Hunter x Hunter (2011) s03e09 Episode Script

Defeat x And x Reunion

Please help save Gon! Use your heads! If you have an idea, take action! If there's something I can do, tell me.
I'll do anything! Defeat x And x Reunion The results of the eighth chairman election were promptly counted by Beans.
Now, please take a look at the result of the eighth election for the 13th chairman! Wow! Eighth Election for the 13th Chairman Turnout: 95.
4% This puts Leorio in first place! For the first time, Pariston hasn't finished in first place However, the first place vote-getter, Leorio, received only 44.
4% of the vote.
That was below the 50% requirement, which means we'll finally have a run-off between the top two vote-getters.
Are they serious about this? Then I'm gonna do whatever the hell I want.
Oh, it's Brother.
Did you sleep well? Uh-huh.
Where are we? The hospital.
My friend is here, sleeping.
He's very sick.
I want to help get him on his feet again.
You want Something to take over.
Boo! Just when I was able to spend time with you! Don't worry.
Like I told you We'll be together from now on.
And that's a promise.
Please help me.
I knew it.
Killua is the one person who doesn't have to follow the rules.
Though I'll have to check whether it's specific to Killua or something that happens after a wish is used to heal.
Okay, I'll do it.
Either way, the power to destroy and fix can become a powerful tool if the user can be tamed.
His utter lack of humanity and wicked ambition deviate even from the path of an assassin.
How tragic When he was being controlled, he suffered less.
Alluka is only awake when Something is asleep.
She spends less time as Alluka than one would think.
The time after Something's requests aren't met and people die, until Something makes the next level-1 request Or the time when request-making is paused after someone leaves Something before her three requests are complete Or the time after Something fixes and falls asleep, until someone else makes a wish to Alluka and has it granted Making this the last wish and never wishing to Something again would be the best thing that could happen.
Hand Hand Please, Something Please heal Gon! 'Kay.
Such incredible power What's happening inside? Who's doing this? What is this? I've never felt anything like this before.
Are you serious? Are you serious? Then I'm going to do whatever I want.
I want this.
This belongs to me.
Then let me ask the two remaining candidates if they have anything they want to say.
If not, we will proceed with the final vote.
It's futile.
It doesn't matter what you have to say.
Well, I have a feeling that this election is already over, but I would like to ask Leorio-san a question.
Can you answer this question for me again? What will you do if you become chairman? Leorio-san, can you please give us your answer again? What will you do if you become chairman? Save Gon! And I'll make all of you help me! That's all.
This would have been the perfect time, but I'm not God.
In that case, do you have any plans for shuffling personnel or restructuring the organization? Of course not! I don't even know why I'm standing here right now! Naturally Those are all the questions I have.
It's futile, Pariston.
Everyone was aware of those answers when they voted for Leorio.
His supporters applauded because they have every intention of backing him! Do you have any questions for me? No! Let's just get this over with! I understand.
Then I move for an emergency council.
Huh? Er, what are you saying? An emergency council.
In accordance with the Eighth and Ninth Hunter Commandments, I move for a vote of confidence.
The topic will be a revision of the Hunter Commandments and the Hunter Exam.
First, I propose that we abolish the current Hunter Exam system.
If you agree, please vote "yea.
" If you disagree, please vote "nay.
" Hold it right there! During the Zodiac council, we decided the Ten Commandments weren't to be touched! That isn't relevant right now! No.
You're wrong, stupid tiger! You're absolutely right.
The council reached an 11-1 majority decision.
I was the only one in favor of revising the Ten Commandments.
If Cheadle-san or Mizaistom-san were standing on the stage now, I would have deferred to the council and kept my mouth shut until the election ended.
But both of them are out of the running.
And Leorio-san has stated that he has no plan for the Association! This is the only time I can express my opinion as vice chairman, and not as a member of the Zodiacs.
Don't you understand, Kanzai-san? This is the only chance I will ever get! Of course, I could use the Eighth Commandment to override the council's decision and force the matter to a vote.
But I wanted to avoid that.
The Zodiacs are something precious that the former chairman left us.
Hey, if you say something stupid, he'll pay you back ten times over.
Honestly, part of me wishes to let this matter die without making waves.
However, the late Teradein-san and Bushidora-san made an excellent point.
The Third and Fourth Commandments are suffering gravely as a result of the current exam process! He doesn't want to win.
He doesn't want to lose, either.
You're right He's a spiteful person! He doesn't care about winning or losing, so with nothing to gain or lose, he can always stay dispassionate and calm, while he manipulates others and plays the rules against us in the worst way possible.
May I say something? Yes, what is it? If Leorio wins, I volunteer to serve as an advisor.
I promise to conduct a comprehensive review of the Ten Commandments and Hunter Exam at that point.
I won't let you grab any of the Teradein votes! I'll counter every point you've made! To everyone who's voting for the potential Leorio shows, but who's concerned about how he will serve initially, I will quell those concerns, even if it requires me to leave the Zodiacs.
Hey, hey, hey! I have no idea what you people are talking about.
But I'm in a hurry to save Gon as quickly as possible! Leorio! Gon! Damn! You had me so worried! Leorio! I'm so glad! So glad! Did I l look that bad? Bad doesn't even begin to describe it! Leorio, stop.
He's healed now.
Isn't that enough? Yeah, you're right.
Everyone was worried about you.
Thank you Thank you.
He got us.
Pariston wanted Leorio to be his final opponent! Leorio no longer has the motive or support to become chairman.
You become chairman! Who's the bald guy? Leorio, you can't tell Gon that Killua healed him.
Huh? Why not? You can't tell him! For Killua's sake, promise not to tell him.
O-Okay, got it.
Pariston, when? When did you predict that this would happen? Huh? No, no I don't have the ability to predict anything.
This was pure coincidence.
Please tell me.
I want to know.
It hurts to admit this, but I've been defeated.
It was when Ging-san said he would run for chairman What? After he said he would run, I asked a question to provoke him.
And he responded that Gon-kun wouldn't die, right? Go visit him.
He isn't going to die.
In that moment, I could see the scene that just transpired before us.
Well, I anticipated Ging-san and I would stand on stage, and Ging-san would ultimately win.
At least, in my vision.
First, since Ging-san said Gon-kun wouldn't die, I knew that meant there was a way to heal him.
And that if he became part of the election, I would never win.
Do you understand? That was the moment I was defeated.
But Ging-san gave up on the election, then Leorio-san arrived, and hit him.
When he stood on stage and talked about his friends risking their lives to save Gon-kun, I finally saw the complete picture.
I was assured of my victory a moment ago, when I felt that immense power.
I could sense that Gon-kun's friends had saved him.
All that remained was to delay the vote until he arrived.
Oh, I'll retract the earlier motion, so there's nothing for you to worry about.
That was all the information you had? You put your trust in someone you'd never met before?! I trust Ging-san as an enemy.
And these are the friends that Ging-san trusted to save his son.
I trust them.
Why wouldn't I? Run for chairman! I'll vote for you! Get on stage and say something! Speech! Speech! Man, I don't know what to do.
Ging? This is bad.
But, well, this was always gonna happen Gon has finally caught sight of Ging's back.
What will he say to him? Next time: Chairman x And x Release.