Hunter x Hunter (2011) s02e35 Episode Script

Date x With x Palm

What? Intruders? Dispose of them.
I'm busy right now.
Don't bother me with reports I don't need to hear! Carry on now.
Date x With x Palm I don't know which nation sent you.
But having entered this palace, you must now die painful deaths.
Your Majesty I needn't even strain my eyes to sense it.
This is a rare human.
An appetizing treat.
This is it This is the flavor I sought! I feel it.
I feel it! I feel it! This is it! I can feel power surging through my body! Nyow I understand This is the King's power.
He can take aura from rare humans he consumes.
In other words, the more he eats, the stronger he will grow.
Hmm? Who are you people? Guards! What are you incompetents doing? Worthless.
I can't sense anything.
Insolent thugs! Do you know who I am? A supreme leader of this era, a king among kings I am Masador Diego! Why does that scum claim to be the king? In the human world, it is a common phenomenon.
Humans without intelligence or talent end up in positions of power due to bloodline or connections.
That defies all logic In the hands of an incompetent, power brings nothing but ruin.
This could only be the work of imbeciles.
We must provide proper guidance.
However, they serve as quality meat, and they are a self-renewing resource.
They are an easy food source.
The non-rare humans can be used to feed our soldiers.
I shall use my godly power to deal divine punishment! Leave at once— Allow me to dispose of this.
I can use it to control other humans.
Do as you like.
P-Please! S-Spare our lives.
We beg you These humans are idiots.
Think as hard as those weak brains of yours can manage.
Have you ever spared a pig or a cow as it begged for its life? The view is excellent.
And there is plenty of space.
I dub this place the Meat Plantation.
It will be used for processing humans.
As you command.
After being defeated by Knuckle and Shoot, Gon and Killua return to the inn where Palm waits.
Before I worry about enemies, I have to protect Gon from Palm.
You must take responsibility.
What?! You promised to take me to NGL You said you'd swallow a thousand needles if you broke that promise.
Uh-huh, I'm sorry.
I don't want an apology But there's no point in having you swallow a thousand needles.
So what can I do to make up for it? Let's see You must do any one thing I say.
Hey! Right now, do you know how Gon feels— Okay, I agree! Go out with me.
Go out with me Eh? Okay.
Huh? Do you have any idea what you're doing?! Yeah, but I did say I'd do anything.
And you have no problem playing dirty like this?! This is none of your business.
It's our problem.
It's up to the two of us.
You should stay away from her, Gon.
Don't interrupt us! This is something the two of us must decide alone.
You just want an excuse to say that! Just be quiet.
We're going out now There's somewhere I really want to go.
Oh, sorry.
I can't go out today.
Eh? Today, I have to train with Killua.
I know! You can train with us, Palm! Huh? What are you talking about? Didn't you say we'd go out? Uh-huh.
Then, why is he tagging along? And why would we train? Are you toying with me? This will be a date Our first date! The first date for us! The! First! Date! But it isn't a date.
Huh?! We can have a proper date later.
Since it's our first date, like you said.
Wow The word "date" keeps popping up.
And I need time to prepare for it, too.
Prepare? Prepare for what? That's a secret.
You get to find out tomorrow.
Oh In that case, it's fine.
Really If you'd explained first, I wouldn't have been so angry.
Sorry about that.
But I wanted to keep it secret, to surprise you! You wanted to surprise me? Gosh Let's meet tomorrow, at 10 AM, in front of the bulletin board.
I'll be there! Gon, you're amazing! Huh? What do you mean? Well, listening to you talk to Palm, you seemed used to this stuff.
Really? I was wondering Hmm? Have you been on a date before? Sure, I have.
Well, most of them were with Mito-san.
Oh, that makes sense Wait, who else was there? Oh, some of the fishing boats that stopped at Whale Island were full of women, some of whom only liked younger men So I took them around the village and had them teach me things.
T-Teach him things? Th-That means He's a grown-up! Women like that were called fanatics.
Haven't you ever been on a date, Killua? No! Of course not I spent all my time training as an assassin.
And ever since I quit, I've been with you.
Oh, yeah.
Right! And I really don't want that to change Somewhere down the line, you'll leave Gon behind to die.
Damn, I'm about ready to give in And this was my own decision Hello? It's Knuckle.
We've located and secured Kite.
Really? Kite's okay? Knuckle? I believe that Kite's being controlled by the enemy.
So I wouldn't say that he's okay.
That's fine.
There must be a way to bring him back! All right, it'll take three days to get back, so watch out for any soldier ants.
It seems they've scattered far and wide, imitating the king.
Got it.
Yes! I knew that Kite was alive! That's great.
All that's left is to protect you for a month.
Wow! Look over here! I've found a new feeding ground.
There we go.
What's that for? It's a present for Palm.
Are you sure about this? If you hand that to her, won't she freak out? If I just hand it to her, probably Whatever Let's get back to town.
If we encounter soldier ants here, in the mountains, we'll be in serious trouble.
Likewise, if we stay in town, the risk of encountering ants looking for humans is high.
But while other humans are being targeted, we can escape.
After all, Gon can't currently use his Nen So I must protect him.
Even if it means sacrificing everything else! Let's hurry.
Drop your weapon, place your hands behind your head, and lie down on the ground! If you don't comply within three seconds, we will open fire.
Three Two One! Ready Fire! He disappeared? Ow! These guys are so slow This is no fun.
On to the next story.
Today, around noon, an unidentified creature killed seven people in Pata City.
The creature also injured multiple police officers who had rushed to the scene, before escaping into the Miera Mountains.
According to police testimony, the creature moved at speeds exceeding two hundred kilometers per hour.
Before leaving, it said, "I'll return tomorrow.
Bring faster humans," which means it could be a new species of Magical Beast.
An evacuation has been ordered for all area residents.
Pata City and the Miera Mountains NGL Republic of Autonomous Rokario Region Inninge City Miera Mountains Pata City Qwen City Dory City Another city lies between us, with the Miera Mountains on the opposite side.
We should be okay The government has requested that the Hunter Association capture it, and the Association has accepted.
Next, we have the weather.
I'm done, Killua! Tomorrow, we're both on our own.
Yeah, I'll be training all day in the gym.
Yeah, right.
I can't ditch Gon when he's essentially defenseless Gon-kun, over here.
Hmm? I didn't recognize you! Who are you?! Do I look strange? Nope, you look really pretty! Wait, stop it You're too loud.
You're embarrassing me What? I'm just telling the truth.
That's enough.
Let's go.
Damn What am I doing? Now I look like the stalker! No, don't let it get to me.
I have to protect Gon! There's no telling when the enemy will show up.
How far are they going to go? Something's there.
This aura is probably from a soldier ant.
It isn't that close, but it isn't that far, either.
There are faint aura traces around.
Did it already pass through the area? Or were they brought here by the wind? Either way, there's a high risk our paths will cross! Should I warn them? We're here.
Eh? It's beautiful No, there's no point in telling them.
Gon can't use his Nen.
If he gets upset about Kite and flies off the handle with rage, he's finished.
Knowing Palm, she'll definitely go nuts if I interrupt her date.
If she breaks the silence with her shrieks, Use this chair.
the nearby ants will notice us.
Thank you, I'm fine.
I can't let them know I'll take care of this myself! Oh, I thought I smelled a human That's I remember you.
You're one of those kids from before! Looks like your luck's run out.
You're about to get a taste of hell.
But it won't last forever.
I moved upwind to catch his attention and draw him away from them.
I've done what I had to.
But Where's the other kid? Once you tell me his location, I'll give you an easy death.
Well, he can't be that far away He's your buddy, right? Well, it doesn't matter if you talk or not.
I'll just walk around making lots of noise and swinging your severed head.
Then he'll come to me himself.
Isn't that how humans are? He's right.
I have to defeat him, or it's all over! I'll do whatever it takes to protect Gon! Next time: Friend x And x Journey.
Going back to Whale Island with Killua Looking up at the stars with Gon.
We're going on a journey!