Hunter x Hunter (2011) s02e36 Episode Script

Friend x And x Journey

I have to defeat him, or it's all over! I'll do whatever it takes to protect Gon! Friend x And x Journey Determined to protect Gon for the thirty days he can't use Nen, Killua prepares for a fight with a Chimera Ant.
However Run.
Yes! That's more like it! That terrified expression I love it! Damn, I'm getting excited now I'm gonna tear you apart.
If you aren't certain you can win, run.
I have to protect him I have to When you know nothing of your opponent protect Gon.
run away.
No matter what! Is there something special about that tree? Just wait a little longer.
Amazing They're seaside fireflies.
They're only found around brackish water, and this is their breeding season.
It's beautiful! Isn't it? You piss yourself or something? Well?! Can't even move a muscle? Lose your spine? Damn, this feels so good Should I kill him? Ah, but I want to enjoy this! Here.
It's a present.
This is the most beautiful flower in the world.
It is? Stay still.
The tree's sap is very similar to the pheromones fireflies emit, so they tend to gather around branches.
I'm so happy Thank you.
Really? I'm glad to hear that.
But I I can't give you what you truly want.
What I truly want? Time alone with me.
Eh? I I want to become stronger.
Strong enough to defeat the Chimera Ants.
That means I have to train harder.
In two days, Kite's coming back.
But it sounds like he's under enemy control.
To return him to normal, I'll probably have to fight whoever is controlling him.
So until Kite is back to normal Or if possible, until the Chimera Ants are defeated I want to focus on my training.
Yes Yes! Are you okay with that? Huh? What was that? Damn! I can't get enough! Run Hurry.
No Gon! I will protect you.
Because we're friends You're my dear friend! Stop that Don't look at me like that.
I c-can't stop myself I'll kill you.
I'll kill you! I'll kill you Run.
Shut up! Run.
I won't listen to you! Run Run Run Shut up! I'll leave the head, but eat the rest! Run.
I don't want to lose him! Run.
Gon is Run.
my Run.
dear Run.
It has to be Killua.
My very dear friend! He disappeared? He fooled me good.
Illumi must have planted this inside my head.
Huh? What are you talking about? Have you lost your mind? And how did you dodge that? Wait, I saw the whole thing.
Right before I reached him, he jammed his finger into his own head.
And then he vanished, before popping up over there.
Yeah, I feel so much better now.
I'm completely awake now.
Or maybe I should say I'm liberated.
That's all that happened! Nothing more This can't be happening! Now I'm the one who's afraid?! I have a message for the other Ants.
If you come anywhere near us, your lives are over.
That's bull! Very well.
Then don't bother.
They're gone.
Their stuff's still here Were other Ants nearby? I don't sense any.
That means What are you doing?! Eh? Can't you tell? I'm punishing him.
Punishing him for toying with my feelings! What the hell? You're the one who's being unreasonable! Well, at least he's okay Leave us alone! This is none of your business! Right back at you, stupid.
Why don't you make yourself scarce? Why are you injured? Huh? Oh, I was training Got a problem with it? I'll injure you some more! Palm Don't bother.
I could dodge your knife in my sleep.
I was so sure he was dead.
Wait! I'll kill you! What? Catch us if you can, stupid! Wait! Stop, Killua You're just making her angrier.
Huh? If we ditch her here, we'll never see her again.
We just have to call Knuckle and tell him we'll meet him somewhere else.
I'm going back.
Do you want to die? If you let your guard down thinking she's not much of a fighter, she'll stab you in the back! She wouldn't do that.
Huh?! Bu— Didn't you see her take that knife to me? Damn, you're too much! They're making a fool of me! They think they've escaped me? Fools! Wherever you run to, I will know! Cute, cute mermaid Where is that accursed brat, Killua? There he is, the fool! The hotel by the station Brat Brat! Brat! Brat! He keeps interfering! If not for him, everything would be fine.
I'll chase him to the end of the world and eliminate him! Make a fool of me, will you?! Kno— Knov-sama Where did those boys go? R-Right They went to the hotel that has a logo with three circles.
This is Knov.
They're at the Triple Circle Hotel.
Yeah, we just got a call from them.
Um, I believe you had planned to arrive in two days No, we're on schedule.
We'll use the extra two days to observe those boys, to determine if they're ready to see Kite in his current state.
But first things first, Palm! Y-Yes? It appears that you used your power without my permission.
I told you to await my orders, in case of unforeseen events.
Yes Your blood is an irreplaceable commodity.
Irreplaceable? Use it only for me.
Only for Knov-sama Understood? Y-Yes.
Knov-sama really is the only one for me! And why are you dressed like that? Oh! No reason N-Nothing's going on! Irreplaceable Then tell her to wait until Kite's back to normal.
I did.
Gon Freecss, age 12, blood type B, forced into a relationship by Palm Siberia, age 22, blood type A and dumped before he knew it.
Meh Again? That's the third one.
Oh! A secret one! Huh? Really? Yeah, you can auction it on the net for a lot of money.
Then you can have it.
Not interested.
Did something happen? Hmm? Not really.
Let's hit the gym.
Okay! Well? Oh, I haven't noticed anything.
They seem to be doing fine But we should continue to observe them.
That will give them time to conclude their business.
While Knov and Shoot were observing the mental state of Gon and Killua He's here.
Who's this guy? Not bad.
He's fast.
You're faster than the guys I fought yesterday.
But not by much.
Next time: Grudge x And x Dread.
Give me more meat! You eat a lot.
Bitter much? You mean, "Jealous much?"