Hunter x Hunter (2011) s02e34 Episode Script

One Wish x And x Two Promises

I never knew how frustrating weakness could be! Gon For the thirty days that you can't use Nen I'll protect you.
I will do whatever it takes! One Wish x And x Two Promises Colt arrived, under a white flag of surrender, to ask the Hunters a favor.
His wish was that they save the dying Queen.
After hearing his request, Morel and Knov took Colt to see Netero.
It's me.
Send over a team of Chimera Ant researchers immediately.
Hmm? The king has been born.
Contact Dr.
Lee, of the Bonrin Medical School, and have him bring all his skilled surgeons and artificial organ experts.
We leave in four hours.
Yes, sir.
We will do everything we can.
Colt-kun We'll need your cooperation.
Heart This may be the last time I wear this Hey, is that Yes, it's his "heart" T-shirt.
Heart They say it's a lucky shirt he only wears when he fights for real.
But I always thought it was a just a rumor Colt-kun, it appears that you can use Nen Since you've been in the King's presence, I want you to give me your honest opinion.
How do I compare to the King? He really is special It feels like needles pricking me all over my body.
Most likely, you will be unable to lay a finger on him.
You'll be killed by one of his Royal Guard before you can get close enough.
I see I'm happy to hear that.
At this age, I'll be a challenger.
This is exciting stuff.
Morel, I believe your disciples were to fight today, yes? Yes.
Take the victors and the research team, along with Colt, to the nest.
And you, Chairman? You don't plan to pursue the King alone? Oh, no I'm off to see an old acquaintance.
Don't forget to pay me my one million.
I know.
What are you talking about? Nothing important.
Let's go.
Everyone else has left.
Most of our soldiers joined other squadrons and left.
Though a few oddballs did leave their squadrons to stay here.
I suppose it's fortunate no fighting broke out.
Did you stop the bleeding? Yes, but I couldn't do anything else for her.
I'm not sure we can, either.
Don't expect too much.
For now, we'll hook her up to artificial organs.
Can you use my organs? You can have all my blood, as well! Unfortunately, it won't work.
Chimera Ants from different generations are completely different organisms.
Just look at how much the Chimera Ants in your own generation vary.
But the sentiment is appreciated.
We'll do our best, so pray That, miraculously, all the organs will function.
Pray Is that all I can do? Someone Is anyone there? Yes, I am by your side! Please give me your command! What is it? Telepathy? Yes, the Queen cannot speak as we do.
Can you tell us what she's saying? Perhaps she has a hint for saving her life.
My son Is my son all right? Did he have any defects? defects? You have nothing to worry about.
He is perfectly healthy, and right now And right now, he's taken the Royal Guard to search for medicine to help you.
to help you.
The truth is that, after he killed and ate Squadron Leaders, he left in search of a new territory.
I doubt he will return.
He ate them? The King has no concern for the Queen's health! Then, the King is safe? Yes.
That is wonderful Oh, no.
Send the King off at once.
There is no time to waste on my well-being My son has the potential to rule the world.
He was born too early, so I was very worried.
However, it appears I have fulfilled my duty That was all I wanted.
What are you saying?! You are our guiding light Without you, the rest of us will lose our way and perish.
I know my body better than anyone else I will not last much longer.
However, I have no regrets.
Please stop! I beg you Please live! Use my body! Please! Give it a shot! Until you try, you don't know it won't work! Listen You must listen to what the Queen has to say.
I have one last request I thought of a name for my son.
For the King A name? Meruem.
It means the light that illuminates all.
Deliver my message to him My beloved son I failed to protect her again I can't protect anyone Has something like this happened before? No, he's probably referring to a memory from when he was human.
You have memories from when you were human? Of course, though naturally, some remember more than others Our human personalities strongly influence our current behavior.
And many can remember their human names.
Otherwise, it wouldn't have been as easy to learn to speak.
Hmm? Th-This is There's There's something moving! Don't touch it! I will I will remove it.
I shall protect this child I swear it! This time, I won't fail Morel? Colt Can you promise me that you and that child will never eat humans? If you can't make that promise, you should get out of my sight immediately.
But if you're willing to give your word No one will ever lay a finger on you, not as long as I'm around.
You have my promise! It isn't a big deal I inherited my soft nature from my master.
Okay, I've recovered! Knuckle and the other Hunters will save Kite.
So I have to become stronger! So that Kite won't be disappointed when he comes back.
Ah, so you do understand.
You may have met Kite before we did, but we've spent more time with him.
After we crossed the mountains, if you'd still been moping, I would've given you a beating And told you that Kite wouldn't want to see you two like this.
I know he's still alive, and he doesn't want you to have regrets.
Right now, what should you do? You must make the correct decision, and find the will to follow through! If you're too weak, train more.
There's enough space here for squats and push-ups.
Yeah, you're right.
Hey, Spin Hmm? Why do you want to be a Hunter? I need the money to repay a huge debt.
Have you heard of the small-billed swan? Nope It's a species of bird that can only live in the area around a certain mine.
No one knows why that is.
Is it the water? The food? The weather? So I bought the entire area where the mine is.
Well, the mine's closed down now.
Kite provided the money for that.
He was the first adult who was willing to listen to kids who had nothing at all.
Stinn and I were born in that area.
The sight of thousands of small-billed swans taking flight with the light of dawn at their backs That's the oldest, but strongest, memory Stinn and I have.
When we heard the area would be demolished, we realized how important it was to us Kite said that he envied us.
He doesn't have a home.
Because he doesn't know where he was born.
Once this mission is over, I can show you two my treasure.
Th-This is Goal! I am the Speed King.
No one can stop me! Given Cheetu's speed, he's probably already crossed the border.
Well, I'll take my time searching For my own paradise, with plenty of food and females.
Cows, pigs, humans, boars, bears I'll take any of those if they're plentiful.
Because I am the Glutton King.
The Chimera Ants that were once soldiers have now departed to become kings.
Meanwhile, the King is now in the Republic of East Gorteau.
Next time: Date x With x Palm.
A date! A date! Gon, do you understand what a date is? Huh? Sure.
It's when a man and woman— Th-Th-That's enough!