Hunter x Hunter (2011) s02e38 Episode Script

A x Lawless x Home

Next is the continuation of our report on the UMAs, or Unidentified Mysterious Animals, that have recently been sighted.
The difference between this and our previous report is the increasing number of victims, and the amount of evidence supporting the existence of these creatures.
In any case, many of the witnesses are active members of the police force.
And over half of the officers who have rushed to the scenes have been killed by these creatures.
These are images of unidentified creatures that have been attacking the police.
You can see the victims on the ground at the creatures' feet.
What we know is that all these creatures are violent, capable of speech, and show no fear of humans.
A prime example is this interview with the lion man of Nevaska.
He spoke at length of a crude theory about the existence of a kingdom.
The woman interviewing him listened patiently to what he had to say, but eventually, she asked the question on every viewer's mind.
Can you prove that you truly are what you claim? Those were her last words.
So far, the unidentified creatures have only appeared on the Yorbian continent.
But it seems likely that they will continue to spread, and no effective method of dealing with them has been found.
Sorry for the wait.
Okay, let's go.
A x Lawless x Home They're known as Chimera Ants.
I know.
They became that way after mixing with humans.
Working backwards from the dates and locations of sightings and police reports, they probably originated in the Balsa Islands.
Lots of strange nations are in that area.
You shouldn't be talking about how strange other people are.
But they were once ants So they should just stay close to their nest.
Why come all the way out here? No idea.
Maybe they were just wandering, or perhaps they were drawn to the smell of garbage.
It can't be a coincidence.
Both NGL and East Gorteau are nations that share no information with the outside world.
Just like this place.
That makes it easier for them to invade.
It's been quite a long time.
The place hasn't changed What's the situation? Between the victims and martyrs, we're seeing over three hundred dead.
Bombs have no effect, so we can't fight back.
The council is still arguing about how to classify the dead.
What do you mean? A few days ago, this was an ordinary human.
The Ants did this? Looks dead to me.
What's the problem? Some are alive and working with the Ants.
And all of them look like monsters.
The council's debate is whether to declare them dead based on whether or not there's a way to restore them to their original forms.
They can't avenge them because they're too busy arguing over whether they're dead or mutated? Nothing's changed.
They always lose sight of what's important.
We're going to do things our way.
If anyone interferes, we'll take them down.
Don't worry.
Before the day is out, we'll exterminate this so-called Queen.
I am the Queen.
I repeat.
Those who resist will be executed.
The chosen will live in paradise for eternity! Our mother's greatest flaw was that she could only produce soldiers through the archaic and inefficient laying of eggs.
Her sole achievement was giving birth to me.
Stop Kill me! Kill me! Plenty of spirit He shows promise.
Chosen one, welcome to paradise.
Swear eternal fealty to the Queen.
I am the Queen.
Sexy Stinger of Rebirth With my Queen Shot, I shall control the world.
Let's go through the front door.
No objection here No one's around.
Are they inviting us in? Then I'll go this way.
I'll take this way.
We're splitting up? Of course It's a race to see who'll kill the Queen.
I imagine you'd prefer to hide your abilities from us.
Kill anything that attacks you.
If you kill the Queen, you're the interim boss.
Start! They've scattered.
From their footsteps, I can sense that these intruders are special.
They are accustomed to living in the wild.
Are they strong? Yes.
Then go and greet them.
But then, no one will be here to guard you.
If you're worried about me, capture the enemy and hurry back.
I have faith in you, Pike.
Y-You are too kind I will serve you with my life! Off I go! Now, then You're heading out? My mother's greatest misfortune was that she never experienced the joy of combat.
You're no fun Let me hold you.
I'll send you to heaven.
No, holes? Bonolenov descended from a small tribe that industrialization had driven out of its ancestral lands, the Gyudondond.
When Gyudondond males reach the age of three, needles are used to puncture holes in their body.
Depending on the holes' size and shape, and the movements the Gyudondond make, they can produce sound.
Before fighting rival tribes or wild animals, they would play a battle song using their own bodies as instruments.
They are known as the Bapu, dancing warriors.
Bapu Dancing Warriors They believe the more beautiful the sound produced, the stronger the spirit that descends.
The most skilled Bapu are treated as gods, and hold more influence than the elders.
Transform this melody into strength to fight! Battle Cantabile Battle Cantabile Prologue Prologue! The blood of my tribe, the most beautiful in battle, flows through my veins.
I swear on the names of the spirits and my tribe that you will not best me.
Was that attack supposed to hold your tribe's pride? If so You must not feel much pride.
Don't bother recanting those words.
They are but a beast's ramblings.
They cannot affect me! In a one-on-one fight, my opponent's strength doesn't matter.
If I can pierce it with this, I'll win.
But I'm not certain I can pierce that Those are sharp I'll need to slip in between them and insert the antenna into the joint exposed when he moves the arm.
Chance of succeeding unscathed Twenty percent! Okay, it worked Ow.
Guess escaping unharmed wasn't possible.
Huh? Why didn't it work? I put the antenna in You must be a Manipulator.
I can tell because, once you placed that antenna in Pell, you relaxed.
That must be the condition for activating your power.
You let your guard down when you thought it worked.
Its name is Pell? You must also be a Manipulator.
If my power doesn't activate after the condition has been met, that means my target is already being manipulated by another Nen user.
That, and he has a remote controller.
Oh, you knew? Yes, it's first come, first served for Manipulators.
Once I take you to the Queen, my job is done.
No good I can't break free.
Guess there's no choice.
I'd rather not have to use this Your punch stings about as much as a mosquito bite.
What's next? You gonna kick me? Pull out a weapon? As a gift to you on your way to the afterlife, I'll grant you one more attack.
For an ant, you know some big words.
Then I'll take you up on that And go with a punch.
You're sure? Really? Fifteen should do it.
Fifteen? Four, five, six Eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen Fifteen! Huh? I get a free attack, right? W-Wait! Karmic Loop Every time I wind my arm, my punch gets stronger.
Ripper Cyclotron! Ripper Cyclotron Oh, half of that would have been enough.
I never seem to know how much power to use.
Now, then Which way to go? Right? Or left? I'll flip a coin.
What's going to happen to me? You'll become a slave.
You'll work for the Queen until you die.
Not too different from your current life.
That's true, in a sense.
I'd just be taking orders from a different person.
But I'd rather die than listen to someone I don't even like.
Strong words.
Well, at this point, all you can move is your mouth.
I can move both hands and my left leg.
That's nice.
Anyway, ready for me to take control? I can't let you die.
Once I put this in you When I fight, I always carry two antennae.
For just this kind of situation.
First come, first served.
He stuck it in himself! Autopilot on.
S-So much aura Enemy identified.
Eliminating now.
Go, Pell! Aim for his leg! Remove the antenna! Mission complete.
Autopilot disengaging.
Powering off.
Ow I already feel it I'll be down with muscle aches for two or three days.
That's why I hate using this! It makes me stronger, but there's a hefty price.
And I remember nothing that happened, so I don't feel like I've accomplished anything.
You have considerable power for a lady.
Where was she hiding that vacuum cleaner? His thread is strong.
If I get caught in it, I won't be able to escape.
Where's the Queen? Rejoice.
She stands before you now.
That's a lame joke.
Huh? A joke? You have no manners, brat.
This warrants a hefty punishment.
They are but a beast's ramblings.
Then I'll take you up on that.
When I fight, I always carry two antennae.
It sounds like Feitan found the Queen How do I kill her first? What's this? A child? Hey, little girl, come over here.
I refuse.
Rejected Then I'll come to you.
I'm in a hurry right now.
What's that? Confetti.
Wind! That didn't even tickle.
Surrounding me with more paper? You're wasting your time! Look.
What? You think that means something? You really are a stupid kid! Impossible This rope is made of steel! My fan is made of paper.
Meandering Dance Meandering Dance.
Your right arm is next.
An umbrella? Decent reaction.
A hidden blade? You like hiding things on you, little boy? As do you.
When an opponent wears baggy clothing, it's safe to assume they're hiding something.
What's wrong? Are you not going to continue your attack? That is the only way to stop my performance.
You'll pay for this! Pike If I get Pike to use his thread to tangle up this guy, he can't make any sound! Next time, I'll rip you apart! Your escape is certainly fast But not as fast as the speed of sound.
Battle Cantabile Jupiter Jupiter! Crushed to death.
An appropriate death for a bug.
The Phantom Troupe fight to save their home, Meteor City, from the Chimera Ants.
Next time: Carnage x And x Devastation.
!aulliK, yalp s'teL .
noG, eurS What did we just say? Hint It was backwards.