Hunter x Hunter (2011) s02e31 Episode Script

Compassion x And x Strength

Your technique has two huge weaknesses! Compassion x And x Strength Gon has finally challenged Knuckle to a serious fight.
However, Knuckle claims that Gon's technique has serious flaws.
So, Gon What did you name that technique? Oops! I think I forgot to name my attack.
Ja-Janken! Wow, zero effort Jajanken I understand.
You combined "jajan" for "ta-dah," with "janken" for your attack, "Rock-Paper-Scissors.
" Ah, no The first "ja" was a stutter.
Not a bad name, kid! Uh, yeah.
Guess I'm okay with that.
You are?! Gon, your Jajanken has two huge weaknesses.
First, it takes too long to charge.
During a fight, you don't have time to stand still for several seconds.
I wouldn't count on having the time to charge it.
I know that.
Second, it's too risky.
When you focus aura in your fist to increase power, you have less aura for defense.
One attack to the wrong place will take you out, fool! I know the risks.
That's why I've spent the past month training to compensate for them! Now that I see it again, his aura really is something.
In terms of volume, he has as much as a mid-level pro.
He's so close But you still lack experience.
You haven't been in enough real fights! You've got plenty of determination.
It seems you've looked death in the eye many times, and you have natural talent.
However, you're still unrefined.
Your aura is too rough! I can tell which area you're defending.
I can see what you're trying to do.
Your aura gives it all away.
So if I use that information to fake you out, shifting your intended point of attack This is the result! Damn His aura is giving away his every move! I was right! Knuckle really is Okay, then Time to throw a real punch.
He's so Don't blame me if you die.
He's so gentle! Behind you, fool! Without his warning, I could have died.
First, it takes too long to charge.
He's teaching me when he doesn't have to And providing guidance.
He's telling me how to become stronger.
He's too gentle! First comes rock I told you that you won't pull off that attack.
Don't fool around with me! That was your full strength? Which one of us is fooling around?! It's supposed to be a serious fight! You should be fighting to kill, Knuckle! First comes rock Here I go! Rock Over here! First comes rock Rock Bastard He faked me out with his Jajanken.
It's obvious that you're focused on stopping my special attack.
Even I could tell exactly when your right arm was going to strike.
He's using Jajanken's weakness, the long charge time, against his opponent.
He's playing mind games.
Knuckle sees Gon's Jajanken as an easy pitch.
He has to swing for it.
It's a perfect pitch, right down the middle, that he has to send flying.
That's the trigger.
When you see the easy ball, you tense up.
You can hit it.
You have to.
These thoughts make you use more strength than necessary.
The same thing applies to aura.
If a Nen user doesn't control their aura, it will gather in areas of tension.
The moment of the swing, it intensifies further.
If the Nen user is inexperienced or out of control, the aura will either stagnate or just flow too freely.
The flow of the aura lets the opponent sense when an attack will come.
You should be fighting to kill, Knuckle! By calling him out for being soft, Gon threw Knuckle off.
As a result, he managed to fake Knuckle out.
I'd think this tactic would be more effective on those who know Jajanken's strength.
Opponents who have seen how strong the technique can be will be more scared and likely to lose control when they see it coming.
The fake-out will be more believable, and if the enemy steps back, they're easier to hit with Scissors or Paper.
I always assumed Jajanken would be less useful once opponents figured out how it works.
That it was flawed.
But I was wrong.
It can be adapted to any situation.
Okay, let's try this again.
In the second attempt, he was too focused on the technique and let Knuckle land a kick on him.
But if he learns to better control his aura in response to the opponent's movement, it will be harder to distinguish between fake and real Jajanken attempts.
Gon's been thinking how to shore up his technique's weaknesses.
No He thought of the solution during this fight.
He's making incredible progress while fighting.
I'm already getting tired.
We haven't even been fighting for twenty minutes.
Moving so much is sapping my energy.
If an hour of training is comparable to ten minutes of fighting, I'll only be able to maintain my Ken for another ten minutes.
If my aura defense goes down, I'm finished.
Before then, I have to end this.
By using Jajanken.
Bring it! Knuckle definitely has superior physical strength.
But Gon is adapting, little by little.
By increasing the area his aura covers, he reduces the damage from miscalculations.
And he's getting used to Knuckle's speed.
Sudden punches almost never hit him anymore.
But he's running out of time.
He doesn't have much stamina left to maintain his aura.
On the other hand, Knuckle has been conserving his strength, only attacking with physical blows.
Jajanken requires a large amount of aura just to charge.
A fake Jajanken still drains a fair amount.
Gon's already activated his technique three times.
They started fighting twenty minutes ago.
If he uses Jajanken again, he'll only have a minute or two to fight at full strength.
Gon You told me to use my full strength, but you're no match for me right now.
You're First comes rock Why? What is he going to do? First comes rock Why? Knuckle's in good shape and alert, and he's attacking from that distance? He isn't even going to hit Knuckle.
This is definitely Gon's final attack.
This will end it.
Rock Scissors Paper! An Emitter attack? But it's much weaker than his Rock.
You're definitely an Enhancer.
Your power as an Emitter is far lower.
No speed No punch.
He can't have any more tricks up his sleeve.
Once I knock that aside, it's over! Once again! Once again? He used that ball as cover to move behind me? Crap! Two Jajankens in a row Rock! He must have depleted his aura before Rock hit.
Otherwise, I'd be the one on the ground Where are you going, fool? I'm going back.
Aren't you going to fight? I'm fine here.
You can fight Gon again tomorrow.
The outcome will probably be different.
I'll defeat Shoot.
Tell Gon this.
Tomorrow, I'll be fighting for real.
He'd better be prepared to die.
It sounds like you're trying to convince yourself.
Sure you're up to the task? Hell, yeah, fool.
Tomorrow As long as you win, it's fine if you don't get serious.
But if you lose without fighting at full strength, I won't forgive you.
I'll never forgive you, as long as I live.
You're still soft.
Why are you helping the enemy? And the enemy is blasting you for it, as well If you don't want to go to NGL, hand over your token to them.
Though I'm sure that they'll refuse it.
Bastard You're pretty cocky when you aren't shaking in your boots, eh? The past month, all you've done is stalk them! I'll fight.
Tomorrow, I'll join the fight.
Don't worry.
I gave him a massage, so he'll be able to fight in top condition tomorrow.
Killua's the real issue I wasn't expecting him to go the whole month without fighting once.
Killua! Fight me.
Huh? What happened to your face, Killua?! Huh? I was training with Bisky.
Training? Are you sure it wasn't a lynching? Anyway, are you feeling okay? Yep, I feel great.
I used up all my aura, so I expected to be tired, but look! That gorill— That old hag's massage must have done the trick.
That was close.
Listen now If you tell anyone what happened yesterday, I'll make your face three times worse.
She wasn't joking.
Now, do you know your weakness? You're too quick to give up.
You're too cautious about fighting.
Some might say you underestimate yourself.
When facing an enemy you believe to be stronger, you fight on the premise of escaping.
I realize that this isn't your fault.
It's the fault of whoever taught you to fight.
Habits that are burned into your body and soul aren't easy to break.
But I can say one thing for sure.
Somewhere down the line, you'll leave Gon behind to die.
Combat ability can change, depending on environment and physical condition.
For example, a good-condition C has a high chance of defeating a poor-condition D.
If the conditions are right, A, B, and C all have the potential to defeat D.
But in your case, you're assuming the enemy is always at their best.
You always assume the worst-case scenario.
Even when facing enemies with equal strength, you worry about how strong they are, or what they might do to you.
If we're talking about a stronger enemy, there's no question You don't bother to think of how you could win.
Running is your only option.
That's how losers think.
Suppressing that bad habit and forcing yourself to face enemies stronger than you will take determination.
If you can't defeat Shoot tomorrow, you must leave Gon's side.
Okay! I'm gonna win this time! Let's go.
Killua's overly cautious style is the product of a smothering love.
A twisted, self-serving love That just makes his habits stronger, deeper, and harder to break.
Without extraordinary willpower, this curse cannot be broken.
I don't know who will emerge victorious All right, then Time to run for it.
The loser Hands his token to the winner.
Gon and Knuckle.
Killua and Shoot.
Their final battle begins.
Next time: Slow x And x Cursed.
Who are you calling slow, fool? Are you saying I'm cursed, fool?