Hunter x Hunter (2011) s03e10 Episode Script

Chairman x And x Release

Ging? Chairman x And x Release Yo.
Ging! I'm sorry! It was my fault Because of me, Kite turned into a little girl! I h-heard he was captured by the enemy.
Yeah, I was with Kite Then Kite told me to run away, and Pitou showed up.
Kite lost his arm, I was knocked out, and then we trained Shoot got Kite out of the Ants' nest, but it wasn't Kite They did all kinds of horrible things! When I met Pitou again, Pitou said that Kite was already dead! Okay, I get it! Well, I don't get it, but just have a seat, okay? U-Uh Er Let's calm down.
We should both try to calm down It was because I insisted on having my way! Oh, um A-A-Anyway Just calm down first.
Ging is Ging is actually flustered.
I should have been the one who died! Gon.
That isn't true.
He took you along because he believed in you.
He told you to run because he'd underestimated the enemy.
If he hadn't thought you capable, he wouldn't have let you accompany him, no matter what you'd said.
It was his fault that he misjudged the enemy.
But— I know.
You're also at fault for being too weak! You should feel responsible.
Don't make the same mistake.
And you should apologize to Kite, not to me! You didn't clearly say if he's dead or alive, but either way, you should apologize! Yeah.
When apologizing to a friend, there's a rule.
Do you know it? Huh? No, what is it? You promise to do things differently next time.
And you keep that promise, no matter what.
Okay, get going! Yeah! Ging? Can I talk to you some more later? That might be difficult.
I'm a busy man That's crap, Ging! Aren't you his father? How cold can you be?! I know about Greed Island! You never went to see Gon after he cleared it! Too bashful or something? All you you, shut up! It's none of your business! You're a jerk, Ging! You should apologize to Gon! Promise him you'll act more like a father! Hell, you don't have the right to say you're his father! Make up your minds! You can all screw yourselves! You should have Leorio punch you again! Yeah, just shut up! Fine, then I'll be waiting, so get going! How stupid do you think we are? You take him there! Aren't you his father? Okay, fine! I'll take you all on! If you have a problem with what I'm doing, bring it on! You're all against me? Okay! That's fine by me! Everyone! Quiet down! The election isn't over yet.
Yes, I still haven't given up.
A new last chance has appeared! Gon-kun— Go ahead, then.
Due to the circumstances, no one can leave until the election is over.
You're in a hurry, aren't you? But this will be the final vote.
Once you vote, you'll be allowed to leave.
If you tell us your choice right now, everyone here will accept that as a valid vote.
Between myself, Pariston, and Leorio-san, whom do you believe is most fit to become chairman? I should mention that the former chairman, Netero, is taking an extended vacation after defeating the Ant King.
How can you say such a thing? If Gon picks Leorio after his dramatic arrival, everyone may get caught up in the heat of the moment again and vote for Leorio.
Chairman? Leorio's running for chairman? No! See, some stuff happened Gon-kun, you can rely on your gut.
Be true to your heart, and pick one of us.
Uh Then, I'll pick Pariston-san! Huh? Isn't Leorio-san your friend? Shouldn't you pick him? Nope, because Leorio wants to become a doctor, so he can't be chairman! Of course! Now I've been completely defeated.
Thank you, Gon-kun.
Then let's begin the vote.
Oh, sorry.
I'm going with Gon.
My vote goes to Pariston.
Leorio I know.
Ging! I'm going now! Yeah.
Is that all you have to say, you idiot? At least say, "See you later"! Where's your common sense? Ging's snapped! Someone stop this negligent jerk of a father! Heart Is Valuable That's impossible! Zodiacs, don't just stand there and smile! Do something! I guess, in his own way, Ging's popular.
Yeah, I guess so Hey, Gon! I remembered something.
I'm the one who taught Kite how to use Nen.
And I taught him his techniques.
There's a number that his Crazy Slots won't bring up unless he's adamant about not dying! If he's still alive, that's probably why.
He would never consider dying in your place.
So don't mess up your apology.
Or he'll smack you again! Got it! I'm off, then! Yeah! I'll be waiting! Again? Ging Ninth Election for the 13th Chairman Total Number of Hunters: 635 Turnout: 96.
8% Valid Votes: 615 Hello, everyone.
I am your 13th chairman, Pariston.
And I have an important announcement.
I, Pariston, name Cheadle-san as vice chairman, and resign as chairman.
Okay, then.
I didn't see that coming.
How long must you make fools of us?! Come back here! I didn't become vice chairman because I wanted to become chairman.
I just wanted to hinder the chairman.
When I said silly things to tease him, Netero-san always looked so happy I really wanted to play with him some more.
I recommend that you reform the Hunter Exam and Commandments quickly.
Cheadle-san, if the Association becomes a dull place under your leadership, I'll get serious about toying with you.
Leorio, where's Killua? Huh? Oh, I don't know.
He isn't answering his phone.
It sounds like he was traveling, looking for a way to save you.
Well, once we contact him, I'm sure he'll come see you.
I need to apologize to Killua.
When I was fighting the enemy, I got confused, and I said terrible things to him.
I'm sorry, too.
Huh? Why are you apologizing? Well, sorry that I couldn't do anything when you guys were in trouble.
Huh? What do you mean? I don't get it.
Yeah, I'm really sorry.
The requests following a wish for a computer should be more severe than playing dead and a pat on the head.
When I heard Milluki's report, that was the first thing that seemed off.
And when the two-choice wish resulted in a simple kiss on the cheek, it demanded fingernails, a far too heavy price.
Assuming that the fingernails were the price for the computer, Wish Request that would match the balance between wishes and requests seen previously.
If my theory is correct, playing dead and the pat on the head weren't requests from Something.
Thus, the two-choice wish didn't require a payment.
Why was that the case? There are two possibilities.
One, because the wish was simple enough that Something's power wasn't required.
Two, because it wasn't a wish.
However, there's still an unresolved question here.
If playing dead and the pat on the head weren't requests from Something They were requests from Alluka, not Something.
Killua claims that Something calls him "Killua," and the request to play dead was made to "Brother.
" Thus, the one who calls Killua "Brother" is Alluka.
If the request came from Alluka, then Something wasn't awake, and Killua shouldn't have been able to make the two-choice wish.
However, Something responded to Killua's wish.
The hint to resolving this contradiction lies in the wording Killua used.
When making the two-choice wish, Killua was not asking.
He was commanding.
It makes sense that a command would work differently than a wish, and would not require a payment upon completion.
Those are my conclusions.
What do you think? I'll get to the point.
I'm the one who can use Something's power, effectively and safely, for the Zoldyck family.
As it stands, Alluka is no more than a spirit locked forever in one room.
But if I control him with you at his side, at the very least, I can guarantee his freedom.
Brother I'll protect Alluka.
Kil, you need to learn your place.
Something, wake up.
Kil, this is your last chance.
Let me have Something— Something! Send Illumi back home! 'Kay.
Teleportation For real? Oh, you were all watching? That's amazing He's invincible.
If Killua issues a command, there is no need to worry about requests.
This means that turning Killua into my puppet is worth any price.
Tsubone, Amane Can you leave us alone for a moment? If you don't leave on your own, I'll have to issue Something a command.
Killua, pat my head Something is doing this because she wants me to praise her.
I don't want to use her by issuing commands.
So please Killua Killua! Killua! Killua Something Killua, pat my head.
You can't come out anymore.
I love Killua.
You can't come out, Something.
I love Killua.
I love Killua! You can't! Never come out again! Got it? 'Kay Alluka is free now.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Something.
I'm sorry Alluka? Brother? Yep, it's your big— Did you make Something cry? Huh? Er, well She's still hunched over, crying! Apologize to her! But Apologize! If you're nice to me, you have to be nice to Something, too! If you're going to protect me, you have to protect Something, too! If you're mean to Something, I'll hate you! Alluka, thank you.
I guess I was still under Ill-nii's control.
But everything's okay now.
Can you tell Something to come out? Something, I'm sorry.
I was wrong.
I'm sorry! I was scared of Ill-nii, and I couldn't defy him.
So I did what he said, and I hated it.
When I realized he might force you to do bad things, too, I got really scared For Alluka's sake, I lied to myself, and I said mean things to you.
I'm really sorry! Something, I'll protect you.
We'll always be together! Don't listen to wishes from anyone else anymore! I'll pat you on the head whenever you want! So would you please come out again? 'Kay Something, will you forgive me for being a bad big brother? 'Kay.
I love Killua.
Tsubone, I've rescinded the restriction on Killua.
Please let him know.
Yes, I understand.
His first friend.
Too many memories to speak of.
A new journey.
Next time: Salvation x And x Future.