Hunter x Hunter (2011) s02e40 Episode Script

Infiltration x And x Selection

To become kings, the Chimera Ants have spread across the world, committing acts of utmost tyranny wherever they go.
Fearing the damage will spread, the government asks the Hunter Association to exterminate them.
Finally, the Hunter Association makes its move.
Ah, is that all? Infiltration x And x Selection Sneaking in was easy.
But the question is how to get close enough to the enemy.
And we can't let just anyone see us, either.
Informants This country has a powerful information regulation system that operates in secret using groups of informants.
Informants? Yeah, if you discover an enemy spy, you receive a reward.
If you find evidence of insurgency, you receive a reward.
If you stop someone from fleeing the country, you receive a reward.
So the people will do anything for that reward.
And they aren't just after money.
After racking up enough informant points, the entire group is promoted.
But if someone provides false information or a member commits a crime, the entire group is punished.
Carrot and stick, huh? It's pretty nasty business.
Family members are put in different groups.
So if an entire group tries to escape, the other family members can be executed or imprisoned for life.
If a family is caught trying to escape together, they'll be executed, no questions asked.
For this country's elite to live the good life, the rest of its citizens must scrape by.
But the media also spreads lies.
Such as that, in other countries, half the population starves by age ten.
Foreign aid never reaches the needy.
Instead, it's spent on cars, jewels, and missiles.
It's even said that East Gorteau spends grant money developing nuclear weapons that become bargaining chips in negotiations for unprecedented foreign aid increases.
Hey, don't overheat! I th-think I'm okay That was just so complicated But you sure know a lot about it.
My brother told me everything.
And he probably heard it from Grandpa.
Your grandpa? Yeah.
Long ago, he infiltrated the country for a job.
And I've seen similar information on Hunter websites.
The system is likely still in use.
There's a village.
Yeah It's not very big.
What do we do? Sneak in.
Is that a good idea? We need current information.
Knowing what kinds of clothes they wear or how to identify someone's rank will help.
They may have certain practices to root out spies.
The more data we have, the better.
Wait here.
It's completely deserted Maybe everyone already left for Peijing? No, something happened here.
And someone's trying to hide it.
Huh? They did a sloppy job.
They didn't dig deep enough, so wild dogs got to the bodies.
I'd imagine the entire village is buried here.
What's going on? This is the true purpose of the national celebration.
It's a pretense for entire populations of towns and cities to vanish without raising suspicion.
The selection has already begun.
In hindsight, it would be tough to summon all citizens to the capital and make the selection so quickly.
This nation has a population of around five million.
Clearing out one town or city at a time is more effective.
In that case, their only concern would be coworkers or family members raising a fuss over the missing.
But with the pretext of the national celebration, no one will find it strange that they can't contact someone.
In this nation, cell phones aren't allowed, so if they believe the other party is traveling, it makes sense that they can't contact them.
The selection will go very smoothly.
The capital city, Peijing, is in the southeast corner.
They only need to attack the farthest towns first and work their way east.
If each town is told that the government will assign its people a time to depart, there won't be any problems regarding communication between towns.
So, by preventing people from meeting between towns to travel together, they eliminate any cause for commotion.
But Hmm? That means they have to run around the nation to attack all five million citizens.
If one percent survives, that gives them fifty thousand soldiers.
No, I mean before that.
There are ten No, nine days left.
If you wanted to check five million people in that time, you'd need a lot of help.
Assuming that one Nen user can check ten thousand citizens in ten days Five hundred Nen users.
Exactly! You're getting at the fact that there can't be that many Ants who can use Nen? Yeah.
I agree, but it probably isn't that hard.
They don't need Nen users to check everyone.
Huh? Why not? They can use manipulation.
The power that Chimera Ant used I'm guessing it can be used to automate victims or, like Genthru's power, can probably be used to control multiple people at once.
Ordinary humans have aura as well, so the manipulator could force a victim's aura to concentrate in his fist.
One punch alone could create an army of fifty thousand.
While leaving four million, nine hundred and fifty thousand dead in the process.
Well, it isn't all bad news.
If my theory is correct, causing a commotion to stop their selection will be simple.
We merely have to pop up, take out whoever is being controlled, and cause a panic.
Then we just encourage the people who escape to check on other towns nearby.
If the Chimera Ants have sent controlled puppets, rather than actual Nen users, taking them down will be a cinch.
We'll just run around, taking them down one after another, and wreak havoc.
The problem is that they'll detect us quickly.
Once we make our move, they'll know we're here.
If we want to go with the old man's plan, we should stay hidden.
What do you think? Let's do it.
If the selection has already begun, we can't just stand around watching.
Okay, let's do it.
Uh-huh! But I'll do this alone.
Huh? You stay in hiding.
Why? It'll go better if we both— Don't forget our main mission! Defeating that Chimera Ant.
That should be your focus.
Let me handle everything else.
I'll stir things up.
And no offense, but I work more easily alone.
Jeez Fine, I got it.
Really? Huh? Do you really understand? Killua? Promise me you won't make a move! Not even if people are killed right before your eyes! Promise! I'll contact you by text.
Our cell phones should still work in this area.
Killua? Sorry It's nothing! I'm just a little tense.
What's this? They aren't citizens of this country.
I would expect a couple of kids to be spies.
But they're definitely strong Are they assassins? Are they here to hunt down the King? Then I can't ignore them But I don't want to fight them both at once.
I definitely don't want to fight the silver-haired one on the left.
Just watching him walk, I can tell he's strong.
As much potential as a Squadron Leader? That kid is something special.
I completely concealed my presence, but he still sensed something? How convenient! Are you sure about this? You'll really transport my family and me to another country? Do not worry.
We have received official approval, and prepared the necessary documents.
All that's left is for you to sign the papers.
However, the condition that you share your complete knowledge of military affairs in exchange for your freedom is essential.
As mentioned in the agreement, if you do not keep up your end after signing, we shall both find ourselves in difficult positions.
That won't be a problem.
I'll tell you everything All I know about the atrocities that Diego has committed.
We appreciate it.
Our lives are on the line, as well.
"That Diego has committed"? You talk like it doesn't concern you.
The wine you're drinking and the room you stand in were earned by following that bastard.
You mean "that we've committed," you son of a bitch.
But I get it We're here on business.
So, Marcos-san Continue going about your business as normal.
In two weeks, you and your family will be relaxing on the beach.
I can't accept it! We're supposed to stand around, watching as people are killed? Are you sleepy? Want me to put you to sleep, eh? Calm yourself.
If they're gonna check five million citizens in ten days, simple arithmetic says that's five hundred thousand per day! Of which one percent will survive! And your point is? That means four hundred, ninety-five thousand have already been killed! How can you be so calm? Because if we lose our cool, billions could die! If the plan fails, everyone dies.
If we can't draw the three Royal Guards away from the King, not even the Chairman will be able to defeat the King.
Thus, we cannot let them discover our existence before the time is right.
If that happens, security around the King will be even further tightened.
You must endure this.
You're telling me to sacrifice five million to save the human race? That's right.
If blaming me consoles you, go ahead.
But if you don't have a better idea, don't be too self-righteous.
Damn it We must do only what we can.
But we must put our lives on the line to do so.
Yeah Is Killua okay? He was acting a little weird.
Maybe I should have stuck with him? But if I'd followed him, he'd be mad.
You did well to avoid that.
How about this? I use my strong tail as a spring, to propel me among the trees! In the darkness, following my movement is impossible! Caught you! Now I'm going to crush you! You're not crushing me! Huh? I'm the one who caught you! He seems to have a snake's genes, so he should be able to go ten days without starving to death.
As I thought He's strong But I should continue to observe.
I already let them find me I need to hide better.
But it's strange Why are there soldiers around if the selection is already finished here? Maybe there are extra guards because we're near the border.
An owl and a bat? This time, he's facing two What will he do? The Chimera Ants are using darkness to attack Gon.
And why is Meleoron following him? Next time: Combination x And x Evolution.
Come on down, everyone I have a perfectly ordinary box, which has not been touched.
One, two, three! That would be an illusion.