a Triple Hunter.
I would appreciate it if you'd respect my wishes, and help end this election today.
That's all I have to say.
What should I say? Next, we have the candidate in third, Cheadle-san.
All yours.
I'll also make this quick.
Ladies and gentlemen, I believe the 13th chairman should be Leorio.
That's all I have to say.
What is Cheadle up to? I'm not gonna be elected.
I don't even want to be elected.
But I guess I should say what I want.
My focus right now isn't this election, anyway.
Okay Thank you.
Next, we have the candidate in second, Leorio-san.
All yours.
You aren't smiling anymore, Pariston.
I won't let you have your way! Huh? Leorio-san, could you please speak? Leorio-san! Damn it, Leorio! Are you asleep? I'll strangle you! Ah! Me? Nope, I'm drawing a blank.
What am I doing up here? Forget it.
In that case I'll just say what's on my mind.
If elected chairman, I'll treat the Association like it belongs to me! My first command will be to order all of you to help save Gon! This isn't where I should be right now.
Well, it isn't like I could help Gon if I were with him He's Gon is fighting for his life now.
He's a buddy.
A friend.
But I only found out recently.
While I was studying for myself, drinking, moving from place to place, jerking off, entertaining women, and surfing the Internet He was fighting for others.
Alongside the former chairman and their allies.
One of them has put his life on the line to save Gon.
All I could do was talk to Gon.
That's all I can do.
So if I become chairman, I won't stop talking to you.
Please help save Gon! Use your heads! If you have an idea, take action! If there's something I can do, tell me.
I'll do anything! Ging I think I understand why you didn't avoid his punch.
Even from that moment, you saw something in him.
I'm fine with having him as chairman.
Damn, I think I said more than I needed to.
Forget the part about jerking off.
I'm done.
If we're there to support him, I'm sure he'll make a good chairman.
Finally, we have the candidate in first place, Pariston-san.
All yours.
Everyone, please be quiet! It's over, Pariston.
It doesn't matter what you say.
My eighty-seven votes, Mizai's seventy-two votes, and the fifty-seven independent votes will be added to Leorio's ninety-five.
That gives him three hundred, eleven votes.
He'll have over fifty percent of the vote.
The 13th chairman will be Leorio.
Everyone, please quiet down.
Refrain from using mobile phones.
Um, in a moment, I'm going to get loud.
Everyone, you can continue talking on the phone.
This is the true Hunter spirit.
Once this election ends, I promise to do everything I can to help Gon-kun.
However, we must keep that matter separate from the election.
Of the remaining candidates, the one most qualified to be chairman is Mizaistom-san.
Heart Is Valuable There's something I've learned after serving as Chairman Netero's Vice Chairman for three years.
There are three conditions a chairman needs.
First is combat ability.
This is an absolute necessity, given our job requirements.
During the recent crisis, this was evident.
Second is experience.
Wisdom comes from experience! As a Hunter, you can never have too many years of experience.
Why? Why do I feel so irritated when he's talking? And the third is caliber.
I know why I understand him.
He never says what he truly thinks.
There aren't too many people who make you think that the Association would be in good hands if they were chairman.
Cheadle lacks combat ability.
Leorio-san lacks experience.
Stop Don't let emotions get the best of me.
And I lack all three! Hey, you were supposed to laugh.
I need to figure out what he's after.
I believe that Mizaistom-san is the only one possessing all three qualities.
One hundred and twenty of Pariston's two hundred ninety are Association Hunters.
Thirty of the votes come from the investigative and administrative departments he heads.
Pariston is able to control those votes as he likes without any signs or speeches.
We will now move on to the debate among the candidates.
Pariston's speech will create a split among the independents, who were all most likely leaning toward Leorio.
I'm guessing this is how it will look.
Leorio: Leorio votes, Cheadle votes, Morel votes, Teradein votes Pariston: Association Hunter and Administrative Department votes, Pariston personal votes Mizaistom: Mizai votes, Pariston votes Cheadle: Mizai votes But that would just push the election out another vote, which matches our goal.
Will something change during the debate? Fine, then I'll figure this out myself! Can I go first, then? No, I go first.
As I said earlier, I'm not interested in becoming chairman.
No, you said that you wouldn't say you're not willing to become chairman.
However, this isn't about what you want, Mizai-san.
What matters is how the voters feel.
Sometimes, there are situations where a job can only be done by a certain person.
That's where caliber comes in.
You shouldn't be talking about how you feel.
Stop the petty tricks, and let the voters decide.
You have the nerve to say that? But why is he pushing Mizai? Does he expect us to let greed get the better of us and push Mizai to second? That will never happen! Because the votes for Leorio are primarily independent.
If Leorio loses, they're likely to swing to Pariston.
But if Leorio remains, the votes previously cast for myself and the openly anti-Pariston Mizai will go to Leorio.
He'll hold on to Teradein's anti-Zodiac votes, and the Morel votes are also anti-Pariston.
Meaning that they'll never switch to Pariston.
Got it, Mizai? Yeah, I understand.
Defeating Pariston is the ultimate goal.
As a Crime Hunter, I trust my instinct.
There's no proof, and it's entirely possible that his hands are clean.
However He definitely has underground ties.
We can't let him run rampant within the Association any longer.
Since it appears that not even Netero could rein him in This election is where we must tear down Pariston's system.
And so, the eighth vote for the 13th chairman begins.
The votes fly.
Is he defeated? As Killua takes Something's hand, everything approaches its end.
Next time: Defeat x And x Reunion.