Hunter x Hunter (2011) s02e41 Episode Script

Combination x And x Evolution

After Gon parts ways with Killua in order to stop the selection, he finds himself under attack by new Chimera Ants.
An owl and a bat? They're both nocturnal creatures Hunters of the night! From the left? Bring it! The owl's feathers? Damn The bat's wings are so loud, I can't hear the owl at all! Combination x And x Evolution My ears can pick up sounds of higher frequency than other animals'.
I can hear you stepping on leaves and your clothes rustling.
All of which tell me exactly where you are! From the right this time! The owl uses its feathers to distract me right before the bat attacks They're using both long- and short-range attacks.
Wait That means He has a lot of aura But it won't help.
We are unrivaled in the darkness! I should approach this the opposite way! If the owl is acting in a support role, I should focus on the sound of the bat's wings.
Right after the owl attacks, the bat will attack! Now! Bingo! I missed? But my timing was perfect! Ultrasonic waves? Damn, I missed again? Bah, he's correctly guessing the direction of my attacks.
For a human, his ears are sharp.
And his aura keeps growing, so my feathers aren't doing any damage.
The bat uses ultrasonic waves to anticipate the timing of my attack.
Unless I find a way to stop it, I can't win! First comes rock His aura continues to grow.
This could pose a problem.
Not at all This is our chance.
He's probably using his ultimate attack.
If we can evade it, we've won.
I can use my ultrasonic waves to see it in advance.
Do you need help? Wait, I'll try getting closer as quietly as I can.
The sound's moving away.
The sound's gone! Now, with no wingbeats I dive! That won't work! Your wings aren't like the owl's, so I can hear you slice through the air.
Now, show me your ultimate attack.
He isn't acting? I guess a human can only hear so much.
In that case, I'll make my move I'll slash your jugular! Keep my motions minimal.
Wait until I draw her as near as possible! He was baiting me? I'm in trouble.
But his punch will take a few milliseconds to land.
I have plenty of time to fly away! The noise I can't see.
I must get away! You won't escape! Rock You aren't the only one that can use sound Paper to locate others.
Paper! All right.
A rock? He used that to deflect my shot? Gorilla Mode That was close Damn it! I used my special attack and still couldn't bring it down! What was that? There was a sound that made my head spin.
Is this ultrasound, too? That stupid kid has a loud voice But I'm much better at attacking with sound! This is the true power of their combination.
They strike with sound and finish with brawn.
What now? Do I cover my ears? No, I can't In the darkness, if I handicap my hearing, my reaction time will suffer.
I know! Gyo! His eyes are shining? Or is that aura? He'll rely on his eyes, ignoring sound? Let's give him another Ultrasonic Dissonance Secret Noise! Okay! This should help some.
He spit on cloth to make earplugs.
Clever Water significantly weakens the power of sound! Good, this is better I can locate the owl through its aura.
Here it comes! A feather? Zetsu.
Of course They started off as wild animals.
From birth, they've known to conceal themselves when approaching their prey! I can fend off their attacks, but the ultrasound really hurts.
If I don't keep up the Gyo, they'll take me down before I can even find them! In terms of latent aura, the kid has a clear advantage.
Even after being hit all those times, he's taken no damage.
But his level of capability is irrelevant.
Without a strategy, he's just a moving target.
They work in perfect sync.
I have to disrupt that! Ah, he thinks that if he's right on top of me, we can't use ultrasound.
Wrong guess! If I use Rock, I can defeat this one.
But then the bat might run and warn the other Ants! To me, a starry night is as bright as day.
As long as I'm not in total darkness, I can see you without needing to rely on my hearing! So if I cover my ears I can attack at will! The kid has shrouded his entire body in aura to avoid damage.
But that reduces the strength of his attacks, making it impossible to stand against them.
At this rate, he'll never defeat them It's over for this kid.
Their weakness is that their movements are always in sync! Here! They always take positions on opposite sides to avoid both being targeted at once.
When the owl is in front of me, the bat is directly behind me! A giant wall? The real wall was behind me He turned our teamwork against us? If I only have one opponent, I can concentrate on attacking.
Once he pulls off one plan, things will go his way But that attack won't be enough to get him anywhere here.
Damn! First comes rock Rock Paper Why, you Rock! I made sure to knock you west! Go back to NGL! That was incredibly strong I see This is his real ultimate attack.
I take back what I said.
This kid can be useful.
But how do I proceed? Diego has been dethroned.
Brainwashed soldiers are running around, slaughtering entire villages and towns! Diego has fallen? Is that true? But we all saw the soldiers try to kill everyone.
There's no time to think about it! Just leave this village and run, anywhere! Warn people in other areas! Who's interfering? It was in the southeast this time.
Some of my puppets have been stopped.
That was fast.
Whoever they are, they're keeping low and unpredictable.
An assassin? But they are acting on their own A decoy? This is so annoying I wanna kill them! It is no more than a diversion.
Which means we cannot go.
You think? But it doesn't feel like the purpose is to bait us.
They're being careful not to let me catch them It may all be an act to draw you out.
But perhaps I'm over-thinking things.
But But Ah, how I long to indulge myself in the delight of agonizing It is the sweet trap of the thought process.
Nothing more.
The answer is simple.
Our mission is to protect the King.
We can let the other Ants handle the rest.
Is it our turn? When we were injured and on the run from the Hunters, you took us in.
You even gave us instruction on using our power.
It is time for us to return the favor! Someone's running around and disabling my puppets.
Can you kill them? You can count on me.
Take this cell phone.
We can't use telepathy.
I'll give you updates on their location.
Can we really trust them? Nah, I don't trust them.
They're the ones trying to earn our trust, so they'll try hard to carry out their mission.
It's possible that they're looking for an opportunity to stab us in the back.
In that case, we should treat them accordingly.
The closest village is at two o'clock.
The next closest villages are at eight and ten o'clock Should I skip them and head for Taba, forty kilometers away? Play it safe Don't let anyone find me.
I can't go this way.
This is bad I should have taken matters into my own hands.
What's wrong? As we speak, Cheetu is racing toward East Gorteau.
It seems the Hunters that replaced us failed to capture him.
Is he headed toward us? No, if he continues on his current course, he'll pass far to the south.
Where are you going? Don't try to stop me I'm already in a bad mood.
The Hunter Association has captured three hundred and nineteen Chimera Ants outside of NGL as of yesterday.
But Colt confirmed that none of them were Squadron Leaders.
According to him, there are eight Squadron Leaders left that would be considered aggressive.
Hunters have encountered four, but they all got away.
Cheetu is coming to East Gorteau for a reason.
He must know the King is here.
He's choosing to return to the King's service in order to increase his power.
My ability is still in effect, and I have more raw strength.
But if we let him slip away and he gains even more power, there's no telling who will win next time.
If we allow more Ants like him to join the King, we'll never be able to draw the Royal Guard away.
Are you still gonna try to stop me? Eh? If you are, I'll fight you first.
First, we contact Morel-san.
If worse comes to worst, he'll need to replace us.
I'll come with you.
This should increase the odds of capturing that Ant.
It's Knuckle Something's come up.
Yes, I'd guess so.
So, uh Hello? Hello? Fools! I told you to send Riakke! He'd have been perfect for this.
Huh?! I don't give a damn! What's wrong? The Chimera Ant we were tracking escaped.
The review board didn't send the Hunter we requested! Who did they send? Some Hunter I've never heard of.
Probably an Association dog.
An Association dog You mean Hunters who only take jobs through the Hunter Association.
It isn't surprising that they have less talent.
Damn! I should have gone to talk to Riakke myself! Don't be foolish! If you do anything without board approval, the Chairman will get all the grief.
He had to argue with the executive committee just to get the two of us here.
But they don't understand the situation.
They base it on past accomplishments and donations to the Association The review board has always been inflexible.
How can you be so relaxed?! If we underestimate the Squadron Leaders, we'll pay dearly for it.
They're strong.
After all, they listen to their deepest desires.
So they have the talent to quickly master the abilities they need the most.
If we let the review board bring self-preservation and formality in, we won't get help in time.
Maybe that's their goal You refer to the rumors that the Vice-Chairman's faction controls the review board? That they're only giving work to Hunters who agree to vote for him in the next election? There's no evidence of anything like that happening.
You think they're stupid enough to get caught? Look at the facts! They've let every Squadron Leader they've faced escape alive! If this expedition fails, the Chairman will shoulder the blame.
They're willing to do whatever it takes to guarantee that result.
As the Chimera Ants claim more victims, the voices calling for the Chairman's resignation grow louder.
Too bad the voices belong to a bunch of people sitting at their desks! If we take out the King and five million people are already dead, we've failed! We already knew that.
The Chairman is prepared.
When he developed this plan, he was well aware of the consequences.
He knew how long assuring victory would take, and the resulting casualties Five million is the low end That's too high! Marcos-san? What? The phones have been ringing nonstop! Rumors of a coup d'état are flying around.
And it's been discovered that mass murders are taking place all over the nation.
This is no rumor.
It's actually happening! What's going on here? Are you responsible for this? We haven't done anything! The citizens have learned the truth about the selection? We'll discuss this later.
Return to the office before anyone suspects you.
Morel! Our beloved leader, Diego, has an urgent announcement to make.
To ensure that our great leader's message will be heard throughout the nation, we request that relay speakers in all regions be turned to maximum volume.
All televisions and radios should be on, and the volume raised to maximum.
Good evening, my beloved comrades.
I am Diego.
I have just declared that East Gorteau is under martial law.
This precaution is being taken to combat malcontents that would foment rebellion.
I ask all comrades to stay indoors, with your doors locked.
Anyone outdoors without permission will be identified as a rebel and punished.
I ask that you not lend an ear to false rumors being spread, but that you follow my instructions.
The soldiers of my special forces will be visiting your residences, to see if any rebels are hiding inside.
Do not open your doors for anyone else.
Their response was too fast.
It must be Killua and Gon.
They weren't supposed to act.
But this must be part of the Chimera Ants' plan.
They were so well-prepared, I can't believe otherwise.
The citizens learning the truth about the selection wasn't important.
In fact, if they did, the military would have an excuse to mobilize.
East Gorteau has been placed under martial law, completely isolated from the rest of the world.
Hmm No problem.
You can bring out tanks and fighter jets.
I will stop them all.
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