Hunter x Hunter (2011) s02e39 Episode Script

Carnage x And x Devastation

They can't avenge them because they're too busy arguing over whether they're dead or mutated? Nothing's changed.
They always lose sight of what's important.
We're going to do things our way.
If anyone interferes, we'll take them down.
Don't worry.
Carnage x And x Devastation The Chimera Ant Zazan has built her nest in Meteor City.
Calling herself the Queen, she seeks to conquer the world.
The ones who have risen to quell her ambitions are inhabitants of this city The Phantom Troupe.
Where's everyone else? Beats me Maybe still playing around? Rather than obliterating my opponent, I should have enjoyed myself That took longer than expected I should break my habit of beating my targets to a pulp.
You're no match for me! Come back when you're stronger.
Fair point.
My, you took that well.
Looks like I've lost my touch.
But this is a perfect opportunity to practice.
I'm stuck on defense He's fast, and has twice as many limbs.
I need to create an opening.
Again? Now I'm certain The moment I think I'm rid of it, she pulls that vacuum cleaner out of nowhere again.
Her power lets her pull out and store objects at will? I see Very interesting And I can't catch her with my sticky webs.
This girl is good, but I can't let her get away.
This technique is a literal pain in the ass.
But I have no choice! Love Shower! Radiating Love Uh-oh, there may be no way out of this one If I keep the webs coming, you can't escape Lucky me! Caught you! It's no use Even Bihorn-sama, strongest among us, couldn't snap these webs.
Now, then I'll hand you over to Zazan-sama.
Will Zazan-sama praise me? It got lighter? Impossible— How?! How did she escape? Huh? I get it You ditched your clothes.
I understand.
She widened an opening in my web to slip through, while protecting her skin.
With her power, it's feasible.
She left her vacuum cleaner in the web But after escaping, she can make it disappear and call it to her again.
However! Now that you've removed your clothes, you can't use the same trick again! The same applies to you.
I've learned the range and speed of your webs.
And I won't mention that his anus twitches twice before he fires.
You won't catch me again.
I'll keep my distance.
Blinky and I have won.
Won? Such a stupid girl You can't do anything while running away.
I said that I'll keep my distance, but I didn't say anything about running.
I'll show you the difference.
Blinky Suck every last drop of blood from his body.
What Wh-Wh-What? Stop it! H-Hey Y-You little Weakling! Uh-oh, this is bad I'm getting dizzy.
I have to stop the blood loss! (How's that?) (Now you can't suck my blood) There's more? From here? And here? I I can't block everywhere! You're bleeding from twenty-nine different wounds.
Based on currently available information, it's impossible for you to cover each wound with your eight limbs Not without another ace in the hole.
All cleaned up.
Huh? Hmm Ah, you know those webs you were shooting out? By covering your body with them, couldn't you have stopped the bleeding? We're both pretty stupid What is this? How can they move so fast? Looks like he's moving a little better now.
He has a ways to go before he's back to full strength.
They were already here, enjoying the show.
I wasted some time fooling around, but I was by no means slow Five? No, seven? How many feints was that? And how can he leap from that position while attacki— Ah! He's already over there! I can't believe it He's on a completely different level.
Whoa, everyone's already here? Going for a new look? I got caught in my opponent's webs.
Wait, you actually lost— I won.
She's really mad! Feitan's the only one left.
His opponent's pretty strong.
It's probably the Queen.
But Feitan looks sluggish.
He isn't back to full strength yet We know! You already said that! I'm still too weak.
Behind me? What's with this guy? He keeps getting faster? And more of his buddies keep showing up.
Curse those worthless idiots! All of them were defeated?! I didn't think your skin would be so tough.
Cur Curse you! How dare you damage my face?! I'll kill you! Ko! She left herself wide open.
I'm not nice enough to overlook that.
Her attack didn't hit him No, she sent a little aura with that swing.
Feitan's idea to use Ko backfired.
After focusing his aura into one point, he didn't expect to deal no damage.
The miscalculation left him a second late guarding with his Nen.
In other words, he was basically defenseless.
A puny Emitter attack could have dealt serious damage.
She knows how to use her aura.
She has good reason to call herself Queen.
This body has no weaknesses! Shouldn't we help him? Huh? Why? This is a race If he loses, the next person gets to try.
Who's up next? We use order of arrival.
That's me, then.
Wait We both arrived at the same time.
Fool, I was waiting until you finished your fight.
Now, now We'll flip a coin to decide.
S-Something's wrong with them! Heads.
Then if Feitan's defeated, I go next.
I was naïve I thought I could become number two in no time.
But I'm utterly outclassed It's hopeless.
But I won't give up.
I'm used to toughing it out.
All for the sake of retrieving my brother, no matter how long it takes.
There goes his left arm.
Fei, wanna trade places? "Piece of crap" "Know your place.
" Crap, run for it You're gonna get caught in it.
When he snaps, he'll hit everything around him! We tried to watch him once before and almost died.
His power has a huge range, and activates with his anger, so it knows no restraint.
If you get caught up in the one he's using this time, you're dead, Kalluto.
This time? The attack has other forms? Darn, I want to see! What? When did he put that on?! Wait More importantly, he's much stronger now! "Now I return your pain.
" Feel the heat Pain Packer Unforgiven Pain Packer! Rising Sun.
Burnt by the Sun "Is it hot?" "Throat too scorched to even breathe?" "You could try to run.
" "Assuming you can even move" "What's wrong?" "Make use of that tough body you're so proud of.
" Impossible I am the Queen I cannot die here Out of fuel already? And the heat wasn't that strong How unfortunate You could have had a quicker death if you'd dealt me more damage.
Well, you only have yourself to blame.
They didn't revert after the Queen's death But they're no longer under the Queen's control.
Ple me Please ki Please kill me Please Kill us Hell, no.
I don't do mercy killings.
Attack me, trash! You were living in this place, right?! Have the guts to defend it to the end! You can die with a bang! Now those geezers are arguing over whether to exact revenge upon the real queen.
Man, I'm sick of those idiots.
All they do is sit around a table, squawking about doing the impossible.
But you're still sticking around, right? There's nothing else for me to do.
If more Ants show up, I'll wipe them out at once.
So I don't have to do any more cleanup.
Is it the boss?! No, it's Nobunaga.
He's asking if we'll help with his job.
What was that? No way, fool! Man, this sucks.
I hate having to wait.
Phinks, you sound like some girl with a crush.
He's being very feminine.
Eh? What was that, bastards?! Say that again I'll kill you! Hey! We're hurt! The Phantom Troupe has saved Meteor City from the Chimera Ant invasion.
Meanwhile Gon and Killua are preparing to infiltrate the Republic of East Gorteau.
The selection of citizens to present to the King by his own guards will begin in nine days.
Next time: Infiltration x And x Selection.
Meleoron the Chameleon.
Meleoron the Chameleon.
Meleoron the Chaleleron! Meleoron the Chameleon Meleoron the Chameleon!