Hunter x Hunter (2011) s02e30 Episode Script

Rock-Paper-Scissors x And x Weakness

Given his personality, he's probably already warmed to these opponents I doubt he'd sell me out, but it's probable that he'll accidentally say something he shouldn't.
My chance will come after they leave.
I will defeat them Rock-Paper-Scissors x And x Weakness The man targeting Gon and Killua is named Shoot McMahon.
He, too, is one of Morel's students.
This won't work.
In our current condition, we don't stand a chance Yeah.
I'm pretty sure that Knuckle's using less than half of his strength.
Probably so.
But we have to fight him.
Yeah I don't sense anyone else around.
It's the perfect chance.
When I take my target down, I am always deliberate and thorough.
That's what it takes to be a UMA Hunter.
Here we go This is my chance.
What's wrong? It's the perfect opportunity.
Right now, I can easily Go Go! Shoot McMahon He is a coward.
Hey, Killua Why wasn't Knuckle-san good enough? Hmm? What do you mean? Why didn't they let him go to NGL? He seems really strong to me.
Well, that's true.
In terms of physical ability, he'd be a match for Kite.
It's probably a mental thing.
Mental? His approach isn't in line with this mission's objective.
He's too soft.
And he gets attached to animals too easily.
And he did end up volunteering to help us, somehow And the number of dogs around keeps increasing.
Yeah They can maintain their Ren for two hours without having to really concentrate.
That's a good sign If they can do it for three hours, I might consider letting them fight Knuckle when they're fully rested.
Knuckle will then be forced to use his full strength.
I hope it will be enough to teach them That which they lack, that which they need.
But that still only takes them halfway.
If everything goes well, it'll take them about ten days to reach that point.
And that means they'll have no more than a day left before time's up I'm not sure they can make it.
I should probably prepare for my escape Save my own skin.
Help yourself.
Thanks! Yum! What do you think? Oh, this is really good! Not that! We only have ten days.
Huh? From what I've seen, you're only two-thirds through your training to become strong enough to force Knuckle into using his full strength Uh-oh She knows exactly what's going on.
Huh? Is that true, Bisky? But it'll be fine! We'll definitely beat him before the deadline! How can you be so sure?! The situation hasn't improved at all You said it was all right for me to speak up, so I will.
You have no chance to defeat Knuckle! They didn't give you enough time Lately, I find myself gripping a kitchen knife, staring at it to calm myself.
That means I'm nearly over the edge, so if you run at once, before it's too late, I probably won't try to chase and kill you.
If not for her outbursts This would be a pleasant meal We aren't gonna run away.
How many times do I have to say it? What else can you do? As you currently are, you cannot defeat Knuckle! We'll win! Pinky swear.
Come on Hurry up! I pinky swear that we'll beat Knuckle and Shoot before the deadline.
If I break my promise, I have to swallow a thousand needles Pinky sworn! On the island I'm from, there's another part.
You go like this and put your thumbs together.
Sealed with a kiss! Okay, now it's a promise.
By the way, Palm-san, what did you use to flavor this? Oh Ah, it's broth from chicken bones Gon's getting really good at handling Palm.
I suspect she's the one leading things in that direction I let a Kunai chicken cook overnight, then I let it sit for another night.
Ten days left.
Don't say that like a countdown to our death! This is it Smoke that covers the forest like fog.
Baital squad here.
Goran, give me an update.
Goran, do you read me? Goran! Could they have already taken him out? Anyone from Goran's squad out there? Give me a report! Hey We can't see anything with all this smoke We've been trying to reach Squadron Leader Goran, but he won't respond! Any sign of the leader? I can't see the guy in front of me! What's going on?! I've lost contact with him! He was right beside me a moment ago! I can't see a thing! He just vanished into the smoke! Yah! There's a hole! With all these messages, I can't tell what's happening They should've established a communication network to operate in the leader's absence.
Baital squad, forward! Find Goran's squadron and converge with them.
Zemu and Pokoro squadrons will act as rearguard for the Baital squad! Proceed in a V formation! The number of soldiers is dropping.
What's happening? Now.
Hey, Baital? So you're next? Are you sure this is a good idea? What do you mean? All we do is send enemies to the old man.
He's the one who takes them out.
This is a little too easy.
But it is a surefire method.
Can't argue there.
The Chairman was being modest He's still much stronger than we are.
And he seems rather excited about this.
Oh, speak of the devil.
Keep sending them my way.
I'm finally starting to regain my touch.
Impressive And how about the Queen? She hasn't made a move.
The Queen is still holed up in her nest.
Then the King hasn't been born yet.
Continue to monitor the situation.
Roger that.
The old man's on a roll.
Shall we grab another squadron? Yeah.
Baital and Gafutsu's squadrons haven't returned.
We're down to fourteen squadrons.
Damned humans.
How are they managing to whittle us down? I don't know.
All I know is that there are some humans who are very strong.
We know too little about humans.
They appear to possess a variety of powers far stronger than ours.
Had we more time, we could obtain that power, as well.
However, once the King is born, we will hold the advantage.
Yes, I hope that will be the case.
You want to come out? Not yet.
It's still too early.
Okay, that's three hours! Oh? Already? That seemed fast.
Then I'll give you a thirty-minute break.
Huh? Aren't we supposed to fight Knuckle now? You can go once you're rested.
Defeat him.
You have a little over a day before the Chairman's deadline.
This may be your first and last chance.
Well, if they're able to fight at full strength, they'll have to accept the results, win or lose.
If they can each identify what they're missing, then this training was a success.
Now, the problem is figuring out my escape Seems you kids are serious tonight.
Morning, Youpi.
Youpi? To be precise, your name is Menthuthuyoupi.
I'm hungry.
Before we begin, I want to know where your partner is.
Eh? You mean Shoot? Yeah.
Why do you want to know that? You're about to get the crap knocked out of you.
We need both tokens.
That's a riot! If you defeat me, I'll tell you.
We might not get a chance to ask you then.
You might be out cold.
You're no longer amusing me There! Gon! That hit hard.
I could feel the impact throughout my entire body.
If I drop my Ken, his next punch will knock me out.
After another four or five warm-up punches, I'll get serious Better watch yourself.
I warm up fast.
Still no one coming out today? No.
As expected, they've holed up inside.
Shall we make our move? No, we're approaching the deadline for your disciples.
We can wait until that's over.
Judging by the estimated number of bodies currently stored in the nest, they'll need to replenish in a week or so.
I would like to dispatch another two or three squadrons at that time.
Okay, I'll leave it in your hands.
We don't move until we know how our disciples performed.
I think it's a waste of time Knuckle and Shoot might be able to help, but the old man's kids don't seem too reliable.
We can't count on them for anything in a fight.
At best, they could act as decoys.
Hell, they'd probably get in our way I'm certain of it.
That old man always was a gambler Want to bet whose disciples will show up tomorrow? I'll put 100,000 Jenny on Knuckle and Shoot.
If we're both wrong, the Chairman gets the money.
How about it? Sure.
Then, I'll put 1,000,000 on them.
Huh? That's just impossible! Are you trying to throw your money to the dogs? The Chairman is a dog? I happen to love gambling.
I always roll high There! Behind you, fool! He's still warming up? Damn, he's strong! But why is Knuckle Could it be Hey, aren't you going to use that "First comes rock" thing? Well, you won't be able to use that technique.
It's flawed, after all.
It's flawed? A word of advice If you try that technique, I'll stop you in your tracks.
In a one-on-one match, you'd better not try it.
Your technique has two huge weaknesses! I'm not sure I can accomplish this mission without sacrificing someone Next time: Compassion x And x Strength.
And love and sorrow! And reassurance No biggie!