Hunter x Hunter (2011) s02e29 Episode Script

Duel x And x Escape

Right, it's so simple.
I merely need to fix him.
I only need the power to do that.
The question is how we will manage to win.
If anyone has any brilliant ideas, I'd like to hear them.
You're simply awful.
When you asked us to join, did you not already have an answer in mind? We exterminate the Ants in silence, one at a time.
Come on, what are you doing? You'll never defeat Knuckle and Shoot, much less the Chimera Ants, like this.
N-No way We never give up.
We must return to NGL, no matter what we have to do to get there! To save Kite Promise x And x Reunion As the Queen prepares for the King's birth, she requires the equivalent of two hundred and fifty human meatballs per day to give birth to a strong King.
It moved.
Meanwhile, Gon and Killua continue their training so they can defeat Knuckle and Shoot, take their tokens, and return to NGL.
Will this really be enough for them to execute the plan to slaughter Morel's disciples? Okay, all done! You finally lasted for three hours.
We did it That was hard! I can't move an inch What are you talking about? Stand up.
We're going out.
Huh? Where to? To see Knuckle.
Wh-Why? See? You can move.
Let's go! Tell us why we're going to see Knuckle.
Jeez, don't ask questions with obvious answers.
To fight him! Huh?! Okay, let's go! What are you talking about? We still have time.
What if we lose? You just try again.
Huh? Whether you win or lose isn't important.
All that matters is who ends up with the tokens, right? Yeah.
Which means you must take theirs.
If it looks like you'll lose, run.
Then try again the next day.
From here on, you'll practice Ren for three hours a day.
After that, you'll challenge Knuckle.
And you'll continue until you win.
Still a no show, huh? Your owner's really bad Hey, stop it! That tickles.
Cut it out! Hey, come on Is that Knuckle? Yeah.
No way They're the other candidates? Guess they must not respect me If I'm being compared to a couple of kids, they must not think I'm very strong Eh?! Such an intimidating presence We should act first, but we can't move! A duel is a battle to the death.
Serious business! It's best to fight five hours after a good night's sleep.
So what's with you kids? You're completely worn out! Were you just out swimming or something, eh? Take this seriously! You kids can never defeat me.
Are you crying? S-Stupid Wh-Why would I cry? I'm not upset about this.
Th-Th-These are just, well, uh Tears from laughing too much, fool.
I'll kill you, get it? So don't tell anyone! Punch me! Huh? I'll show you how much stronger I really am.
And you'll realize that I don't need to bother dodging your punches.
Hit me as many times as you like.
But if I don't take a step from this spot, leave your tokens behind.
This is the best chance you'll have! You kids would need a hundred years before you could try fighting me! You're the one who challenged us to a duel.
Don't look down on us! I'd like to respond that way But it's clear that we aren't on Knuckle's level.
We have no right to argue that.
Not right now The fact is, we can't overcome everything with willpower.
We can't argue with him But we don't have to accept it! I won't stop hitting you until you move.
Enough talk Just get to it.
First comes rock! Whoa, whoa, whoa What's with the intense aura? That's cheating! I'll use Gyo No, I have to defend with Ko.
Crap But where do I defend? If I guess wrong, I could die Come on I'd expect him to attack the belly.
Yeah, that's the only real choice.
Gotta be the belly.
Rock Yeah, it's the belly! Belly! Belly! Belly! Paper Rock! Knuckle-san? You okay? I trusted you What's with him? Obviously, he's a total idiot.
Oh, are you awake? You're stronger than I thought.
Guess I underestimated you Why didn't you take this? You should've taken the token and ditched me.
We don't want your token.
We want the strength to defeat you in a straight-up fight.
Could I ask you something? Sure, go ahead.
Why did you become a Beast Hunter? Huh? It's a long story And it brings back bad memories.
Then, why did you volunteer for the punitive force? Simply put, to keep it from doing its job.
I don't like the idea of cutting off whatever doesn't fit the mold.
My teacher says I'm just a softy.
But you can't judge something that you've never seen before First, you have to exchange blows.
And you'll get yourself killed in the process! You're a good kid.
Now that we've fought, I see that.
You, too.
Huh? You! He wouldn't leave your side.
They say good Hunters are well-liked by animals.
S-Stupid! I'm not crying Don't tell anyone! Or I'll kill you Morel's student It's good! Fight me any time you want.
Huh? I'll give you as many tries as you want.
But it's impossible for you to beat me in the twenty days left.
Good stuff.
What is this smoke? Where am I? All right Let's begin, then.
What? Chiona's squadron is missing? Yes Is it similar to what happened to Reikei's squadron? It appears so.
The leader disappeared first, and then the rest vanished, one by one.
Are the humans fighting back? Well, that is the logical conclusion.
We've been cutting down on the number of soldiers, and our prey has begun to scatter.
If humans target us during an extended hunt, it could be trouble.
Should we ask the Queen to move the castle? No, we can't trouble the Queen right now.
Then we ask Neferpitou-dono to investigate? That idea doesn't thrill me I'll let you handle things outside We'll protect the inside of the castle.
I'll try to strengthen this.
Just as I expected Well, at least she doesn't issue any strange orders on a whim.
We should start by determining our current troop strength.
How many Squadron Leaders remain? Assuming Chiona was taken out, twenty-eight.
Each Squadron Leader has four or five officers And each officer commands ten to fifteen soldiers.
Some squadrons are under tight control, but many are free to wander around.
The missing four squadrons fall under the latter category Of the remaining squadrons, over half lack discipline.
And none will heed a warning.
They've become arrogant since learning Nen.
Then we could use them to lay a trap.
I'm sure that's what's currently going through the enemy's mind Well, we should be able to continue the current plan.
Knov and I will be able to tell once a trap has been laid.
In fact, I believe we should spring a few of those traps.
Hmm? If we ignore the disciplined squads, they'll band together and cause us problems.
Most likely, they'll start pairing disciplined and undisciplined squads together.
If we launch an indiscriminate attack, it will result in chaos.
We should be able to eliminate another three or four squads before the enemy tries another approach.
I can already see their next move.
If all goes well, we'll finish up before reinforcements arrive.
I hope things go that way.
Okay, three hours! All done! Well, then Get going.
What, there are more of you? Don't hold back Help yourselves.
They're here.
It's on, Knuckle! Yeah, let's go! I'll take you both on at once! I won't say a word about how you're condescending to us We're more than happy to accept! Let's go, Killua! Yeah! Come on I have no time to waste playing around with you kids.
You have nothing but time.
Get serious! That's more like it! Their bodies are completely fatigued.
All that's moving them is sheer willpower.
Once they've accomplished the tough task before them, they'll gain a confidence boost that will spur their growth.
However, to complete that task, they must defeat me! And that ain't gonna happen on my watch! Come on! That all you've got? Given his personality, he's probably already warmed to these opponents I doubt he'd sell me out, but it's probable that he'll accidentally say something he shouldn't.
My chance will come after they leave.
I will defeat them Next time: Rock-Paper-Scissors x And x Weakness.
Hey, Killua.
Stop it, my turn That's our weakness!