Hunter x Hunter (2011) s02e33 Episode Script

The Strong x And x The Weak

How— Stop.
did you know? What am I asking that for? It's time.
Adding interest.
The Strong x And x The Weak The time has finally come.
At long last Yep.
The King is about to be born! Wait It's too early! Silence! I hunger.
Bring me food.
Th-This is our King Your Majesty! O-Oh, no Her organs are severely damaged! Do not make me repeat myself.
Bring me food.
This is a filthy place You Clean this off.
Ah, I happen to have a handkerchief on me— Do not make me repeat myself.
I am speaking to you.
Clean this off.
Where is my food? This way, please.
We have prepared a meal for you.
The three of us will serve as your arms and legs.
We shall acquire anything you wish And fulfill all of your desires.
We await your command.
Help the Queen! Stop the bleeding! Well? How is she? It looks grim She's in very bad shape.
Multiple organs have been crushed so badly, we cannot heal them! If something isn't done Neferpitou-dono! The Queen is dying We require your assistance! We need the power you used to heal that man! I only healed him because I need him.
Now that the King has been born, she means nothing to the Royal Guard.
She is no longer necessary.
Your Majesty! Your Majesty! Your Majesty! Well? Will Neferpitou-dono help us? No, Neferpitou-dono has No They have all abandoned the Queen.
Abandoned? We'll have to save the Queen ourselves! It's impossible! Weren't you listening to me? We don't have the power to heal the damage the Queen has suffered Perhaps they have the power we need.
Who are you talking about? Hey, where are you going? We have prepared your dinner on the roof, where there is a fine view.
Then, it would seem faster to get there from outside.
Magnificent Excuse me.
That looks fun It seems I need practice.
You don't like it? It is horrendously bland.
We haven't been seasoning our food No, that is not what I mean.
When I was in her belly, I was occasionally treated to wonderfully rich, savory meals.
Ah, you must be talking about the rare humans.
My body longs for that indescribable satisfaction.
I wish to feast upon one of them.
As you wish.
In that case One of them is heading straight for us.
Have we been seen? Let's hide Wait.
Something seems off Look! A white flag? We surrender! We surrender! But there is one condition You must save the Queen! She no longer has the ability to give birth.
The Queen? The King has already been born! Impossible! It's too early! He is They are all devils What is this? They put up no fight.
This is all wrong.
Might I offer some advice? The brain is the most delicious part of a human.
So I'd recommend dispatching your prey without harming the head.
Is that so? Like this? Magnificent! I see This is not so bad.
However It is still inedible, when compared to a rare human.
Might I offer more advice? There is a way to identify rare humans.
If you use— Do you insult me? I am aware that if I focus, I can see the energy around their bodies.
The volume of energy reveals their strength.
Please forgive my insolence.
Simply finding and consuming them is not entertaining.
I enjoy the moments before eating, before it is clear whether the human is rare or not.
Since I have already alleviated my hunger.
Incidentally, Pitou You are quite strong.
I was trying to kill you.
You have earned my respect.
I am unworthy.
I don't believe it He ate a soldier One of his own.
That isn't entirely correct.
He is a completely different organism.
I imagine he views all other creatures as food.
So what should we do now? What do you mean? If the Queen dies, we'll lose our reason to stay here.
Haven't we already lost our reason to stay? The Queen can no longer reproduce.
Huh? That's true.
It's no longer possible for the Queen to build her kingdom.
In that case, each of us should try to become a king We can do as we please.
Do you realize what you're saying? You think you can get away with this? I'm sure we aren't the only ones who'd like to leave this place.
W-Wait Now do you see that you're in the minority? Please There's no time! If the Queen dies, there will be nothing to hold the Squadron Leaders back.
Things will spin out of control.
What exactly will happen then? Most likely, they will imitate the King.
They will leave to build their own kingdoms by spreading their seed.
If the chain of command collapses, some of the Captains will also strike out alone.
They will scatter throughout the world and destroy entire ecosystems.
Are Chimera Ant soldiers capable of reproduction? Yes They can copulate with females of other species and reproduce.
Soldiers belonging to a colony led by a queen will not attempt to reproduce.
But I've read reports of soldiers attempting to reproduce following a queen's death.
Well, I'd say we can safely assume he isn't lying.
What's your name? Colt.
Colt, we're going to take you to our boss.
I need you to tell your story to him directly.
However, I don't know if he will trust you.
And even if he believes your story, he may not let you leave alive.
Are you still willing to come with us? Absolutely! Time is of the essence! The timing couldn't be worse.
Today is the day our disciples fight it out Oh! I completely forgot I bet 100,000 that Knuckle and Shoot would make it.
You bet 1,000,000 that all five would come Knuckle Huh? Promise me! You have to You have to save Kite! Got it I promise I'll bring him back.
Rook I swear on this token.
Killua I'm weak I never knew I never knew how frustrating weakness could be! Gon For the thirty days that you can't use Nen I'll protect you.
I will do whatever it takes! After that, it's goodbye.
Next time: One Wish x And x Two Promises.
Hey, a shooting star! May we always be together!