Hunter x Hunter (2011) s02e32 Episode Script

Interest x And x Curse

He's so He's so gentle! He's teaching me when he doesn't have to And providing guidance.
He's telling me how to become stronger.
When facing an enemy you believe to be stronger, you fight on the premise of escaping.
Somewhere down the line, you'll leave Gon behind to die.
If you can't defeat Shoot tomorrow, you must leave Gon's side.
Interest x And x Curse As they prepare to challenge Knuckle and Shoot, Gon and Killua are deep in thought.
The loser Hands his token to the winner.
Gon As promised, I'm coming at you at full power! If it's a speed contest, he can toy with me.
I have to be ready to take the hit And counterattack! Don't follow him by sight.
Sense his motions Through my aura! A little late, but I sensed his approach! But what's going on? I feel power rushing through my body It's time.
Adding interest.
Wh-What is this thing? I let you borrow some of my aura.
You let me borrow your aura? By the way, I charge ten percent interest.
Ten percent every ten seconds! If you don't repay the debt, you'll bust.
It's time.
Adding interest.
I call this ability "Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.
" I Alone Lose When It Reaches the Heavens I Alone Lose When It Reaches the Heavens Chapter 7 Bankruptcy That's the mascot, Amortizing Power Redirector.
Attacking APR is a waste of time It'll just hang around you, telling you when your interest goes up.
It's both harmless and invincible.
Though it can be an eyesore It's time.
Adding interest.
It doesn't hurt at all Instead, I feel another power rush.
It's time.
Adding interest.
It suddenly almost doubled?! That's because I just lent you another 180 aura.
What do these numbers mean? It seems you have no clue what I'm talking about.
"180 aura" is a numeric measure of your spiritual power.
Aura accumulates in the body, and your Maximum aura Output Potential (MOP) varies according to your training.
Also, there is a limit on how much aura you're able to release at once, which can be raised through training.
In other words, Present aura Output Potential [POP] your POP, the latent aura inside you, doesn't matter.
If you haven't trained to increase your AOP, Present aura Output Potential [POP] Actualized aura Output Potential [AOP] the amount of aura you can actually release, you'll be at a huge disadvantage.
Get it, fool? When you use Ken, you can sustain a maximum 1,800 aura around your body.
When preparing for battle, you usually expend 1 aura per second.
However, once the fight begins, you begin to use advanced techniques such as Gyo, Ryu, and Ken, which require considerable Nen.
This increases the rate you expend aura by six to ten times.
The stronger your techniques, the more aura you use up.
Got that, fool? Your control is still weak, so you're burning 10 aura every second.
That's 600 aura you expend per minute in battle.
In yesterday's fight, you ran out after twenty minutes So, in a regular fight, you used up 12,000 aura.
Then add your four Jajankens! Your AOP is around 1,800 aura.
But at the moment you called out "Jan" to activate Jajanken, the aura focused in your fist was over 2,000.
That's due to its long charge and your defensive sacrifice, done to focus aura in your fist.
A special provision covers such risks attributed to special attacks.
You expended around 5,500 aura with the first three Jajanken shots! That puts your total consumed aura at 17,500.
As for the fourth shot Right before your do over hit, you ran out of energy.
Assuming that you needed twice the usual aura amount to complete the attack, the fourth shot required 4,000 aura.
The amount of aura used up is the same for Rock and Paper.
However, Paper falls within a different category, and you haven't practiced much, so you used up 4,000 aura on a weak attack.
That probably only had the strength of about a 500-aura attack.
Thus, your maximum POP is around 21,500 aura! I wasn't expecting this kind of attack Looks like you're not good at math.
But I'm just getting started! Listen up, fool! When your borrowed aura, including interest, surpasses your current remaining POP, you'll bust.
Aura works like a bank account balance.
If you keep spending, your balance decreases But the interest keeps skyrocketing! It's been a few minutes since we started.
You've used up at least 2,000.
Take a look.
It's huge! That's not all It's three times what it was before? That can't be right! It's only been two or three minutes! To be precise, it's been 120 seconds.
This exemplifies how interest can snowball on you.
It's time.
Adding interest.
Even after adding in the Your debt will continue to grow.
Even if you stand perfectly still, in 260 seconds, or 4 minutes and 20 seconds, you'll bust.
Bankrupt What happens if I bust? APR will become the Individual Ren Suppressor, and spend thirty days tracking the target.
During that time, the target will remain in a state of Zetsu.
Basically, unable to use any Nen.
It's too late to regret fighting me now, fool! That's why he didn't use this ability earlier.
He held back for my sake Knuckle! Thank you.
Here I come! That punch just now was around 150 You returned 150 to me, but I lent you another 180.
The net impact is that your loan increases by 30 What will you do now? Until your debt is repaid, I won't take damage from your attacks.
It's time.
Adding interest.
Yeah, come at me, fool! If you just stand around, you'll bust after the four minutes expire! You managed to land more hits.
But ultimately, you only returned about 100.
It's time.
Adding interest.
That's just a drop in the bucket.
You repaid less than half your last interest payment I won't let you launch Jajanken again.
Once your debt passes 10,000, my victory is assured.
It's time.
Adding interest.
Wh-What is that? Can't let him intimidate me.
Neither of us knows anything about the other's abilities! I don't like hurting other people.
That's why I chose a power that only activates when I must hurt someone.
To give myself a weapon that only works against those I have no qualms about hurting.
However You boys have taught me that a worthy opponent deserves my full strength.
Three hands? How? They're floating?! What kind of power is this? Should I attack first? Stay calm Observe the situation with Gyo! He's not using In.
There are three floating hands.
That means, most likely, he's a Manipulator.
That cage is also a mystery.
He doesn't need it if he plans to use those flying hands to attack.
In other words Touching those hands is dangerous! Yo-yos, huh? Let's see what you can do.
He's amazingly adept He's fast! Those hands were just a distraction? Jump back.
When facing an enemy you believe to be stronger, you fight on the premise of escaping.
No way That's no different from what I've always done.
Use electricity! Couldn't get the attack off! My body won't listen to me This is my curse.
His reaction was slow.
Is something wrong? Stop Don't think about it.
It's my bad habit.
His circumstances don't matter.
Do my best to defeat him.
Otherwise, I'm only insulting him! He's strong and fast.
He probably has me beat in every area That's right, Killua That's the way.
Don't fight an enemy you can't beat.
I have to stop thinking that way! Your weakness is that you're too quick to give up.
Even when facing enemies with equal strength, you worry about how strong they are, or what they might do to you.
If we're talking about a stronger enemy, there's no question You don't bother to think of how you could win.
Running is your only option.
That's how losers think.
I realize that this isn't your fault.
It's the fault of whoever taught you to fight.
Habits that are burned into your body and soul aren't easy to break.
Somewhere down the line, you'll leave Gon behind to die.
Forget it.
You can't win.
My left eye? The left side of my face is gone That was a much better reaction.
Was what happened earlier a fluke? If you take damage without knowing why, get as far from the enemy as you can.
My curse saved me.
But that isn't good enough! Suppressing that bad habit and forcing yourself to face enemies stronger than you will take determination.
I must fight to win! I'm blind on the left side There it was again.
You reacted quickly.
No! I'm just running away! I haven't been fighting at all If you can't defeat Shoot tomorrow, you must leave Gon's side! I'm done running away.
Take this Electricity? Scary.
Doesn't matter Follow him.
Never overpursue.
Go after him! Why— Stop.
Got it? What am I asking that for? While Gon and Killua were fighting for the tokens Next time: The Strong x And x The Weak.
Here I come, Killua Time to eat! Bring it! My yakiniku meal.