Hunter x Hunter (2011) s02e37 Episode Script

Grudge x And x Dread

Looks like you guys have been waiting here to kill me.
Sorry, but the prey is about to become the predator.
You'll die before you can even strike back.
Really? I barely felt a thing.
You could punch us like that a few thousand times without killing us.
I get it.
You're trying to act tough.
You're swinging long after the ball's already in the catcher's mitt.
Just as a warning, I'm not using my full strength.
I can run faster and throw harder punches.
This is a surprise.
He's actually aiming for my face.
I was certain his eyes couldn't even follow my motion earlier Just a lucky guess? Him, too He's clearly ascertaining where I'm going to be before he attacks.
It's only been a minute since I encountered them.
They've adapted to my speed that quickly? They're nothing like the guys from yesterday.
How amusing It makes this more of a challenge! Grudge x And x Dread Your bodies can't keep up with your minds You obviously can't compete physically.
How are you gonna compensate? With guns? Numbers? We'll use wit and experience.
Where did this stuff come from? Smoke? Gas? Poison gas? Or sleeping gas? No, they're standing within it.
This must be some kind of special power.
Are you scared? You can retreat if you want.
Does that mean you aren't running away? Then this is a smokescreen.
They'll use it as cover for their attack.
Well, let's see what they can do Here it comes! What? When you use Gyo, your body freezes briefly.
This trick won't work on the same opponent too many times.
But it only needs to once.
I wouldn't be so sure.
That didn't hurt at all.
I'll admit that you caught me off-guard, but you didn't do any damage.
What's this? Gee, I wonder It's time.
Adding interest.
Answer me.
Answer me! Your anger is blinding you to your surroundings It'll be super easy to send you tumbling.
Hey! Damn it! They're gone? Where are you? It's time.
Adding interest.
It doesn't matter what your power does.
I just have to rip you apart! Looks like he's powerless against Zetsu.
Well, we're dealing with a level-one soldier ant.
With APR on him, we can easily track him.
We just need to chase him down, box him in, and that'll be the end.
But doesn't your ability lose its effect if the target moves too far away? It'll stop adding interest, but the effect will remain.
Once I'm back in range, the counter will start up again.
But even if IRS doesn't kick in, he'll be easy to finish off.
We've already learned his attacks.
You fool! We may know what pitch he'll use, but we still can't put the bat on the ball.
Let's leave him for a Nen user who's better equipped to handle him.
You're right.
I'm more concerned about Gon and Killua Damn I can't shake this thing.
I can't outrun it So this is Nen.
I need more than just speed here.
Kite's in here.
He is no longer the person you once knew.
It's okay.
We'll find a way to cure him! Hotel Rafflesia Hotel Rafflesia: Dark Inn Once I've dealt an enemy a certain amount of damage, I'm able to trap an entire body or merely a single part inside.
This must be how he took my eye.
If I release him from the cage, he'll return to his original size.
Be careful.
He cannot use Nen, but he is still strong.
Kite Most likely, they used him to train soldiers.
He automatically attacks anyone who approaches.
Kite It's okay now.
It's okay.
It's been a while since you punched me.
That hurt a lot You're going to let this beating continue? Gon can't use Nen to defend himself either, right? It's okay, Gon will notice.
Maybe he already has, and is still Perhaps.
He's suppressing his reflexes to dodge or block, allowing himself to be hit.
For real? Kite's attacks may be robotic and easy to anticipate.
But Gon shouldn't be able to adapt so quickly in his current state! I'm sure he doesn't know what else to do.
This is the reality we've created that we must now face.
He'll go right next.
Right again.
And then left.
Then a feint He really does fight like a robot.
Kite isn't this weak Kite's punches hurt much more! I'm sorry, Kite.
It's our fault you're like this Get some rest.
We'll take it from here.
Level two Gon can't see that thing, but it activates when anyone touches Kite.
You must be highly skilled at combat to clear this test.
I've already blocked Kite's Nen, so that belongs to whoever's controlling him.
Be careful.
If you touch him again, he'll attack.
What do I do? How did you stop him? We injured him badly.
We had no choice, but I'm still sorry.
If you stay away, he won't attack.
Kite Just wait a little longer.
I'll get you back to normal soon.
Killua I want that one myself! Killua I knew something was different when I saw you.
What did you guys do in the short time since I saw you last? We didn't do anything.
Our enemies did.
A Few Weeks Later Twenty-nine days have passed since Gon lost his Nen.
Are you sure we should let them come along? We'll be breaking our promise to the old man.
I see no problem with that.
The test was to determine who would enter NGL And we are headed to the Republic of East Gorteau.
Sounds like a technicality to me.
Then you think we shouldn't bring them with us? No, they're grown tigers now.
They can take care of themselves.
I would agree that Killua is capable, but what about Gon? At the very end, I was impressed by the way he moved.
But he hasn't shown any fire since.
And he clearly isn't focused during training.
I believe his performance is quite inconsistent.
But he's consistently inconsistent.
He only gets serious when he absolutely must.
I think his lack of drive these past few weeks will actually give him a boost.
A boost? He's been saving up all that energy To unleash when he finds his hated foe.
Well, we'll see soon enough.
Tomorrow, Gon's Nen will return And the enemy is before us! Near the Republic of East Gorteau Border What is the agenda behind the sudden flurry of activity recently observed in East Gorteau? Supreme Leader Diego has personally invited all citizens to gather in the capital city, Peijing, to celebrate the nation's birth in ten days.
Yes, there have been occasions in the past during which all citizens were invited to participate.
However, we've never seen anything on this scale, where practically every citizen, from babies to the ill, has been summoned for a celebration spanning three days.
The logical conclusion would be that the goal this time is different.
What do you believe the goal to be? Well, it would send a powerful message if he were to announce his successor and abdication simultaneously.
But I find it hard to imagine the Supreme Leader relinquishing his power.
It may also be meant to distract from some other matter.
In any event, the whole world will be watching East Gorteau in ten days.
Next Colt believes the celebration will be used as a screening.
We don't know what they'll do with those found to have Nen, but ninety-nine percent of the humans there will die.
We must stop it before that happens! Our time limit is ten days.
What's the old man up to? He sent an e-mail saying that he's already inside East Gorteau, but I haven't heard from him since.
Do you think he's been taken out? If he fails to contact us today, we've been told to assume as much.
Speak of the devil, it's the Chairman.
That old man's got some sharp ears He already knows everything.
Including the fact that you boys are here.
And that Morel-san is badmouthing him.
Divide into three pairs and draw the Royal Guard away from the King.
The night before the celebration, the operation will begin at midnight.
From the sharp-eared old man.
That guy really scares me I'm sorry to say that your thirty days are up.
So I'll make myself scarce! See you around Bye! Okay, now you can use Nen again.
Give it a try.
Gon Sorry, but I'm still not convinced we should keep you around.
Show me your resolve.
Attack me as if I were responsible for Kite.
If your attack is too weak, we'll replace you with another Hunter.
Seriously, the master can be so difficult.
He already agreed to bring Gon along Gon, show him your Jajanken.
You want me to attack you for real? Don't insult me! If you hold back in the slightest, you're off the team! Got it.
First comes rock Gon, that's enough Right, big guy? Y-Yeah Oh.
K-Killua, thank you.
Sorry about that, Morel-san! I was really about to kill you! You got me You got me good.
You go crazy with the best of them.
We'll split up now.
Use whatever means you deem best to fulfill your mission.
Gon and Killua, as you requested, you're assigned to Neferpitou.
Knuckle and Shoot, you're on the one called Menthuthuyoupi.
Knov and I will take Shaiapouf.
Best of luck to you.
The preparations for the final battles are complete.
Ten days remain until that moment.
Next time: A x Lawless x Home.
Wanna see what being controlled is like? Huh? Stick this antenna here Huh? It has to be Killua.